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How To Watch NBC Sports Live Stream Free Anywhere In 2023


The National Broadcasting Company, NBC for short, is an American-English television network. Its subsidiaries include NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC, among others. When it comes to NBC, there is a ton of content you can get your hands on, that is, unless you are outside the US. If that is indeed the case, you will have a hard time watching any of NBC’s content due to geo-restrictions. However, all is not lost, is there is a way using which you can watch NBC live stream. To learn more about it, read on.

Updated 25 Oct 2023: This blog has been updated to provide new information to readers. It now tells readers what else to watch on NBC live stream in 2023.

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How to Watch NBC Outside US – Unblocking

As mentioned earlier, people around the globe will have a hard time accessing NBC because they are now the US. It is unfair that others are restricted from accessing content just because they reside in another region. To solve this problem, you will need a VPN, but not just any VPN will do. You will need Ivacy VPN, which will not only allow you to access NBC shows, but it will keep you safe and secure throughout your streaming experience.

If you want to watch NBC by unblocking it using Ivacy VPN, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Get an Ivacy VPN subscription.
  2. Download and install the app on your device.
  3. Access Ivacy VPN.
  4. Under Streaming, choose Select Channel
  5. Select NBC
  6. Watch NBC live henceforth!

One of the best things about unblocking channels with Ivacy VPN is that you will get the best possible download and upload speeds since ISP throttling will not affect your streaming experience. But that is not all; you will not have to worry about being compromised either, so you can rest easy knowing hackers and surveillance agencies will not be able to get to you.

How to Watch NBC Live Stream

Only when you have Ivacy VPN running can you watch NBC live. Without it, you can forget about accessing the channel completely.

With Ivacy VPN up and running, you can check out the following streaming services to get NBC online.


When it comes to Hulu, it offers NBC in different markets. It will set you back by $39.99, but you will also be able to take advantage of its on-demand service, which is great, to say the least.

PlayStation Vue

Of course, you will need a PlayStation to take advantage of PlayStation Vue, but you will need to sign up for an account. It will cost you $44.99 per month, but just like Hulu, it has an on-demand service as well.

Sling TV

For live streams of NBC, you can check out Sling TV as well. Do keep in mind, though, you will need to opt for the blue package in particular. This streaming platform will cost you $25 per month, but if you want to make sure it is worth your time and money, then feel free to try its 7-day free trial.

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Watch NBC Sports Live Stream

Whether you want to watch NBC Sports live on your desktop or laptop or even via the NBC Sports app on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to connect to a VPN server using Ivacy VPN. For the regular or sports programming, either way, just simply follow the instructions provided above regarding what streaming platforms you check out to get your fix of NBC sports.

Watch NBC Sports Live Stream Free

There are plenty of people that will be looking for ways to watch NBC live stream completely free of cost. Whether you want NBC Sports live stream free or NBC New live stream free, you will find plenty of sites that will make that possible. It is worth noting, though, that these sites are not as simple as they seem and could cause a lot of problems for you in the long run.

To truly access NBC live stream free, you will need an antenna. NBC is one of the major stations that broadcast over the air, which means signals will need to be picked up by an antenna. Even though legislation passed in 2009 ensured over-the-air stations switch to digital, you can still access NBC if you are willing to invest in an antenna. But that can be a problem if you are outside the US, in which case, you will need to resort to checking out streaming platforms like Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV.

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NBC App – How good is it?

The NBC app presents an excellent way to watch your favorite shows and upcoming movies, with the flexibility to watch from anywhere amid Blockout/release limitations. The only thing that messes up the whole experience is the intrusive ads that pop up every few minutes.

Image result for nbc app

What NBC Shows Should I Watch?

Seeing how NBC is one of the oldest television networks in the US, it has come up with some incredible shows over the years. If you are wondering why you should go through all the hassle of unblocking NBC in the first place, then the following shows will make you think otherwise and will make it worth your while:


This popular sitcom follows the incredible journey of six pals and their misadventures while dealing with life, love, and work in Manhattan during the 1990s.


This transformative competition hosted by Gabrielle Reece focuses on tough fitness challenges where ten women partner with ten professional trainers.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a crime-thriller TV show that revolves around former government agent Raymond “Red” Reddington, played by James Spader, who turns himself in to the FBI after eluding capture for years. He offers to help the FBI catch the world’s most dangerous criminals, but only if he is allowed to work with rookie agent Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. As they pursue the criminals on Red’s “blacklist,” they uncover a web of conspiracy, deceit, and personal connections.

The Night Shift

The Night Shift is a medical drama television series that follows the lives of the doctors, nurses, and staff who work the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. The show explores the personal and professional challenges they face as they provide emergency medical care to patients and deal with their own personal issues.

The Office (US)

The hit comedy is about the shortcomings of disgruntled office workers, who are led by an equally flawed and deluded boss, Michael Scott.

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Taken is a thriller television series that serves as a prequel to the popular action movie franchise of the same name. The show follows former Green Beret Bryan Mills, played by Clive Standen, as he embarks on a personal mission to rescue his sister from a human trafficking ring in Europe. Along the way, he uncovers a vast criminal network and becomes a deadly CIA operative.

Good Girls

To be independent and escape financial ruin, three suburban moms do the unthinkable by pulling off a heist at their local grocery store.


Four grown-up siblings deal with careers, relationships, parenthood, and a lot more as they deal with the ups and downs of life in a drama that takes place in Berkeley, Calif.

Parks and Recreation

This Emmy-nominated comedy is about a rural Parks and Recreation Department employee that is full of ideas and energy but is prevented from doing much due to the bureaucracy.

This Is Us

This Is Us is a family drama television series that follows the lives of three siblings, Kevin, Kate, and Randall, who share the same birthday, as well as their parents, Jack and Rebecca. The show explores their past and present struggles, their joys and triumphs, and the complex relationships between family members as they navigate life’s ups and downs together.

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a reality TV show competition that features a variety of acts, including singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers, showcasing their skills in front of a panel of judges and a live audience. The acts compete for a chance to win a cash prize and a performance opportunity.

30 Rock

30 Rock is a satirical TV show by Tina Fey, who also stars in the show. It follows the behind-the-scenes antics of a fictional sketch comedy show called “The Girlie Show” (later renamed “TGS with Tracy Jordan”). The series primarily revolves around Liz Lemon, who is the head writer of the show, and her interactions with the eccentric cast and crew, including the unpredictable and often absurd actor Tracy Jordan and the demanding network executive Jack Donaghy.

Will & Grace

Will & Grace is a popular sitcom that revolves around the lives of two best friends, Will Truman and Grace Adler. Will is a lawyer struggling with his sexuality, and Grace is a straight interior designer. The series explores their close-knit friendship, romantic relationships, and their interactions with their quirky friends, Karen Walker and Jack McFarland.

On a Final Note

You are now fully equipped to access NBC live stream online. Previously, to watch NBC live stream was a difficult task to accomplish, but that will be the case no more.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of using a reliable VPN such as Ivacy VPN for your online streaming experience. As mentioned earlier, it will allow you to unblock content and even provide protection from hackers and surveillance agencies, which is a must these days. The last thing you want to do is to be reckless online, which could result in data loss or identity theft.

If you truly value your online security and anonymity and wish to access any or all content online, use Ivacy VPN.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for answers to specific questions, here are some of the most frequent ones we get asked. Who knows, you might find yours in here!

1. What is the best NBC live stream VPN?

According to several of our users and customers, Ivacy is so far one of the best NBC live stream VPNs if you’re looking for an affordable option that guarantees a fast, glitch-free, and secure experience.

This is because Ivacy not only makes your browsing completely private by hiding your original IP address and letting you connect to the internet through a remote and secure server, but it also encrypts your data.

This boosts your security while letting you bypass ISP throttling, promising faster speeds, which is perfect if you want to watch NBC live stream. If you don’t already have an Ivacy account, get one today and enjoy NBC live stream anytime, from anywhere in the world.

2. How to watch NBC live using a VPN?

Using Ivacy to unblock channels that aren’t available to you is pretty straightforward. Here is how to watch NBC live stream using a VPN in four simple steps.

  1. First and foremost, subscribe to an Ivacy account.
  2. Download the application client relevant to your device.
  3. Next, toggle to the countries panel and connect to the internet through a country where it’s easy to watch NBC live stream.
  4. Once you’re connected, enjoy NBC live stream from anywhere in the world!

3. How to watch NBC sports live stream free

As entertaining as it is, it isn’t possible to watch NCB live stream online free from a lot of countries in the world due to extensive geo-blocking and content restrictions. This means that if you’re traveling or on vacation in another country, it is possible that you might not be able to enjoy the content you’re so used to watching.

If you’re looking for ways to watch NBC live stream online free, try using Ivacy VPN! All you have to do is subscribe to the service, download the relevant application, and connect to a country where it’s easy to watch NBC live stream, and you’re done!

4. How to watch NBC Sports live stream free?

Not able to watch NBC Sports live stream free in your country? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Ivacy VPN will let you watch NBC Sports live stream free from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.

The application does this by letting you connect to the internet from a remote and secure server, letting you pose as a citizen of another country. This unblocks channels like NBC Sports live stream free and other content libraries that would have otherwise been impossible to access in your country.

5. Is it legal to watch NBC live stream using a VPN?

If you’re worried about watching NBC live stream using a VPN, don’t be. There aren’t any specific laws that state that using a VPN to watch NBC or circumventing geo-restrictions is illegal. There are, however, certain activities that are associated with using a VPN, such as accessing illegal content or dealing with drugs or arms online, that could get one in trouble with the law.

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