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How to watch Bosco Movie 2024 in Canada on Peacock TV

watch bosco 2024

From the executive producers of Suicide Squad, End Of Watch and Bright Embark, prepare to witness the story of Bosco Adams as he escapes a 24-hour surveillance high security jail for his child’s birth. Don’t miss out the cinematic adventure with Bosco Movie 2024, available exclusively on Peacock. Watch Bosco Movie 2024 in Canada on Peacock on February 2 2024 as Bosco comes closer to freedom and even more closer to being a dad! Starring Nikki Blonsky, Tyrese Gibson and other popular celebrities, this movie is sure to catch you attention.

Peacock’s exclusive  content may not be available in some regions like Canada but using a VPN helps you easily watch Bosco movie 2024 on Peacock TV . Follow the story of Quawntay Bosco Adams as he plans a smart escape for a life-changing event.

How to Watch Bosco Movie 2024 in Canada on Peacock 

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Go to the Peacock app or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch Bosco 2024 in Canada!

Where To Watch Bosco Movie 2024 in Canada?

Witness the intense tale of Bosco Movie 2024 on Peacock TV, accessible with IvacyVPN in Canada. Don’t miss out this exclusive cinematic experience. Additionally, Peacock stands as the ultimate destination for blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, live sports, and a diverse range of content. This streaming service by NBCUniversal offers access to the latest theatrical releases, ongoing favorites from NBC and Bravo, thrilling sports content including WWE, Premier League, and Big Ten, along with exclusive Originals, NBC News, and beloved shows like The Office, Suits, Modern Family, and Yellowstone.

Why is Peacock restricted in Canada?

Unfortunately in Canada, Peacock faces restrictions because of licensing and distribution agreements. When Peacock secures the rights to broadcast shows and movies, these agreements typically outline specific regions where the content can be aired. Geo-blocking is used to enforce this restriction by identifying the user’s IP address; access is denied if the IP address is outside the US. Consequently, individuals outside the US may face obstacles when trying to stream on Peacock TV. Use IvacyVPN to overcome these limitations.

What is the Release date of Bosco Movie 2024?

Bosco Movie 2024 premiers on PeacockTV on January 2, 2024.

What is the Plot of Bosco Movie 2024?

Explore Quawntay Bosco Adams’ ingenious escape plan in 2006, driven by the desire to witness his child’s birth. Unravel the captivating plot of Bosco Movie 2024. Bosco tells the fascinating story of Quawntay Bosco Adams, who got a 35-year sentence for trying to have marijuana. His life takes a surprising turn when he connects with someone through a lonely-hearts ad. To be with his daughter, Bosco escapes from prison and has to deal with the results of his past. The show weaves together themes of love, redemption, and getting a second chance. As Bosco deals with taking responsibility, viewers go on a journey exploring how people can change and strive for a better future, even when facing challenges from a difficult past.

Bosco is directed by the Chilean-American writer / filmmaker Nicholas Manuel Pino, making his feature directorial debut after a number of other shorts previously. The screenplay is also written by Nicholas Manuel Pino, adapted from the memoir “Chasin’ Freedum” by the real Quawntay Adams. It’s produced by Patrick McErlean, Darryll C. Scott, Justin Steele, and Quawntay Adams

Who is in the Cast of Bosco Movie 2024?

Meet the stellar cast of Bosco Movie 2024:

  • Aubrey Joseph as Quawntay  Bosco Adams: Aubrey Joseph takes on the starring role of Quawntay “Bosco” Adams in the film. The actor, born in Brooklyn, marked his stage debut in the Broadway show ‘The Lion King.
  • Nikki Blonsky as Tammy: Nikki Blonsky plays the character of Tammy, gaining recognition for her performance in ‘Hairspray.’ The actress, known for her previous career as a hairdresser, also excels in baking and singing.
  • Tyrese Gibson as Tootie: Tyrese Gibson, taking on the role of Tootie, achieved global acclaim for his performance as Roman Pearce in the ‘Fast & Furious’ film series.
  • Theo Rossi as Ramos
  • Thomas Jane as Hunt
  • Vivica A. Fox as Willa

Run Time of Bosco Movie 2024

Bosco Movie 2024 boasts a runtime of 1 hour 39 minutes, offering viewers an insight into the length of this cinematic journey.

Exploring the Trailer of Bosco Movie 2024

Catch a glimpse of the intense and thrilling plot through the Bosco Movie 2024 trailer, available on YouTube and Peacock TV. Fans of Cloak & Dagger are buzzing with excitement as the lead actor gears up for a remarkable performance in this new project. The star-studded cast, including renowned actors like Thomas Jane, further fuels the eagerness. Peacock seems to have struck gold with this one, with viewers declaring it a potential movie of the year. The powerful storyline and the promise of a legendary performance have left fans counting down the days until the movie’s release.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Rating of Bosco Movie 2024

No IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes Ratings are available as of now, however we will keep you updated.

Reviews and Reactions about Bosco Movie 2024 

Fans share excitement about recognizable personalities like Nikki from Hairspray and Theo Rossi. Some express curiosity about Tyrese’s performance and mention an interest in watching the movie for Brandon Rogers appearance.

What’s more to explore?


Who are the makers of Bosco Movie 2024?

Bosco Movie 2024 is directed by Nicholas Manuel Pino.

Is Bosco Movie 2024 available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Bosco Movie 2024 is a Peacock exclusive and unavailable on Netflix or any other Canadian platform.

Is ‘Bosco’ worth watching?

Derived from the actual events in the life of Quawntay Bosco Adams, the movie narrates a heartfelt story of a parent’s unwavering determination to be reunited with their child. The audience can explore Bosco’s path, encompassing jailbreak and the pursuit of reconnection.

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