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Watch Australian Open Tennis 2021 Live stream online

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2020 Live stream online

The Australian Open Tennis Championship – the first Grand Slam of the year 2021 is already on its way. When is the Australian Open? From Jan 10–Feb 22, 2021, tennis lovers will flock to Melbourne Park to watch their favourite tennis players in action. Rather than going to the main arena, there are millions of people who would prefer watching the event online, right from the comfort of their homes. Of course, watching this mega event online will be a visual treat for many tennis lovers. But the question remains: How to watch Australian Open live online? Well read along and find out the answer for yourself.

Watch Australian Open live online for Free

If you reside in Australia, you can enjoy watching the Australian Open live for free without paying a single penny. All you need to do is to access 7Tennis from your preferred device. Once there, you can easily stream the action from Melbourne for free. But there are some requirements that you must abide by. To watch the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific live for free, you must be:

  • Residing in Australia.
  • At least 15  years old. Otherwise, you must have your parents’ permission to watch the tournament live on the 7Tennis website.
  • Using a supported device on which you can live stream Australian Open for free, with a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps or more.
  • You may also be asked to submit a 4-digit postal code. You can submit any Australian postal code, 3000 for instance, and start streaming. 
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Stream Australian Open live online Anywhere

7Tennis is region-locked; hence it only caters to local audiences and is blocked outside Australia. However, you can overcome this problem without breaking a sweat. To watch the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year live with complete anonymity and online security, you will need to use Ivacy – the best VPN available. All you have to do is set up Ivacy VPN on your device. Here’s what you need to do watch Australian Open from anywhere:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN account with a username and password of your choice.
  2. Download the Ivacy VPN app on your preferred device.
  3. Select “Australia” as your server location.
  4. Once you are connected, visit 7Tennis on your browser.
  5. Enter any Australian postal code, 3000 for instance.
  6. Live stream all the matches of the tennis Grand Slam tournament with ease henceforth.

With Ivacy, you can bypass all geo-restrictions and unblock any website to watch the first Grand Slam of the year live. Ivacy VPN not only hides your IP address but makes you anonymous online, giving you the freedom to watch the tournament without having to fear being traced or tracked online.

Watch Australian Open live online in the UK.

For British tennis geeks, Eurosport will give you live coverage of this year’s first Grand Slam. You can also watch the whole tennis Grand Slam tournament on your preferred device by purchasing and downloading the Eurosport Player app. If you live in a region where you can’t access the Eurosport website, you can use a fast, reliable and affordable VPN – like Ivacy.

Get Ivacy Now Here’s how you can watch Australian Open live in the UK, with a VPN in place.

  1. Get EuroSport annual subscription.
  2. Set up the Ivacy VPN app on your desired platform.
  3. Select UK Fastest Server from the smart purpose selection tool to access the Eurosport website.
  4. Hit the Connect button.

There you go! You have successfully configured Ivacy on your device. You can now access the Eurosport website from any location even if you’re outside the UK and watch all the matches of Australian Open 2021 over the internet.

Note:  If you don’t want to subscribe to Eurosport, you can opt for Ivacy VPN to watch the Grand Slam online for free on 7Tennis. You need to connect to Ivacy VPN and use an Australian IP address to live stream Australian Open completely free of cost.

Watch Australian Open live stream online on Roku

Roku and Tennis go hand in hand. You can now watch the mega event on a Roku device with extreme ease and comfort. The Tennis Channel app is now available for Roku TV and Roku platforms. If you are a dedicated Roku user, you can live stream the Australian Open tennis tournament on Roku without any fuss. But for that, you must get a Tennis Channel subscription. Once you have subscribed, you need to connect to an Australia VPN server so that you can enjoy the Australian Open without breaking a sweat. Here’s how you can stream Australian Open 2021 on Roku.

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN on Roku via your router.
  2. Navigate to the Sports tab and click on Tennis Channel.
  3. Live stream Australian Open tournament with ease.

Watch Australian Open live stream on Android

Keeping in focus the increasing number of android users, Tennis TV has launched an exclusive android app for Tennis lovers. Using an Android VPN  will keep you safe from online hackers. If you are a tennis geek, you can use the Tennis TV app to watch tennis events live on your smartphone with ease. To watch Australian Open on Android phone, you must:

  1. Configure the Ivacy VPN app on your Android phone.
  2. Download the Tennis TV app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store.
  3. Watch Australian Open 2021 matches live.
  4. Alternatively, you can visit after logging in from Ivacy’s Australian server to stream the game on any of your Android’s browser.

Watch Australian Open Tennis 2021 live on iOS

If you are a die-hard iOS smartphone user, you can watch your favorite tennis players in action right on your beloved iOS smartphone. To make your iOS smartphone safe, you must use a VPN though. Follow this three-step procedure and you are good to watch all the matches of the Australian Open 2021 tournament right on your iOS smartphone.

  1. Configure the Ivacy VPN app on your iOS device
  2. Download Tennis TV app for iOS smartphone from iTunes
  3. Livestream the tournament with ease henceforth
  4. Alternatively, you can visit after logging in from Ivacy’s Australian server to stream the game on your iOS’ Safari browser.

Stream Australian Open Tennis 2021 live online on Apple TV

There is an exclusive Tennis TV Everywhere app for Apple TV users. If you want to watch Tennis matches on your Apple TV, you must first opt for a Tennis TV subscription. Tennis TV Everywhere is a premium Tennis streaming app that gives you the ultimate luxury to live stream all tennis matches and also watch highlights of some recently concluded matches. To enjoy flawless live streaming of the first  Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, you must first configure Ivacy VPN on your Apple TV via a router. Here’s how you can watch the tournament live on Apple TV.

  1. Configure Ivacy VPN on Apple TV via your router.
  2. Subscribe to Tennis TV Everywhere premium app for Apple TV.
  3. Click on the Tennis TV icon on Apple TV sets.
  4. Enjoy watching the Australian Open Tennis tournament 2021 with ease.

Watch Australian Open live online on Xbox

You can now watch your favourite tennis stars in action on your Xbox with the utmost convenience. To do this, you must first subscribe to Xbox Live Gold service. Although there is an Xbox Live Free service available, it restricts your access to web content. One of the most sought-after IPTV and video-on-demand streaming services, Xbox Live gives you the most exciting experience of watching Australian Open matches on Xbox right from your home. Xbox Live is compatible with the Xbox One and  Xbox 360 consoles. Do note that not all programs are available on Xbox Live due to regional restrictions. To overcome these restrictions, you must use a user-friendly and affordable Ivacy VPN. Here’s how you can watch Australian Open Tennis matches on your XBOX devices:

  1. Subscribe for the Xbox Live service account.
  2. Set up the Ivacy VPN app on your Xbox device via your router.
  3. Go to 7Tennis’ Homepage through your Microsoft Edge browser to watch the Australian Open Tennis 2021 tournament.
  4. Enjoy the live streaming experience.

Australian Open Tennis 2021 Schedule

Below is the entire schedule of Australian Open Tennis 2021.


Following is a list of favorites in both Australian Open men’s and women’s this season.

Men’s Singles:

Women’s Singles:

Broadcasting Channels for the Australian Open Tennis

The Australian Open Tennis tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Many tennis geeks want to watch their favorite players win glorious prizes at the end. Keeping in view the people’s interest, several online channels will broadcast the tournament live in different world regions. Seven Network is the official broadcaster of the event. People living in other countries, especially in the UK and the USA, will definitely find it hard to watch the Australian Open tennis tournament live online. This is where the fast, reliable, and affordable Ivacy VPN comes in very handy. With a VPN, you can easily unblock any website by using an Australian IP address. The pseudo IP address will make the Australian ISPs realize that you are apparently watching the first major tennis tournament online while in Australia. Well, check out the list of channels below:

Country Online Broadcasting Channel
Australia Seven Network
United States of America ESPN, Tennis Channel
Canada TSN, RDS
United Kingdom EuroSport (Live), BBC 1, BBC 2 (Highlights only)
Germany Sport1
Africa beIN Sport, EUROSPORT, SuperSport
India Ten Sports, Star Sports
Global Coverage ESPN International

Most of these online channels will only cater to the local netizens, due to geographical restrictions. The good news is that you can unblock any online channels with Ivacy VPN and stream live events online with total internet freedom. Who will win the Australian Open Tennis tournament and start the New Year on a winning note? We can only wait and watch.

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