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How to watch Summer Olympics 2020 on PS4


The Tokyo Olympics 2020 is right around the corner, and anxious fans around the world are waiting for the event with bated breath and fingers crossed! The Olympics will be watched by several millions of viewers around the world, and PS4 owners will make up a sizable portion of the event’s total viewership. If you are just an ordinary netizen and not a gamer, then you should check out our Olympics 2020 streaming guide.

Which Channels Are Broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Thankfully, more channels have acquired broadcasting rights for the Olympics this year than ever before. This means that PS4 users, living in a country where the event is being broadcast by a local channel, will be able to watch it without any hassle. Here is the complete list of official broadcast partners of the Tokyo Olympics 2020:

Region Broadcasting Channels
Australia Seven Network
Canada TSN, TLN, Sportsnet
China CCTV
France Eurosport, France Televisions
Germany ARD, ZDF
United Kingdom BBC, Eurosport
United States NBCUniversal

Even with so many channels broadcasting the event live, you may have access to only a handful of them on your PS4. That’s because a majority of these channels (like Seven Network in Australia) are region-locked so you actually need to be in a specific region to be able to watch them.

However, there is a clever ‘trick’ that can give you instant access to the best broadcasting channels from anywhere in the world! Ever heard of Ivacy VPN?

Use Ivacy to Watch Olympics on PS4

Ivacy VPN allows you to access every channel in the world so that you can relax on your living room couch and watch the Olympics on PS4! So it’s really up to you to decide if you want to watch the Olympics on Australia’s Seven Network, USA’s NBC, or Canada’s TSN.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Ivacy’s speedy VPN service is optimized to promise lag-free streaming with unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% server uptime. So, if you are looking for speed and security, Ivacy VPN just the best choice for you!

Here’s a tip on how to watch Olympics online without cable subscription.

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How To Set Up Ivacy On PS4

To set up Ivacy for PS4, you need to configure Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection on your system by using a wireless DD-WRT router. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Make an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection from your router to your computer.
  2. Open the ‘Basic Setup’ tab of the DD-WRT router. You can see a window with different fields. From the connection Type’drop-down menu, select the ‘PPTP’.
  3. For the ‘Use DHCP’option, select ‘Yes’.
  4. In the ‘Gateway (PPTP Server)’, type the name of the server that you desire to use. Write ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the respective fields. In the additional PPTP option field, write ‘refuse-eap’.
  5. Navigate to ‘DHCP Server’ and ensure that it is ‘enabled’. Click on ‘Apply Settings’ and then click ‘Save’.
  6. Go to the menu bar and click ‘Status’. Then click on ‘WAN’tab. Click ‘Connect’.

Are you still having trouble configuring Ivacy for PS4? Just read our setup guide for PS4 with helpful illustrations to get a better idea of how to set up Ivacy on your router. Remember, this is a necessity rather than a luxury these days, especially if you want to access content from other regions.

Congratulations! Your PS4 is now connected with Ivacy. This means that you can access any channel anywhere in the world and watch the Olympics on PS4 with complete ease!

Can you Watch the Summer Olympics 2020 for Free?

You will not be the first to wonder if there are ways you can watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for free. There are ways you can make that happen, but they are not worth it since they are unofficial methods, or illegal even. You could get a DMCA notice, and face legal action, which is why you would be better off staying clear of this option entirely.

Even if you could access the Olympics 2020 for free without getting in trouble, you will always be at risk of being hacked or compromised. There is absolutely no reason why you should take such a risk, and it is also why reliable VPNs recommend internet users to stick to official streaming platforms no matter what.

For true internet freedom, you will need Ivacy VPN to stream, view, browse content like never before. What is interesting is that you will also benefit from advanced security features like military-grade encryption, IPv6 Leak Protection, Secure DNS, Public Wi-Fi Security and so on. All of these features will work in tandem to ensure you remain safe, secure and anonymous online.

Never again will you have to worry about being monitored by third parties and even your own ISP for that matter. By doing so, your information will not be shared without anyone without your consent. Most importantly, you will not have to deal with ISP throttling either, resulting in top-notch upload and download speeds.

Now that you know what Ivacy VPN has to offer, and how it can be used to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020, make the most of this information. Rest assured, you will have a streaming experience that is of ease and comfort.

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