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How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada Easily?

How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada Easily

ESPN+ is a popular go-to platform for millions of people to get their daily dose of adrenaline. The platform is home to many of the finest major sporting events in the industry. However, ESPN+ is currently only available within the United States. No country, not even Canada, now has the rights to broadcast ESPN+ outside the United States?

So, what should one do if they want to watch ESPN+ in Canada, or any other country, for that matter? And this is exactly what we are here to discuss. Follow us as we tell you how to access the ESPN+ platform outside the United States, especially in Canada. So, without any further delay, let’s dive in:

What is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a US-based over-the-top streaming service owned by Disney. Like ESPN, ESPN+ offers access to various sporting events that you can stream easily. Though, what makes ESPN+ better is that it allows viewers to watch numerous premium sporting events that they cannot watch with a regular ESPN subscription.

It is worth noting that ESPN+ is currently only available within the United States. And you cannot watch ESPN+ outside the United States, even in Canada. Though, there is a way around that – a VPN service. A VPN service can help you overcome this geo-restriction.

Why do you need a VPN to watch ESPN+ outside the United States?

Since ESPN+ is a geo-restricted platform, you will need to mask your actual IP address to gain access to it outside the United States. A VPN service such as Ivacy VPN can hide your real IP address and replace it with a virtual IP address from a different geographical location.

Once you are connected to a server in the United States through Ivacy VPN, you will likely be able to stream ESPN+ from your country. Though, you must ensure that using VPNs is legal in your country.

How to stream ESPN+ with Ivacy VPN in Canada?

You do not need to do much to be able to watch ESPN+ in Canada. You need to follow a few simple steps and be good to go. Here they are:

  • Sign up for an Ivacy VPN plan.
  • Download and install the Ivacy VPN client on your device.
  • Log in with your Ivacy VPN login credentials.
  • Connect to a server in the United States.
  • Hop on to the ESPN+ platform.
  • Log in to your ESPN+ account.
  • You can now start streaming ESPN+ in Canada.

How to watch ESPN+ in any other country?

Like Canada, you can quickly start streaming ESPN+ in other parts of the world. And again, you will need a little assistance from Ivacy VPN to help clear the way. Just follow these steps below to watch ESPN+ in your country.

  • Sign up for a paid Ivacy VPN plan.
  • Download and install Ivacy VPN on the device you are using.
  • Log in with Ivacy VPN ID and password.
  • Connect to a server in the United States.
  • Once the connection is established, visit the ESPN+ platform.
  • Then, log in to your ESPN+ account.
  • You can now watch ESPN+ in your country.

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Using VPNs is legal in most countries around the world. Your privacy is your right, and VPNs offer that. That being said, there are still some countries where VPNs are banned or are illegal.

To be safe, we recommend you contact a legal professional and ask about the legality of using a VPN service in your region. And if they say that it is legal to use, only then should you proceed to subscribe to Ivacy VPN.

Can I use a Free VPN to Watch ESPN+ in Canada?

Though you can watch ESPN+ with the help of a free VPN plan, we would not recommend that you do. The thing with free VPN services is that they usually sell off users’ data to third parties without their knowledge to earn a profit. And this defies the entire concept of privacy.

On the other hand, paid VPN services such as Ivacy VPN abide by strict no-logs policies. These policies ensure that your data is not stored on the servers or used elsewhere without your consent. And on top of it, a VPN service would not want to lose a legitimate means of income by selling users’ data to third parties.

Why is ESPN+ only available in the United States?

Some of you might want to know why ESPN+ is only accessible within the United States. Well, as we discussed earlier, ESPN+ is a geo-restricted platform, and ESPN makes sure that it currently stays this way to avoid all contract violations with sporting content distributors. Thus, watching ESPN+ outside the United States is only possible through services like Ivacy VPN, for the time being.

How much is an ESPN+ Subscription?

ESPN has recently announced that it will raise the users’ subscription fees. Previously, an ESPN+ subscription cost $6.99 per month. However, the new monthly subscription shall be $9.99 per month.

And as far as the annual subscription is concerned, the previous yearly charges were $69.99 per annum. And now, it will be $99.99 per annum.

Where can I subscribe to the ESPN+ platform?

Since Disney owns ESPN+, you can get an ESPN+ subscription with the Disney+ and Hulu bundle. Though, since all these platforms are geo-blocked, you will need to mask your IP address with Ivacy VPN to be able to access the platform in Canada, or any other region, for that matter.

How to Watch ESPN without cable in Canada?

ESPN is a cable network, and you will need a cable subscription to access ESPN. And if you wish to access ESPN+ in Canada, paying for a cable subscription just for watching ESPN+ does not make sense.

Instead, you would be better off turning to the streaming services in Canada where you can watch ESPN+ comfortably. You can choose from any of the following streaming services to watch ESPN+ in Canada:

  • fuboTV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • AT&T TV

What Sports Can I Watch on ESPN?

Luckily, you cannot just watch ice hockey or baseball on ESPN+. There are numerous other sporting events that you can stream on ESPN+ in Canada. Just have a look:

  • NFL Live
  • NFL Primetime
  • Major League Baseball
  • NBA G League
  • NFL Insiders
  • Tennis
  • College Football
  • PGA Golf
  • UFC fights
  • UFC main events (PPV)
  • MLS Live
  • MLB Live
  • Replays of historic NBA games

To Cut It Short

There you have it, folks – with the information mentioned above, you can access the ESPN+ platform in Canada and other parts of the world. Though, make sure to opt for a paid VPN plan to avoid connection and unblocking issues in your region. While you and we both would like to see ESPN+ launching in other parts of the world, currently, this is the only practical way of watching ESPN+ in Canada. Have Fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to watch ESPN online?

You can watch ESPN online simply by downloading the official ESPN app.

  • Is ESPN+ available in Canada?

No, ESPN+ is currently not available in Canada. It is only available to stream inside the United States. To stream ESPN+ in Canada, you must subscribe to VPN services such as Ivacy VPN.

  • Where can I stream ESPN+?

You can stream ESPN+ on the official ESPN+ website, or you could add them to your streaming bundles from Hulu and Disney+.

  • What devices can I watch ESPN+ on?

You can watch ESPN+  through the ESPN+ app on Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Roku, PlayStation, and Oculus Go.

  • How do I use ESPN+ outside the US?

To watch ESPN+ outside the US, you must subscribe to a VPN service. Ivacy VPN can help hide your actual IP address and further enable you to overcome geo-restrictions regarding the ESPN+ platform.

  • Will a VPN work for ESPN Plus?

Yes, VPN services like Ivacy VPN can help you unblock ESPN+ in Canada and other regions where using a VPN is not banned.

  • Is ESPN+ different from the ESPN channel?

Yes, ESPN+ is different from your regular ESPN cable TV channel. The ESPN cable TV channel focuses on the major sporting events from leagues like the NBA, NFL, and NHL. However, ESPN+ is more focused on a broader range of sports belonging to Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Will ESPN+ ever be available in Canada?

ESPN+ is a premium sports streaming service only available in the United States because of a licensing deal. And it is not certain when and if ESPN+ will be available to subscribe for the people in Canada. For the time being, people in Canada will need to encrypt their connections with Ivacy VPN to be able to watch ESPN+ within the country.

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