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How to watch Bay of Fires in the US on ITVX

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Bay of Fires is a thrilling show with a darkly funny twist, like a mix of Fargo, Ozark, and Schitt’s Creek!

Unfortunately, if you’re not in the UK, you might have trouble watching Bay of Fires on ITVX due to regional restrictions and licensing laws. However, with Ivacy VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and watch Bay of Fires from the US.

Keep reading to find out how.

How to watch Bay of Fires in the US on ITVX via VPN [Quick Steps]

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN.
  2. Install our app on your chosen device.
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Go to the ITVX or website, and either login or create an account.
  5. Now you’re ready to watch Bay of Fires in the US!

Why isn’t ITVX available in the US?

ITVX is only available in the UK, so you can’t watch it if you’re traveling or in another country due to regional restrictions. If you try to access ITVX in the US, you’ll get an error message saying the content is unavailable in your area.

However, you can solve this problem with a reliable VPN service like Ivacy VPN. By using Ivacy VPN, you can watch ITVX’s Bay of Fires from the US.

What is Bay of Fires release date?

Bay of Fires will be available as a box set on ITVX starting Thursday, May 23, 2024, so you can binge all eight episodes at once.

When will Bay of Fires air on ITVX?

Starting Thursday, May 23, catch Bay of Fires on ITVX.

Where to watch Bay of Fires online in the US?

Bay of Fires is a comedy-crime TV show available on ITVX. If you’re in the US, you can still watch Bay of Fires online in the US by downloading and subscribing to Ivacy VPN.

Bay of Fires plot

Wealthy Melbourne CEO and single mom Stella Heikkinen (Marta Dusseldorp) flees to a remote Tasmanian town under a fake identity after Chechen hitmen attack her. With her kids, Otis and Iris, she hides in Mystery Bay, living in a rundown house that doubles as a marijuana farm. Stella navigates her strange new life, trying to uncover who wants her dead and why, while dealing with local feuds, crime, and danger. Can she survive and escape her past?

Is there any trailer for Bay of Fires?

Yes, there’s a trailer for Bay of Fires. Check it out below…

Who’s in the cast of Bay of Fires?

Marta Dusseldorp, an Australian actor, stars as Stella Heikkinen in Bay of Fires and is also the co-creator and producer of the thriller series. She got the idea for the show while living in Tasmania during lockdown.

Marta explained, One day, Stella goes to the store for a drink, but soon finds herself in Misery Bay with her kids and only the clothes on her back, wondering what’s happening. But what she stumbles into turns out to be more dangerous than what she’s escaping, and things get worse throughout the series. It’s about how a privileged woman adapts to a new situation she can’t control.

She learns to listen and work with the locals to survive. What’s interesting is that it’s a thriller with comedy mixed in, reflecting the unpredictable characters. There are dark moments and mysteries to solve, but viewers also get a glimpse of real life on Tasmania’s west coast.

Marta Dusseldorp has appeared in TV shows like BlackJack, Janet King, Jack Irish, and The Twelve.

Bay Of Fires episode guide

Episode 1:

CEO Stella narrowly escapes hitmen, realizing her boyfriend is behind the attack. With her kids, she flees to Mystery Bay, facing hostility from the locals. Their new home is a rundown mess, and Stella falls through the floor.

Episode 2:

Stella and kids stay in a motel while their house is repaired. They meet locals, including a blind man and the motel owner. Stella’s strained relationship with her son worsens. Upon returning home, they find a surprising improvement in the house, leading to a brief moment of happiness.

Episodes 3 to 8:

Updates coming soon.

Where Bay of Fires is being filmed?

Bay Of Fires was shot on the West Coast of Tasmania and produced by Archipelago Productions and Fremantle Australia. Director Wayne Blair from Block Two mentioned, We were fortunate to film on palawa land in Queenstown, Strahan, and Zeehan, where we captured some fantastic scenes, including at the historic Gaiety Theatre.

What is the IMDb rating of Bay of Fires?

Bay of Fires has an IMDb rating of 6.6/10.

What are the reactions and comments about Bay of Fires?

The Guardian’s review:

Marta Dusseldorp delivers exceptional depth and gravitas in her role. She shines in Bay of Fires, ABC TV’s perplexing on-the-run drama. Despite watching four episodes, the series leaves me questioning its direction and why I should continue watching. Following corporate CEO Stella Heikkinen fleeing to Tasmania to escape Chechen hitmen, the show’s tone remains uncertain.

Streaming options for watching Bay of Fires

You can stream Bay of Fires on ABC iview, and ITVX.

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Can I watch Bay of Fires on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Bay of Fires is not available for streaming on Netflix at this time. You need to explore other platforms or services to watch the show.

How to stream Bay of Fires on ITVX for free?

You can watch Bay of Fires on ITVX for free in the US with Ivacy VPN, since ITVX doesn’t charge for streaming.

How many seasons of Bay of Fires are there?

Bay of Fires has just one season, so you can enjoy the entire story without having to wait for more episodes.

Ivacy VPN – Your top choice for streaming Bay of Fires in the US

When you leave the UK, you leave ITVX behind too. Without a UK IP address, you can’t watch the latest episodes.

But with Ivacy VPN, it’s easy! We have servers in the UK. Just connect to any of these servers and start watching Bay of Fires in the US on ITVX!

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