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Enjoy Boxing at Rio Olympic 2016 like never before

Boxing at Rio Olympics 2016

The clock is ticking. The Rio Summer Olympics are just about to begin. A large number people are anxiously waiting to watch their favorite players in action live at the Rio Olympics. They just can’t wait to live stream the greatest sporting extravaganza in the world.

From August 03 to August 21 – for 18 days, people around the world will live stream their favorite sporting events on different broadcasting channels.

 Boxing at Olympic Games

Boxing made its Olympic debut at the St. Louis Summer Olympic Games in 1904. Since then it has been an integral event of all the Olympic events, except for 1912 Summer Olympic Games at Stockholm. The Women’s Boxing event was introduced at the 2012 London Olympics.

The United States of America is the country that holds an envious record in boxing at all the Olympic events. The country has won 111 medals in total, which include 50 Gold Medals.

The Olympics boxing events are organized in sets of tournaments; this means one for each weight class. Over the years, the number of weight classes has significantly changed (the current number allowed being 8 for men and 5 for women) along with the definition of each class.

Even though protective headgear was a necessary part of the previous Olympics events, this year the rules are a little different with make participants no longer being required to wear them, given a new ruling posted by AIBA that headgear might contribute to concussion risk.

Medal Table - Olympic Boxing

Boxing at Rio Olympics 2016

Back 2013, the Amateur International Boxing Association made significant changes to the boxing format. The new AIBA format consisted of pros who were required to sign 5-year contracts with the AIBA and compete on pro cards in the events leading up to the main tournament.

This was also done to provide for a defined pathway for newer pros to retain their Olympic eligibility. Further more, the elimination of the requirement to wear the headgear, and the introduction of the “10-point-must” scoring system, further defined the difference between amateure and pro at the Olympics.

Following these same rules, the Rio Olympics 2016, the Boxing event for both men and women will be held at Riocentro – Pavilion 6, from August 21 2016.

There are 286 players who will compete in 13 categories, including 250 men and 36 women, who will vie for the Gold Medal.

A total of 13 Gold Medals will be awarded in 13 categories. 10 Gold Medals will be awarded in Men’s Boxing event in Light flyweight (49 kg), Flyweight (52 kg), Bantamweight (56 kg), Lightweight (60 kg), Light welterweight (64 kg), Welterweight (69 kg), Middleweight (75 kg), Light heavyweight (81 kg), Heavyweight (91 kg), Super heavyweight (91+ kg) categories.

For the Women’s Boxing event, three Gold Medals will be awarded in Flyweight (51 kg), Lightweight (60 kg) and Middleweight (75 kg) categories.

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How to Watch Olympics 2016 Live Online

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Broadcasting Channels for Rio Olympics 2016

Would love to fly out to Rio and enjoy the games live but you simply can’t? That’s okay! There are many channels that are broadcasting the mega event in different countries around the world. Some of the broadcasting channels are mentioned in the table below:

RegionBroadcasting Channels
AustraliaYahoo TV, Seven Network
United KingdomBBC 2
United StatesNBC Live

Now, you can access any of the channels with a VPN and enjoy all the Boxing action live right from Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil, in your home, without risking your safety or privacy! What could be better!

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