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How to Watch Super Bowl on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

Super Bowl LIV is around the corner and audiences and fans alike are all pumped up for the action. Super Bowl on Apple TV live streaming is restricted to the US only (for those of you who don’t know). Therefore, if you are traveling abroad or reside outside of the US, it is disappointing as a fan of the game.

But worry not, there is a workaround to it. However, the question on a lot of people’s minds is how they can catch the action on your Apple TV, You can use a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions in place. The process is simple and is outlined below.

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy
  2. Download Ivacy VPN on your Apple TV
  3. Launch the app and connect to a desired server in the US
  4. Enjoy watching Super Bowl on Apple TV in no time

Super Bowl is accessible on CBS, BBC iPlayer, and other supported platforms once you have the right VPN by your side. Although, if you are in the US, then watching Super Bowl on Apple TV action is easy-peasy. The 2020 season will go live on February 2nd at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. According to statistics, 98 million tuned in for watching Super Bowl last year.

How to Stream Super Bowl 2020 on Apple TV and Smart TV

As stated, in the US, it easily accessible. All you have to do is launch the Apple TV store app and find CBS listed therein. If you don’t see it, search for it in the store. Once located, click on Get it, and you will be able to open the CBS app on your Apple TV and jump into the action.

The trouble arises when you are outside the US. CBS is a geo-restricted medium, and in order to access it, the following text will detail steps on how you can access it on different platforms as a result.

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy
  2. Download Ivacy VPN on your Apple TV
  3. Launch the app and connect to a desired server in the US
  4. Visit CBS in Apple TV browser
  5. Enjoy watching Super Bowl in no time

How to Watch Super Bowl 2020 on Apple TV in the UK

If you are a resident of the UK, you can watch Super Bowl Apple TV 2020 very quickly. The broadcasting rights are with BBC’s iPlayer. Therefore, if you have a BBC account, you are in luck. However, if you are traveling outside of the UK, you won’t be able to catch the action on the iPlayer since access is restricted to the UK alone. Thus, no Super Bowl for you.

But there is a way around to this, such as using a reliable VPN service. Here’s how.

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy
  2. Download Ivacy VPN on your Apple TV
  3. Launch the app and connect to a desired server in the UK
  4. Visit BBC iPlayer in Apple TV browser
  5. Enjoy watching Super Bowl in no time

The Super Bowl on Apple TV can be enjoyed via a Sky Go account as well. This way, you can utilize the AirPlay to screencast your Mac or iPad on your Apple TV. Bigger is indeed better!

How to Watch Super Bowl 54 on Apple TV from Anywhere in the World

Well, you can watch Super Bowl the old-fashioned way via a digital antenna. Don’t be put off by this. The process may be old but it surely works. Today you can find a wide array of OTA channels right away! If you are in a rural area, these antennas can boost signals to help you enjoy the content, even in those regions.

You can choose from Fox if it is broadcasting in your area. If your antenna has a signal boosting feature, it will catch it even Fox isn’t showing as an option at first. Point being, some research is required on your part to figure which other networks are broadcasting as a result of which you can pick up on a variety of different shows, live events including Super Bowl LIV, sports, etc.

The right area and an excellent antenna service such as AirTV, SiliconDust, and Mohu will usually apply to make the best out of this method.

Why a VPN?

A VPN is not merely necessary for bypassing geo-restrictions. It is so much more! It allows you to mask your IP address and in turn, protects you against prying eyes and other cyber threats. ISPs and government surveillance can keep tabs on your online habits which do they don’t own the right to.

Therefore, to safeguard your privacy and security, VPN like Ivacy is essential. Ivacy VPN provides up to 256-bit of military-grade encryption which is impossible to crack. Moreover, speed throttling is the issue faced by many netizens who enjoy streaming, whether sports or otherwise. Without a VPN service, the Super Bowl Apple TV live stream will stutter and lag and will diminish the streaming experience.

Final word

So are you ready to jump in? An event as big as Super Bowl 54 is likely to be viewed everywhere around the world. That is why it is crucial to plan ahead and an investment in a VPN is the safest bet that you can make.

At this time, New England Patriots and the Pittsburg Steelers, they have 6 wins each, while the latter has lost three Super Bowls previously. Dallas Cowboys have 5 wins under their belt. Still, the higher win percentage rests with Pittsburg Steelers despite losing twice.

Now that you know what to do let’s get going.

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