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How to watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada on Hulu

watch Extraordinary Season 2
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Get ready, as the official release date for the eagerly awaited second season of the superhero comedy Extraordinary has been revealed. Starring Máiréad Tyers and featuring Siobhan McSweeney from Derry Girls, the show revolves around Jen, a non-superpowered individual in a world where everyone else gains superpowers in adulthood. Unfortunately due to geo-blocks you will be unable to stream online Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada, however continue reading our guide to explore every detail on how to watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada on 6th March 2024.

The first season concluded with Jen embarking on her ‘power journey’ at a clinic and now its time for viewers to explore the story ahead. With the most hillarious script ever, Extraordinary Season 2 surely has something ‘extraordinary’ for its fans in Canada.

How to watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada?

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Go to the Hulu website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Viola! Watch The Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada hassle-free.

Where can I watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada?

If you want to watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada on Hulu without worrying about regional hurdles, all you need is a VPN like Ivacy VPN. With just a few clicks, you can bid farewell to those frustrating limitations and stream your favorite show hassle-free.

Why is Hulu restricted in Canada?

Hulu, a popular streaming service in the US, offers fantastic content. However, due to licensing agreements, people outside the US can’t access it. Hulu uses regional barriers to limit access to American users only. So, if you try to watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada, you’ll get an error message.

But, with a reliable VPN like Ivacy VPN, you can make it seem like you’re coming from the US. This trick fools Hulu into thinking you’re a native American, letting you watch Extraordinary Season 2 in Canada without any restrictions.

What is Extraordinary Season 2 release date?

The show is set to release on Hulu and Disney Plus on 6th March 2024.

What is Extraordinary Season 2 about?

The upcoming season continues from where Season 1 concluded, with Jen becoming a client at the power clinic.

According to the official synopsis, Jen quickly realizes that discovering her power isn’t as straightforward as she anticipated, and challenges in other aspects of her life arise as well. Jizzlord, Jen’s ex-cat turned boyfriend (Luke Rollason), faces an unexpected revelation about his past. Meanwhile, Kash (Bilal Hasna) and Carrie (Sofia Oxenham) strive to handle their breakup with maturity and dignity, a task made challenging as they continue living together.

It appears that Jen and her friends are navigating uncharted territories of adulthood and chaos, posing unforeseen challenges for all of them.

Who is in the cast of Extraordinary Season 2?

  • Máiréad Tyers as Jen
  • Sofia Oxenham as Carrie
  • Bilal Hasna as Kash
  • Luke Rollason as Jizzlord
  • Siobhán McSweeney as Mary
  • Robbie Gee as Ian
  • Julian Barrett as George
  • Rosa Robson as Nora
  • Kwaku Mills as Clark

Extraordinary Season 2 trailer

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the superhero comedy  for its second season on Hulu. Many express excitement, with some sharing their positive experiences of binge-watching the first season in a short span. The general sentiment is of enthusiasm, with viewers glad that the show has been renewed and looking forward to the upcoming season. Several comments highlight the show’s humor, great soundtrack, and its underrated status, hoping that more people will discover and appreciate it. Overall, the comments reflect a positive and eager anticipation for the release of Extraordinary Season 2.

What are the reviews of Extraordinary Season 2?

What are the IMDb ratings for Extraordinary Season 2?

No IMDb Ratings are available as of now, however we are sure to keep you updated.


Where can I watch Extraordinary Season 1?

You can stream online Extraordinary Season too on Hulu.

Is Extraordinary Season 2 on Netflix?

No, Extraordinary Season 2 is available to stream online on Hulu.

Is Hulu free?

You can utilize Hulu free trial to stream online your favorite shows and movies.

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