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How to watch Kin Season 2 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free

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Kin Season 2 brings back the beloved Irish crime show, following the close-knit Kinsella family as they navigate through a dangerous feud with a powerful drug cartel in Dublin. Tensions rise as they clash with the Cunninghams in a violent showdown.

To watch Kin Season 2 in the US on BBC iPlayer despite regional restrictions, use a high-quality VPN like Ivacy VPN. This allows you to access BBC iPlayer in the US. Since Kin Season 2 is only accessible in the UK, you’ll need a premium VPN.

Check out this guide to learn how to watch Kin Season 2 in the US for free by using a VPN.

How to watch Kin Season 2 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free via VPN [Quick Steps]

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Go to the BBC iPlayer app or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch Kin Season 2 in the US for free!

Why isn’t BBC iPlayer accessible in the US?

BBC iPlayer uses geo-restriction technology to block access from outside the UK to protect its content. This means only people in the UK can watch its shows due to licensing. If you’re in the US, you can’t access BBC iPlayer.

But if you want to watch Kin Season 2 in the US on BBC iPlayer, you can use Ivacy VPN. It hides your US location and makes it look like you’re in the UK, so you can get around the restrictions.

Where to stream Kin Season 2 in the US for free?

BBC iPlayer offers Kin Season 2 for free. You can use Ivacy VPN to access BBC iPlayer from the US and bypass any restrictions.

What is Kin Season 2 release date and time?

Kin is back on BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, February 13. You can catch the first two episodes airing one after the other starting at 10:40 pm. You can also watch the episodes later on iPlayer whenever you want.

Kin Season 2 Plot

Kin Season 2, the Kinsellas face a fresh threat after defeating Eamon Cunningham, and it’s closer to home than they expected. Bren, the former family leader, is out of prison and wants to reclaim control, causing tension within the family. His return also stirs up trouble, leading to conflicts both inside and outside their group.

Bren aims to sway the younger Kinsellas to his side, sparking disagreements within the family. Additionally, a Turkish cartel demands payment from the Kinsellas for Eamon’s debt.

Clare Dunne, who plays Amanda Kinsella, shared that her character is coping with grief differently and seeking purpose in her life. She has embraced her role in the family but is exploring her new place in the world.

Kin Season 2 trailer

There’s a trailer for season 2 of Kin available below. In the trailer, the Kinsellas are surprised to learn that Eamon owed a Turkish cartel nearly 70 million euros, which the cartel now wants. But since Eamon is no longer alive, they can’t exactly discuss it with him.

Kin Season 2 episode guide

Episode 1: Season 2 begins with the Kinsella family still shaken by past events, leading to new alliances and betrayals. The return of an exiled family member ignites a power struggle that threatens their unity.

Episode 2: Tensions mount as external threats hover over the Kinsella’s criminal enterprise. They navigate Dublin’s underworld while handling internal conflicts. A surprising revelation from the past presents fresh challenges.

Episode 3: External pressures test family loyalties, with Bren’s influence causing division within the Kinsella clan. As alliances shift, a critical decision looms that could change their fate forever.

Episode 4: The Kinsellas face heightened stakes and deal with the fallout from their actions. Bren’s moves endanger Amanda’s position, while police scrutiny adds to the pressure. Unity wavers as they confront treacherous circumstances.

Episode 5: Viking’s dilemma forces tough decisions, leading to trust issues within the family and potentially dire consequences for all involved.

Episode 6: Bren’s actions against family wishes escalate tensions, prompting Amanda to seek new alliances. Viking’s loyalty is tested as they confront upcoming challenges.

Episode 7: The season’s climax sees chaos unleashed by Bren’s actions, pushing the Kinsellas to their limits. They battle internal and external betrayals, striving to maintain power and safeguard their own amidst revelations and shifting alliances.

Kin Season 2 cast

All the familiar faces from the Kinsella family are back for season 2, such as Charlie Cox playing Michael, Clare Dunne as Amanda, Emmett J Scanlan as Jimmy, Aidan Gillen as Frank, Sam Keeley as Eric ‘Viking’, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Bridget, and Francis Magee as Bren.

What is the IMDb rating of Kin?

Kin has a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

What are the social reactions to Kin Season 2?

What TV channel is Kin Season 2 on?

What’s more to explore in TV shows?


Is Kin Season 2 available on Netflix, ITVX, Channel 4, or Channel 5?

You can exclusively stream Kin Season 2 on BBC iPlayer; it’s not available on any other platform.

Is Kin Season 2 worth watching?

Kin continues to be an enjoyable and sometimes exciting show, with talented actors both in front of and behind the camera. Familiar faces like Aidan Gillen, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Ciarán Hinds deliver outstanding performances in this captivating crime drama.

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