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How to watch The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe on Channel 4 for FREE

watch The Jury: murder trial in usa
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Have you wondered how biased or unbiased the justice system is? Channel 4’s new series The Jury: Murder Trial will study the workings of the jury system by simulating an actual murder case, featuring two distinct juries. The series is set to premiere on Monday, February 26th at 9 PM. The program aims to investigate if two separate juries, each comprised of diverse individuals, and the question is, will the conclusion be identical?​​​​ Keep reading our guide to know everything on how you can watch The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe for FREE on Channel 4.

How to watch The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe for FREE?

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Go to the Channel 4 app or website, and either log in or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe!

Why is Channel 4 restricted in Europe?

Channel 4 is restricted in Europe primarily due to copyright and licensing agreements. These agreements grant Channel 4 the rights to broadcast content only within specific geographical areas, typically limited to the UK. Consequently, to comply with UK copyright laws, Channel 4’s content is unavailable in Europe, preventing access to its programming from outside the UK​​​​. This geo-blocking ensures that Channel 4 adheres to the legal requirements set forth in its contracts with content providers. You can utilize premium VPN like IvacyVPN to watch The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe.

Where can I watch The Jury: Murder Trial 2024 in Europe?

You can stream online The Jury: Murder trial in Europe on Channel 4 that is unfortunately available only in the UK, however IvacyVPN will enable you access The Jury: Murder Trial in Europe.

What is The Jury: Murder Trial release date?

The Jury: Murder trial is set to release on 26th February 2024.

What is The Jury: Murder Trial about?

Juries play a pivotal role in the British legal system, yet research indicates that as many as one in four jury decisions might be prone to errors due to various external influences, not just the facts presented in court. Additionally, it’s been observed that the majority of jurors, typically everyday individuals with limited courtroom experience, may not fully grasp all the legal principles they are required to apply in their verdicts​​. Channel 4 will present a case involving a man who confesses to killing his wife but argues a loss of control to contest the murder charge. The unique setup will involve two separate juries, each isolated from the other in custom-built areas within the courtroom, deliberating on the dramatized proceedings acted out before them. The focus will be on the conclusions each jury reaches and the reasoning behind their decisions​​​​.

The question at hand is whether both juries, given identical evidence under similar conditions, will arrive at a unanimous decision or if external elements will influence their judgments. Additionally, it probes into their ability to grasp and apply the intricate legal principles surrounding the concept of loss of control. Following their deliberations, it remains uncertain if there will be a consensus among the jurors on the final verdicts​​​​.

What is the episode guide of The Jury: Murder Trial?

No guide is available as of now, however we are sure to keep you updated.

Who is in the cast of The Jury: Murder Trial?

Creative directors of the series as as follows:

  • Andy Vasey
  • Dan Warner

The Jury: Murder Trial trailer

Checkout the glimpse here

What are the reviews of The Jury: Murder Trial 2024?

According to Ed Kellie, Creative Director at Screendog, “We wanted to be inside the jury room of a real and complex murder case – and to explore how a jury works and if jury verdicts really are as reliable as we are led to believe.”

Head of Factual Entertainment,  Alf Lawrie expressed “This fascinating and ground-breaking programme asks profound questions about the justice system. Lifting the lid on what most people know little about this revealing show could be described as putting the jury system itself on trial.”

What are the IMDb ratings for The Jury: Murder Trial?

No ratings are available as the show has not been released as yet but we are sure to keep you updated.

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Is Channel 4 free?

Channel 4 is absolutely free to stream.

Can I watch The Jury: Murder Trial on Netflix?

The Jury: Murder Trial is exclusively available to stream on Netflix.

Is the murder trial tonight based on a true story?

Murder Trial Tonight is a theatrical production set in a courtroom, filled with unexpected developments and drama. In this live enactment, the character Alex Jones stands trial, accused of the grave crime of killing his spouse. The narrative of the play is inspired by actual events, adding a layer of realism to the suspenseful storyline​​​​.


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