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Watch IPL in US, UK and outside India | IPL live streaming online 2021


Want to watch IPL live online? You’re on the right blog! The IPL or the Indian Premier League is an annual cricket T20 tournament. Making its debut back in 2008, the IPL was founded by the then BCCI vice-president Lalit Modi after the T20 form of Cricket boomed in popularity across India—right after the National Team came home victorious from the 2007 world T20.

With the Mumbai Indians as the current reigning champions, cricket fans the world over are eager to find out what’s in store for the IPL 2021. The IPL 2021 is set to open on April 9 with the Mumbai Indians up against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. If you can’t wait to watch IPL live online, we don’t blame you!

If you’re a cricket fan and can’t wait for April 9, we’ve got something in store for you! Even though satellite TV does broadcast the IPL live, it is outrageously expensive to watch if you’re not in India. There is however a freeway: watch IPL live online!

How to watch IPL live streaming online FREE outside India 2021

If you’re looking for ways to watch IPL live online outside India, for absolutely free, you’re at the right place! In this blog, we’re going to go over a few websites that you can use to catch your fill of the IPL depending on what country or area of the world you live in.

Before we move on, it’s important to note that since these sites are free, some of them may have been blocked by your countries. The best way to unblock these sites to use a VPN service. Not only does this help you bypass geo-restrictions, but also keeps your browsing safe and secure by letting you surf the internet anonymously.

Here’s how to use a VPN to watch IPL live online in four simple steps.

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy account
  2. Download the Ivacy application
  3. Switch your server to India or select Hotstar from the application
  4. Watch IPL live online outside India

How to Watch IPL Online in the US

A Cricket fan stuck in the land of football, aren’t you! If you’re in the United States and it’s been really expensive for you to catch IPL live up till now, this will be news. There are two major TV websites that you can use to watch IPL live online this year!

Willow TV, and Hotstar US.

Let’s look at both these channels one by one to get you to watch the IPL streaming live.

Watch IPL live on Willow TV

Already know that there are channels that are specifically dedicated to watching sports online? Well, this one is especially dedicated to CRICKET! How cool is that! As the only 24/7 Live Cricket Channel in the USA, Willow TV is about to become your best friend forever, especially if you want to watch IPL live online.

Imagine not just getting to watch IPL live online, but being able to watch every single Cricket match that you want to—whenever you want to because the entire website is designed to cater to cricket fans. Want more news about this being the best channel ever for you to watch IPL live online?

This IPL match live channel has exclusive agreements to broadcast popular Cricket tournaments and events like The International Cricket Council (ICC), the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League, West Indies Cricket Board, and Cricket Australia among others.

Convinced and want to give Willow TV a fair shot? The premium subscription to Willow TV costs USD 9.99 per month that will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel it or your auto-renew is turned off. Want to watch the IPL live streaming free? The channel offers free live streaming with its TV subscription everywhere. What could be better?

If you love the whole idea behind Willow TV, you’re not the only one. Join thousands of die-hard fans to watch IPL live online!

Watch IPL match live streaming on Hotstar US


Ever wondered if there was a website where you could go watch live sports, movie premiers, and TV shows too among other things? If you haven’t heard of Hotstar US if you want to watch IPL online streaming in 2021, it’s time you got familiar with the platform.

Hotstar has both free and premium versions and is available in four countries India, UK, US, and Canada (however, you can easily use a VPN to unblock this site just about anywhere in the world) the premium version costs USD 49.99 annually. With over 100,000 high-quality content available, $50 isn’t a bad bargain at all; especially if you’re getting to watch IPL live match online.

If you’re looking to watch IPL live free, you’ll be delighted to know that Hotstar has a category dedicated to sports that include Cricket. In fact, you can watch the Teams Preview for the IPL 2021 right here, right now!

Apart from the IPL match live streaming, if you’ve been away from your home country, India for far too long, this channel won’t let you feel disconnected with its massive library of Indian shows and movies. What’s more, is that you can even pick your preferred Indian language to watch something that you can relate with even more. The languages included are Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam among many others.

Ready to get started with Hotstar in the US? We got you!

How to watch IPL Live online in the UK

If you’re an Indian cricket fan living in the UK, unable to return to India to watch it Live, live—we feel your pain. But don’t worry, with three brilliant websites that will let you watch IPL live free, you’ll get right in the cricket feels in no time!

The online TV channels BT Sports, Hotstar UK, and Star sports are sure to keep you entertained and energized while keeping the thrill alive the entire time as you watch IPL live free. Let’s look at these channels one by one in greater detail and talk about how you can catch the IPL match live streaming on them.

BT Sport – IPL match live channel


Love watching live sports online and can’t wait to watch IPL live online? We’re not surprised! BT Sport offers access to several sports channels for one month for just £25 with their monthly pass. Imagine being able to watch all your favorite teams fight their way to the trophy in engaging, exhilarating matches.

Apart from IPL, this IPL match live channel will also let you sit back and enjoy football, UFC, WWE, Rugby Union, Boxing, Moto GP, and Tennis among other sports. What’s more is that the site comes with its own dedicated blog that is frequently updated to make sure no sports fan ever misses a piece of important news, including news regarding the IPL match live streaming.

Only interested in getting to watch IPL live online? You can get started by watching its incredible opener at BT Sport! As a true sports enthusiast, if you’re already convinced and ready to give BT sport a shot, there will never be a better time to buy one of their plans than right now.

With their sports packages being available for HALF PRICE for six months, you can watch IPL live online, and everything else that you felt you had been missing out on because you didn’t have access to a high-value sports channel subscription.

Ready to get started? Find out what BT Sport is all about right here!

Watch IPL live free with Hotstar UK

Not the in the US? No problem! Hotstar UK will not leave your Indian heart feel lonely. If all you want is to watch IPL live online, the website has your back, but that’s all that is on offer! Like the Indian culture, the website has depth, colors, variety, and hosts thousands of movies and shows that will leave you with the true essence of India.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re in luck because the website lets you watch cricket, football, and kabaddi among others. Can’t wait to gather your family around the table and watch IPL live online, just like everyone does as a tradition in India? The high-quality videos of this site won’t disappoint you!

Want to invest in a subscription that will let you do more than just getting you access to the IPL live match watch online? Hotstar will let you watch live news, some of the best Indian movies ever released, and some classic Indian TV shows besides just giving you access to sports.

Love Hindi, but really want to watch something in your language? The website lets you pick from Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, and English so that you can enjoy what you watch in a language that is closest to your heart.

Ready to try Hotstar UK? Their subscription plan costs £49.99 for an annual plan and £5.99 for a monthly one. Subscribe to one of their plans and watch IPL live online!

Watch IPL live online with Star Sports


As the official broadcaster for all major sporting events, like football, Formula 1, and Cricket events, including IPL, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to satellite TV, Star Sports is a great option.

The only downside? The channel is only available to viewers in India, so if you’re looking to access it in UK on your satellite TV, things could get a little more costly than is reasonable.

However, all is not lost! If you’re a true fan of sports, we do have a way around it! (We always do!)

Want to access the channel for free outside India so you can watch IPL live online? Connecting it to the Ivacy VPN and switching your server location to India will make it free for you to use and stream—as much as you like, for as long as you like!

And if you get everything all set up in time, you can even watch IPL live online, all without leaving the couch in your UK living room. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Ready to gather your family over an intense T20 match from April 9 to May 30th? Hop on board!

Join the Star Sports Network here and follow the instructions in our blog “How To Watch Star Sports Outside India And Abroad” to get started Live streaming the best matches for free!

How to watch IPL live stream in the Middle East, South Africa, and Africa

Want to watch IPL live online if you’re living in the Middle East, South Africa, or Africa? We got you! Even if you don’t have access to satellite TV, you can always use the mentioned online channels to access the live stream from anywhere in the world using the Ivacy VPN!

Let’s look at some websites you can turn to, to watch IPL live online according to the area you live in, one by one.

Watch IPL live online in South Africa


So, we get it. Indians are crazy about cricket, but so are South Africans—and Indians in South Africa. If you’re really into it, you probably already have your calendar marked for the IPL 2020 so that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying some of the best Indian cricket teams in the world competing against one another.

Want to watch IPL live online but you’re not sure how it’s possible from South Africa? Say hello to SuperSport. As a South African sports broadcaster, SuperSport is a great option to turn to when you’re looking for an affordable way to watch the IPL live online.

As the go-to channel for sports in South Africa, this channel gives you access to football, rugby, cricket, and golf matches and championships among many others sports events. Even though the application is free to download and access online, you need to be subscribed to the DStv premium membership in order to get access to all the channels.

The monthly subscription cost for the DSTv membership is R819. Ready to get started? Watch IPL live online on SuperSport.

Catch IPL streaming live in the Middle East and Africa


Live in the Middle East or Africa and feel like it’s a little difficult to catch some shows and sports live streams in your part of the world than the rest? We get you—and we have a solution. BeIN Sports is a Middle Eastern sports channel that will let you watch just about any game that you want!

If you want to watch IPL live online, with BeIN sports, be our guest! Besides giving you HD live streams, the website also keeps a live record of scores to save you the trouble of having to keep track of it yourself. This means that if you’re planning to watch IPL live online, you can sit back and enjoy while letting this website crunch the numbers for you!

Being a dynamic website, this one lets you watch football, tennis, basketball, cricket, and even motorsport events to your heart’s content. The website features over a hundred channels, coupled with expert opinions, and different language options including Arabic, English, and French.

Not sure how the audio will sound like when you’re watching IPL online streaming? Don’t worry about that! With high-definition & Dolby audio, you don’t have a thing to worry about!

BeIN Sports offers two plans; monthly and yearly, starting at $19.99, and $179.99, respectively. Both plans come with a two-week FREE trial to give you a preview of the exhilarating sports tournaments that await you! Ready to get started? Try beIN sports here!

How to watch IPL online in Australia

If you think India is the hub for cricket, think again. If you’re new to Australia and haven’t found a bunch of Cricket enthusiasts that share the same love of the sport, keep looking and they are bound to show up.

As one of the most popular and most followed sports in Australia, cricket sure gets a lot of attention—online, and otherwise. If times were normal, you’d have found thousands of Australians hopping on planes to travel to India to watch their favorite Indian teams compete for the IPL 2021 victory.

However, things have changed, and now, if you want to watch IPL live online from your living room in Australia, here’s where you turn to Fox Sports!

Let’s take a look at everything the website has to offer!

Watch IPL life online with Fox Sports


With a whole section dedicated to live TV, this channel is sure the sports holy grail for Australians that thrives on the grit and thrill of a good game. Looking forward to IPL streaming live? Fox Sports is one of the best things that happened to sports lovers in Australia!

The website features a dynamic home screen that will give you the latest updates from all the matches, any schedules that were recently released, and news regarding matches. The “Live” section will make sure that you don’t miss an important match even if you didn’t mark it on your calendar. Really looking forward to watching IPL live online? Take it from us, you can’t miss it with this channel!

The “stories” section hosts thousands of blog posts and articles written to entice, enthrall, and engage the Australian sports lover! This IPL match live channel also features blogs and articles written about IPL online streaming. With features as powerful as these, it’s a wonder the website isn’t accessible in a lot of countries!

This is obviously, not a problem that can’t be solved! With Ivacy, you can unblock Fox Sports in any part of the world. If you buy the Kayo basic plan, it will cost you $15 per month. The premium Kayo plan to watch Fox Sports costs $25 per month!

Ready to finally make that commitment to sports? Get started with IPL streaming live with Fox Sports here!

Watch IPL live online FREE on Mobile and Tablets

Alright, we’ve talked about enough paid plans, now, let’s discuss what we’re sure you’ve all been waiting for all along! How to watch IPL live online for FREE on your mobile on tablets! If you didn’t already know how that is done, feel free to breeze through these four incredible apps that will bring the world of live sports to the very tips of your fingers.


Watch IPL live online with AOSTV App


Want to watch IPL live online for free? As one of the most popular TV streaming applications that are free for Android, Firestick, and PC, this app will not disappoint you! Featuring channels from all over the world, this application can be used to watch live streams from the United States, Canada, India, and Pakistan among other countries of the world.

What’s more, is that this app is available globally and you can use it no matter where you are in the world. And if for some reason, you can’t access it, simply use Ivacy to unblock your favorite content, and there you go!

Ready to get started with IPL live streaming free with AOSTV? Download the APK kit for your platform and follow the installation instructions here!

Watch IPL live free with Mobdro App


Watch access to IPL match live channel for free? Try Mobdro for android! This little application lets its users stream videos for free on their android phones. This means that if you’ve been planning to watch IPL live online, but hadn’t found a free option, this could be the ONE for you!

The application crawls YouTube for the best videos and collects all the relevant links under one platform for its users. The app can also be used to discover streams in different languages. What’s more, is that you can even bookmark the videos that you like to watch later!

Love the app and would want to recommend it to friends and family? Mobdro features a button that allows you to do just that with a tap of your thumb! Interested in giving Mobdro a shot? Download the APK and leave a review for us!

Watch IPL match live streaming with Yupp TV


Want to watch IPL live online in HD for free? Try Yupp TV! Featuring live TV, Catch-up TV, news clips, movies, TV shows, and much more, this site is pretty much an allrounder and will keep you entertained well after the IPL is over.

Besides letting you watch IPL live free online, you can also catch some of the best Indian movies and TV shows on rainy days where you feel like you need a little pick-me-up. Even though Yupp TV does have a free version, it’s riddled with ads. However, if you find these ads annoying, you can always subscribe to one of their paid plans that start at AUD 24.99 for a monthly subscription.

Intrigued? Watch IPL live online with Yupp TV right here.

Watch IPL online streaming on THOP TV App


If you’re looking to watch IPL live online, you will absolutely not go wrong with the THOP TV app. The app provides access to sports live coverage over hundreds of channels. That’s not though; there are over three thousand international channels being covered on the application so you have nothing media-wise to worry about.

Interested in something more than watching the IPL match live streaming online? This channel has more than three thousand movies for you to select from when you’re looking to unwind after a long day. Ready to give the app a shot? Try here!

IPL 2021 match schedule—watch IPL live online

Fri, April 9: MI Vs. RCB Sat, April 10: CSK Vs. DC
Sun, April 11: SRH Vs. KKR Mon, April 12: RR Vs. PBKS
Tue, April 13: KKR Vs. MI Wed, April 14: SRH Vs. RCB
Thurs, April 15: RR Vs. DC Fri, April 16: PBKS Vs. CSK
Sat, April 17: MI Vs. SRH Sun, April 18: RCB Vs. KKR



Mon, April 19: CSK Vs. RR Tue, April 20: DC Vs. MI
Wed, April 21: PBKS Vs. SRH



Thurs, April 22: RCB Vs. RR
Fri April 23: PBKS Vs. MI Sat, April 24: RR Vs. KKR
Sun, April 25: CSK Vs. RCB



Mon, April 26: PBKS Vs. KKR
Tue, April 27: DC Vs. RCB Wed, April 28: CSK Vs. SRH
Thurs, April 29: MI Vs. RR



Fri, April 30: PBKS Vs. RCB
Sat, May 1: MI Vs. CSK Sun, May 2: PBKS Vs. DC
Mon, May 3: KKR Vs. RCB Tue, May 4: SRH Vs. MI
Wed, May 5: RR Vs. CSK Thurs, May 6: RCB Vs. PBKS
Fri, May 7: SRH Vs. CSK Sat, May 8: KKR Vs. DC
Sun, May 9: CSK Vs. PPKS Mon, May 10: MI Vs. KKR
Tue, May 11: DC Vs. RR Wed, May 12: CSK Vs. KKR
Thurs, May 13: MI Vs. PBKS

And SRH Vs. RR

Fri, May 14: RCB Vs. DC
Sat, May 15: KKR Vs. PBKS Sun, May 16: RR Vs. RCB



Mon, May 17: DC Vs. SRH Tue, May 18: KKR Vs. RR
Wed, May 19: SRH Vs. PBKH Thurs, May 20: RCB Vs. MI
Fri, May 21: KKR Vs. SRH Sat, May 22: PBKS Vs. RR
Sun, May 23: MI Vs. DC



Mon, May 24: TBD
Tue, May 25: TBD Wed, May 26: TBD
Thurs, May 27: TBD Fri, May 28: TBD
Sat, May 29: TBD Sun, May 30: TBD



Ready to watch IPL live online from anywhere in the world outside India? Get your applications and subscription ready for the ultimate cricket showdown of the year! If you can’t access the IPL live online streaming on any of the websites or channels you’ve subscribed to, use Ivacy VPN to unblock it!

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