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How to Watch The Masked Singer Season 11 in Canada on Fox

How to Watch The Masked Singer Season 11 in Canada on Fox
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Get ready for more fun as “The Masked Singer” is back for its eleventh season!  With a fresh panelist joining the ranks and the promise of more mystery celebrities concealed beneath elaborate costumes, anticipation is high for what promises to be another star-studded spectacle. Let’s dive into the latest news, casting updates, and everything we know about The Masked Singer Season 11.

If you’re outside the US, watching The Masked Singer on FOX might prove tricky due to regional restrictions. But don’t worry! With a good VPN like Ivacy, you can get around these rules and watch The Masked Singer Season 11 in Canada or anywhere else. Just use the VPN to get a US-based IP address, and you’ll be able to enjoy the show without any problems.

How to Watch The Masked Singer Season 11 in Canada on FOX [Quick Steps]

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Go to the FOX app or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch The Masked Singer Season 11 in Canada!

Why is FOX restricted in Canada?

If you’re in Canada and want to watch shows on FOX, you might run into some problems because of rules about where the content can be shown. But there’s a trick you can use! With something called a VPN, like Ivacy, you can change your internet address and make it look like you’re somewhere else, like Canada. That means you can watch shows like The Masked Singer Season 11 when it premieres on March 6h, without any trouble.

Where to watch The Masked Singer 2024 in Canada?

If you’re in Canada and want to watch The Masked Singer 2024, which is only on Fox in the US, you can use a VPN like Ivacy. Just get the app, connect to a US server, and you can watch all the Fox shows in Canada without any problems.

What is The Masked Singer Season 11 release date and time?

The Masked Singer Season 11 is set to premiere on March 6th, 2024 exclusively on FOX.

What is the Plot of The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition where celebrities compete against each other while disguised in elaborate costumes that conceal their identities. Each episode features a group of masked contestants performing songs, and a panel of judges, along with the audience, try to guess who is behind each mask. After each performance, clues are given about the contestant’s identity, and the panelists make guesses based on these clues and the performer’s voice. At the end of each episode, the masked singer with the fewest votes is revealed and eliminated from the competition, unveiling their true identity. The show continues in this format until one contestant is crowned the winner. Throughout the series, the mystery and suspense surrounding the identities of the contestants keep viewers engaged and entertained.

Who Won The Masked Singer Season 10?

Ne-Yo, the R&B singer and actor, won The Masked Singer Season 10. He emerged victorious in a highly competitive finale, which included strong contenders like R&B singer Macy Gray. After winning, Ne-Yo expressed how being on the show reignited his passion for the music industry.

The Masked Singer Season 11 trailer

Check out the official trailer for The Masked Singer Season 11:

The Masked Singer Season 11 Episode Guide

The Masked Singer Season 11 is set to kick off with its first episode airing on March 6th. Stay tuned for updates on subsequent episodes as the season unfolds.

Who will judge The Masked Singer 2024?

The judges for The Masked Singer 2024 are:

  • Mo Gilligan
  • Davina McCall
  • Rita Ora
  • Jonathan Ross

Contestant List of The Masked Singer Season 11

Get ready to be dazzled by a whole new lineup of mysterious characters on “The Masked Singer” Season 11! As the anticipation builds for the upcoming season, here’s a sneak peek at the first six contestants and their intriguing costumes:

  • BOOK

What is the IMDb Rating of The Masked Singer Season 11?

The IMDb rating for The Masked Singer Season 11 is currently 5.9 out of 10.

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Is FOX free?

You need to have a paid TV provider subscription to get access to the FOX Now app.

Where to watch The Masked Singer Season 11 Outside US?

To watch The Masked Singer Season 11 outside the US, you can use a VPN such as Ivacy to access Fox’s streaming platform. By connecting to a US server through the VPN, you can bypass geographical restrictions and access the content available on Fox.

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