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How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 in UK

watch Bob Hearts Abishola season 5
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The much-loved CBS sitcom, Bob Hearts Abishola, is set to wrap up its storytelling journey with its fifth season, promising a blend of humor, heart, and cultural exploration that has defined the series from its inception. Watch Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 in UK on 12th February 2024. As we prepare to bid farewell to this charming narrative, let’s dive into what makes the final season a must-watch.

Created by a talented team including Eddie Gorodetsky, Alan J. Higgins, Chuck Lorre, and Gina Yashere, the show has consistently delivered laughs and poignant moments through its exploration of the relationship between Bob, played by Billy Gardell, and Abishola, portrayed by Folake Olowofoyeku. Their journey has been a testament to the power of love, understanding, and cultural exchange, making “Bob Hearts Abishola” a standout in the realm of sitcoms.

How to watch Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 in UK

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
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  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Go to the Paramount Plus app or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 in UK!

Why is Paramount Plus restricted in UK?

While Paramount Plus itself isn’t completely restricted in the UK, it currently operates in a limited capacity compared to its counterparts in other regions, most notably the US as Sky, a major UK broadcaster, historically held licensing rights for many shows and movies now featured on Paramount Plus. This creates conflicts and prevents Paramount from offering its full US catalog in the UK. As a result of these rights issues, the UK version of Paramount Plus currently has a smaller library compared to the US version.

Where to watch Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 in UK?

You have two streaming options to enjoy Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 in the USA, Paramount Plus and FuboTV. Paramount Plus is the official home of Bob Hearts Abishola in the US. Unfortunately you cannot watch Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 in UK due to regional unavailability but you can still watch Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 in UK by using IvacyVPN. You can subscribe to Paramount Plus for a monthly or annual fee, and you’ll get access to the show’s entire library, as well as other CBS shows and original content.

What is Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 release date and time?

The season premiere is scheduled for February 12, 2024, promising to captivate audiences with its intricate plotlines and character development.

What is Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 all about?

Set against the backdrop of Detroit, “Bob Hearts Abishola” continues to follow the endearing romance between Bob, a middle-aged compression sock businessman, and Abishola, a dedicated Nigerian immigrant nurse. Their unique love story, bridging cultures and backgrounds, has captivated audiences, offering a fresh perspective on love, family, and aspirations.

Season 5 promises to further explore the intricate dynamics of family, personal dreams, and the challenges of health concerns, all while maintaining the series’ signature warmth and humor. The show delves deeper into the characters’ lives, offering viewers a closer look at their struggles and triumphs, making the final chapters especially poignant.

Bob Hearts Abishola season 5  trailer

While fans adore the comedic duo of Kemi and Bob’s mom, and express their love for the show as a “breath of fresh air,” concerns cloud the future. Comments mention “cost-cutting measures” and a reduced cast, hinting at a potential ending. Despite this, viewers see exciting possibilities for characters like Christina and Kofu, and some even confess surprise the show is still running. Notably, several users declare it a personal favorite, highlighting the show’s dedicated fanbase within the network TV landscape.


What are the reviews of Bob Hearts Abishola season 5?

Bob Hearts Abishola appeals to viewers seeking a light-hearted and heartwarming sitcom with a unique cultural context.

Bob Hearts Abishola Cast

The heart of the show lies in its vibrant cast, led by Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku, whose chemistry has been a cornerstone of the series. Their performances, along with the supporting cast, bring to life the multifaceted relationships and cultural nuances that make the series stand out.

Main Cast (Remaining Series Regulars):

  • Billy Gardell as Bob Wheeler
  • Folake Olowofoyeku as Abishola Bolatito Doyinsola Oluwatoyin Adebambo Wheeler
  • Gina Yashere as Kemi
  • Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin
  • Anthony Okungbowa as Kofo
  • Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Ebunoluwa

Recurring Cast (Previously Series Regulars, Downgraded to Recurring):

  • Christine Ebersole as Dottie, Bob’s mom
  • Matt Jones as Douglas, Bob’s friend
  • Maribeth Monroe as Christina, Bob’s neighbor
  • Vernee Watson as Gloria, Bob’s nurse
  • Shola Adewusi as Oluwatoyin “Olu” Ifedayo Olatunji, Abishola’s aunt
  • Barry Shabaka Henley as Babatunde “Tunde” Temitope Olatunji, Abishola’s uncle
  • Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele Babatunde Adebambo, Abishola’s son

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 Episode Guide

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Kill The Cat (February 12, 2024) – After a car accident that Tunde blames on faulty vision, Bob and Abishola encourage him to get glasses. This solution seems straightforward, but they worry that Tunde’s struggles might be deeper than just needing clearer eyesight. Could his accident be a symptom of broader issues they need to address? Is the fix more complex than a new pair of specs?
  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Dead Eyes of a Respectful Son (February 19, 2024) – TBA
  • Season 1 Episode 3 – TBA

Where is Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 filmed?

Although Bob Hearts Abishola is set in Detroit, Michigan, it’s actually filmed at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. This is a common practice for many sitcoms due to various factors like access to soundstages, post-production facilities, and a large pool of actors and crew.

While they film in California, the show creators incorporate clever references to Detroit throughout the show to maintain the setting’s authenticity. For example:

  • Abishola and Kemi ride the 16 Dexter bus, which is a real bus line in Detroit.
  • Woodward Memorial Hospital, where Abishola works, is a reference to Woodward Avenue, Michigan’s major north-south highway.
  • The character Dele attends Jamerson Middle School, likely referencing the legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson.

While Season 3 originally planned to film scenes in Lagos, Nigeria, due to COVID-19 restrictions, those scenes were ultimately filmed in southern California as well. So, although fans won’t get to see the real Detroit on screen, the showrunners do their best to bring its spirit to life through these details.

What are the IMDb ratings of Bob Hearts Abishola?

The show has received mixed reviews from IMDb with some praising the show’s heartwarming elements and humor, while others criticize its lack of originality and occasional reliance on stereotypes.

  • Season 1: 7.9/10 (181 ratings)
  • Season 2: 7.7/10 (133 ratings)
  • Season 3: 7.4/10 (171 ratings)
  • Season 4: 7.2/10 (249 ratings)

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Is Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 on Netflix?

No, Bob Hearts Abishola will stream exclusively on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Is Bob Hearts Abishola on any streaming service?

Billy Gardell & Folake Olowofoyeku bring the laughs in c, available on Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, or Vudu on Roku!

Did the actress on Bob Hearts Abishola really have a stroke?

Christine Ebersole’s acting as Dottie is so convincing, people questioned if she’d actually had a stroke! Turns out, it’s pure talent – she channels the character completely.

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