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How to watch The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US on BBC iPlayer

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The Hairy Bikers Go West on BBC iPlayer follows chefs Dave Myers and Si King as they travel and cook across seven episodes. Dave Myers, who battled cancer and underwent 30 rounds of chemotherapy, thought he’d never ride a motorbike again. Reflecting on his journey, Dave, 66, expressed immense gratitude for being able to embark on this adventure. He likened the experience to a thirsty man finally finding water in the desert, emphasizing how much it means to him after facing such health challenges.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US because BBC iPlayer only operates in the UK. But don’t worry! You can easily use a VPN to get around this restriction and enjoy watching The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US without any hassle.

Read on to learn more about how to stream The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US by using a VPN.

How to watch The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US on BBC iPlayer for free via VPN [Quick Steps]

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Go to the BBC iPlayer or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US!

Why isn’t BBC iPlayer accessible in the US?

BBC iPlayer can’t be accessed outside the UK due to licensing and distribution agreements. If you try to use BBC iPlayer in the US, you’ll encounter geo-restrictions preventing you from streaming any content. An error message will appear, stating “BBC iPlayer is currently unavailable in your region.”

However, you can bypass this restriction and watch The Hairy Bikers Go West by using a VPN to obtain a UK IP address. By making your traffic appear to come from the UK, you can bypass BBC iPlayer’s geo-blocks and stream The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US without any restrictions.

Where to stream The Hairy Bikers Go West in the US for free?

You can catch the debut episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West on BBC iPlayer for free, and it’ll be ready for streaming on BBC iPlayer right after airing. But if you’re in the US, you’ll need a VPN to watch it. To get around these location limits, try using a trustworthy VPN service like Ivacy VPN.

What is The Hairy Bikers Go West release date and time?

The Hairy Bikers Go West is a seven-episode series premiering on BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 7 pm. Each episode will air weekly at the same time and will also be accessible on BBC iPlayer.

What is The Hairy Bikers Go West all about?

Dave and Si kick off their motorcycle journey on Scotland’s Isle of Bute, where they encounter Tasnim and Mohamed, Syrian refugees who’ve opened a bakery called Helmi’s in Rothesay. They also purchase haggis from a nearby family butcher and meet a couple determined to reintroduce truffles to the island by planting beech and hazel trees.

Inspired by the locals and the fresh ingredients, they cook Middle Eastern flatbread topped with meat and spices, as well as Chicken Balmoral—chicken breast stuffed with haggis and served with truffle mash. The experience leaves Dave deeply moved.

The Hairy Bikers Go West trailer

There isn’t a trailer available for The Hairy Bikers Go West. However, once it’s released, we’ll share it here.

The Hairy Bikers Go West episode guide

  • Episode 1 – Bute (February 6, 2024): Explore the hidden culinary delights and stunning scenery of the Isle of Bute in this exciting start.
  • Episode 2 – Dumfries (February 13, 2024): The adventure continues in Dumfries, where local flavors and beautiful landscapes await.
  • Episode 3 – Lancashire (February 20, 2024): Delve into Lancashire’s rich food history and charming scenery in this heartwarming episode.
  • Episode 4 – North Wales (February 27, 2024): Experience a mix of adventure and gastronomy against the backdrop of North Wales’ rugged landscapes.
  • Episode 5 – Bristol (March 5, 2024): Bristol’s lively food scene and historic charm take the spotlight in this episode.
  • Episode 6 – Devon/Dorset (March 12, 2024): The journey concludes in Devon and Dorset, showcasing the region’s best culinary delights and natural beauty to wrap up the series.

The Hairy Bikers Go West cast

  • Dave Myers: With his culinary know-how and charming personality, Dave adds a dose of personal strength to the show.
  • Si King: Si’s contagious passion for food and cooking abilities perfectly match Dave’s, making them a dynamic and delightful duo to watch.

What is the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating of The Hairy Bikers Go West?

IMDb doesn’t have a rating for The Hairy Bikers Go West, and Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t scored it yet.

What are the social reactions to The Hairy Bikers Go West?

Streaming options for watching The Hairy Bikers Go West

What’s more to explore in TV shows?


Is The Hairy Bikers Go West available on Netflix, Channel 4, Prime Video UK, or ITVX?

The Hairy Bikers Go West is only available for streaming on BBC iPlayer; you won’t find it anywhere else.

Is The Hairy Bikers Go West worth watching?

Watching the show can make you hungry because the bikers cook up some delicious dishes using the ingredients they find. While not very vegetarian-friendly, they offer easy swaps like using aubergine instead of lamb. I enjoy these shows a lot and have even watched some episodes multiple times. The exposure they provide to producers and eateries is crucial for small businesses. I’ve tried to find some of the tasty foods they’ve tried on the show, but ended up on a waiting list.

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