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How to watch Death in the dorms season 2 in Canada on Hulu

watch death in the dorms season 2
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Death in the Dorms Season 2 continues to explore tragic true stories of college students who fell victim of incidents of violence that claimed the lives of college students. The docuseries, available on Hulu, explores six new cases that are both heart-wrenching and thought-provoking, echoing the sentiment that “Kids aren’t supposed to die in college. Kids aren’t supposed to die at all”​​. Watch Death in the Dorms Season 2 in Canada on Hulu.

The series aims to shed light on these tragic events, bringing attention to the circumstances that led to each case and honoring the memories of the students involved. The series is set to hit screen on 22nd February on Hulu. Continue reading our guide to learn everything on how you can watch Death in the Dorms Season 2 in Canada.

How to watch Death in the Dorms season 2 in Canada?

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
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  4. Go to the Hulu app or website, and either log in or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch Death in Dorms Season 2 in Canada!

Why is Hulu restricted in Canada?

Hulu is a streaming service exclusive to the USA only and remains unavailable in the Canada due to regional factors. Firstly, licensing agreements often tie content to specific areas, meaning Canadian region might not have the rights to certain channels Like Hulu. This makes all Hulu content like Death in the Dorms Season 2 in the inaccessible in Canada. Each time a user makes an attempt to visit the website, it will show an error message 0f regional unavailability. This is where IvacyVPN aims to facilitate you by-pass all kinds of hurdles and stream online Death in the Dorms Season 2.

Where can I watch Death in the Dorms season 2?

You can stream online Death in the Dorms Season 2 on Hulu.

What is Death in the dorms season 2 release date in Canada?

The Death in the Dorms Season 2 is set to release on Thursday, February 22, 2024 on Hulu.

What is Death in the dorms season 2 about?

In this show, each episode delves into the tragic deaths of six college students, uncovering that their lives were not prematurely ended by chance but rather by intentional wrongdoing. Executive producers for this series include Nile Cappello, Carrie Cook, Eli Holzman, Myles Reiff, Aaron Saidman, and David Sloan.

The primary cast members of Death in the Dorms feature Phillip-Charlie Daniell portraying Carlos, Ant Henderson as Maurice, Olivia Cohen in the role of Jacquie, Hugo Mejia playing Christian Aguilar, Tanner Hake as George Huguely, Anderson Lai portraying Danny, Marco Schiazza as Detective Randy Roberts, Sarah Elizabeth Cahall as Sara, and Carlos Aguilar as Christian’s Father

Who is in the cast of Death in the dorms season 2?

  • Phillip-Charlie Daniell as Carlos.
  • Ant Henderson as Maurice.

Death in the dorms season 2 trailer

What are the reviews of Death in the dorms season 2?

The Reddit comments on Death in the Dorms sheds light on how the team started by compiling cases related to college environments, ensuring family support before pursuing stories. When families didn’t want involvement, those stories were set aside. The producer, not personally acquainted with a victim, emphasizes the importance of family consent and acknowledges the industry’s need for payment despite budget constraints. Cases considered for the show include older ones that didn’t make the final cut. The producer discusses their background in investigative journalism, true crime interest, and upcoming projects. The production timeline for each episode, the team size, and optimism for a Season 2 are mentioned. The producer is open to diverse investigative topics but is currently focused on crime-related projects. When asked about UFOs, the producer expresses a belief in extraterrestrial life and rationalizes most UFO sightings. Viewer feedback praises the show’s writing, editing, and music choices, with the producer noting that certain music may be exclusive to their licensing library.

A murder at my alma mater inspired “Death in the Dorms,” a new docuseries on Hulu from ABC News Studios about the deaths of six students on college campuses. AMA.
byu/abcnews inIAmA

What are the IMDb ratings for Death in the dorms Season 2?

No IMDb rating for Death in the Dorms Season 2 is available as of now, however the ratings for Death in the Dorms Season 1 is 6.6/10


What stories are in Death in the Dorms?

The series will narrate the experiences of Andrea DelVesco from UCLA, Christian Aguilar from the University of Florida, Yeardley Love from the University of Virginia, Michael Deng, a freshman at Baruch College, Samantha Josephson, a senior at the University of South Carolina, and Katie Autry from Western Kentucky University.

Who is the killer in Death in the Dorms?

In “Death in the Dorms,” the culprit is identified as Nathaniel Rowland, who, as the driver, employed childproof locks to hinder the college student from exiting the vehicle. Following this, Rowland committed the murder of Josephson and abandoned her body in the vicinity of New Zion, South Carolina.

Can I watch Death in the Dorms Season 2 on Netflix?

Death in the Dorms in exclusively available on Hulu.

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