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Watch ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ Online

watch the only way is essex online

The reality tv show series which is about a group of people residing in Essex comprises of a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. Every episode features action filmed just a few days in advance.

ITV player is the official broadcaster of the British television soap opera. The network also provides the added feature to watch ‘The Only Way is Essex’ online on their website and app for the fans. As amazing as it sounds, there still is a tiny little problem here. To learn more about it,  read on.

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How to Watch ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ Online for Free

In case you’re not a citizen of the UK, or not living in the UK, unfortunately, you can’t watch the series. That is because the official broadcaster of the show, ITV, is geo-restricted outside the UK making it impossible to watch the show online. Even if by luck you are a UK resident but for some reason are out of town or traveling, you too can face such an issue.

Thankfully Ivacy is providing a solution for this. Follow these steps and watch the show online from anywhere in the world.

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy
  2. Download and Install Ivacy app on your device
  3. Under the “Countries” tab, select UK Fastest Server
  4.  Visit iTV website to stream the show online

What Ivacy does is it would hide your real IP address and substitute it with a server from UK. As a result, you would be able to unblock ITV and access all the episodes of the show.

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Watch ‘The Only Way is Essex’ iPhone

ITV also happens to have an official app for iPhone and in the same way, you can watch the Season 20 on iPhone. The steps are practically the same except that you have to download Ivacy for iPhone from the Apple Store. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy
  2. Download and Install Ivacy app for iPhone
  3. Under the “Countries” tab, select UK Fastest Server
  4. Download ITV app for iPhone
  5. Or launch internet browser and go to iTV site to live stream The Ony Way is Essex

Cast for the Show


Episodes for Season 20

The only way is Essex 2017 premiered on 5th March 2017 until the season finale on 3rd May 2017. In February 2017,  it was confirmed that instead of the normal three series per year, ITVBe would rather air two series but with added number of episodes. The date for the 21st series, which has to come out later this year, is yet to be announced.

“Episode 1” 5 March
“Episode 2” 8 March
“Episode 3” 12 March
“Episode 4” 15 March
“Episode 5” 19 March
“Episode 6” 22 March
“Episode 7” 26 March
“Episode 8” 29 March
“Episode 9” 2 April
“Episode 10” 5 April
“Episode 11” 9 April
“Episode 12” 12 April
“Episode 13” 16 April
“Episode 14” 19 April
“Episode 15” 23 April
“Episode 16” 26 April
“Episode 17” 30 April
“Episode 18” 3 May

Watch the series online on ITV if you weren’t able to catch the show when it aired on the tv. So sign up with Ivacy, grab your popcorns and drinks and wish goodbye to the world as you binge-watch The Only Way is Essex Season 20.

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