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Walmart black Friday sale 2019 | Get the best deals

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Walmart Black Friday: Everything you need to know!

Black Friday 2019 deals will be available from November 29, 2019, i.e., the Friday right after Thanksgiving but won’t just end there. A whole month of various deals, discounts, and much fun awaits you. It is the perfect time to avail great deals on electronics, home items, kitchen accessories, and many other times.

Considering Walmart’s massive network of stores spread across the United States and the vast line of products they have to offer, it is no wonder that the arrival of the Walmart Black Friday discounts are highly anticipated.

As per the Chief Merchandising Officer of Walmart, “There is the no bigger or better day of the year than Black Friday; that’s why we are pulling out all the stops to make it a great night for our customers.”

Therefore, to help you out, we have outlined all you should keep in mind before Walmart Black Friday deals finally initiate and so that you have all the information you need, in a nutshell, so that you can make the most out of this occasion. For your convenience, we have selected the best Walmart Black Friday deals from the last year and made predictions for this year, on its basis, so that you do not miss out!

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What is Black Friday, and why is it called as such?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that takes place in the wake of Thanksgiving and can be seen as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. In the past, people would line up outside stores overnight to avail of the discounts, resulting in massive ques as soon as Black Friday began.

Historically, the term “Black Friday” has its roots in book-keeping. Accountants used red ink to denote losses and black for profits. Since the weekend after Thanksgiving, triggers the most fabulous shopping frenzy of the year, it is a time of great prosperity for the companies, and they mint a lot of money, it has come to be known as  Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Traditionally, Black Friday has been an in-the-store event, but with the explosion of the online spaces and surge in the use of smartphones, it has expanded to online sales with discounts beginning from Thanksgiving.

Although Cyber Monday is relatively new, it has become more popular than Black Friday because it lets people shop from within the comfort of their homes.

The best Walmart Black Friday deals from 2018

The discounts on last year’s Walmart Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals were staggering and presented huge savings. Here are some of the best of them:

1- Google Home Mini

Original Price: $49

Discounted Price: $25

% Discount: 49%



2- Apple AirPods

Original Price: $159

Discounted Price: $154

% Discount: 3%



3- Nest Learning Thermostat 

Original Price: $249

Discounted Price: $179

% Discount: 28%

4- Fitbit Versa

Original Price: $199

Discounted Price: $169

% Discount: 15%

5- Apple Watch 

Original Price: $279

Discounted Price: $199

% Discount: 28%

6- Nintendo Switch Console & Nintendo eShop gift card

$299 + $35

Original Price: $29.9

Discounted Price: $29.9

% Discount: 0%

Instead of giving a discount on this one, Walmart has created an irresistible deal by offering a $35 Nintendo e-gift card with the Nintendo Switch console.

7- TCL 65-inch 4K HDR Roku Smart LED TV 

Original Price: $999.99

Discounted Price: $498

% Discount: 50%

8- Roomba by iRobot 670 Robot Vacuum 

Original Price: $329

Discounted Price: $264

% Discount: 20%

We can expect this year to be no different if the trends from the last year’s deals are going to continue.

Predictions For Walmart Black Friday 2019 Sale

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Here are the Walmart Black Friday deals we predict, will be offered this season:

Google items: Strangely enough, Amazon doesn’t sell Google smart home devices as of yet, which is why Walmart has been the place to go for the Google enthusiasts. Last year, Walmart offered the Google Home Mini for $24 and will drop to $22. On the other hand, here are the prices of some of the other Google products, as we expect them to see:

Chromecast – $25

Google Home Hub – $99

Google Smart TV Kit (Chromecast + Home Mini) – $45

PS4 console: Walmart has historically offered excellent Xbox One deals and PS4 deals. We predict that they will be offering some $199 PS4 bundles, Nintendo Switch Bundles, and a slight discount on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Xbox: Walmart has offered great Xbox One deals the whole year-round. You can get the Xbox One X Fallout Edition for only $399. So, is a $299 Xbox One on the table for this Black Friday?  We think so, but it will be in a minimal quantity, and you’d have to hurry up to get it first.

Laptops: Walmart has always been on the top with its laptop deals. Last year, the retailer giant offered discounts on Dell, Lenovo, Apple, and HP, while offering Chromebook 3 for just $99. We can expect another mind-boggling Chromebook deal this year apart from many other transactions on the gaming laptops.

Apple AirPods: Apple’s 2nd gen Airpod’s have cost $129, and Walmart has them currently on sale at $144. There is a good chance that these Airpods will be heavily discounted for Black Friday and hit lower than this year’s most economical, i.e. $129.

In any case, do not forget always to cross-check the prices of all the items mentioned here, with other retailers because you risk getting duped into paying more rather than less.

Hush, you didn’t hear it from us! The Word is, Walmart will be offering a half-priced Sony PS4 1 TB Slim Console & Nintendo Switch for $200!

Walmart’s potential ad whose screenshots are circulating will have you jump off your seat, especially if you have been putting off on buying a Nintendo switch.

Apart from the Nintendo Switch, which offered for $199 rather than $299, the ad also includes Nintendo Switch Lite with a discount of $50. The image also contains Sony’s PlayStation with $100 wiped off the PS4 1 TB Pro to make it $149, and if you have been waiting to geta a good PlayStation4 deal, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Here is the full ad in a nutshell:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite availabe for $149
  • PS4 Pro available for $299
  • Xbox One all Digital Edition available for $149
  • PS4 1 TB available for $149
The ad though seems empty of any bundles. Usually, the best deals involve a combination of hardware items with software or free subscriptions, which is quite disappointing!
Disclaimer: The purported Walmart Black Friday deal’s leaked screenshot might be fake, and its information must be not be taken to be correct. Nevertheless, you should gear up for it and put some funds aside because if it’s true, you will be a pleased new-console owner by the end of November.

Our Favorite Walmart Black Friday Deals Right Now




Kitchen & appliances

Home furniture & decor

The Walmart Black Friday Deal That Can Prove To Be A Blockbuster!

The VIZIO 65-inch 4K smart TV  for sale at $748, remains to be the best Walmart deal for 2019. The TV offers smart casting with Apple AirPlay, making it possible for you to stream favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet. It also has built-in Chromecast and works with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to use voice commands for various functions.

Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity for you to grab your hands on this TV at a considerable discount. Keeping in view the past deals, Walmart could offer anywhere from a 30% to 40% discount on this TV. But, since we don’t know how long will the TV be on sale, act fast before it’s taken down after being announced!

Huge Discounts In Store for the Fitbit Trackers

Fitbit has a pretty comprehensive range when it comes to smartwatch type trackers. Some of the main Fitbit offerings for this year include InspireCharge 3, and Versa 2.

The $70 Inspire could drop to $50, the Charge 3 from $150 to $100, and the Versa from $200 to $150. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or to get fit, this will serve your needs.

Other Retailers offering Black Friday sales

Apart from Walmart Black Friday deals, you can take advantage of the Black Friday deals from other online retail giants too, including Best Buy, Target, eBay, and Newegg. If you’re wondering, what’s going to sale, well it is just about everything imaginable with hundreds of thousands of various deals available.

Useful tips to remember for Walmart Black Friday 2019

Here are some of the essential tips you should remember in the wake of  Walmart Black Friday deals for 2019:

  1. Avail In-Store Pick Up Discount – Walmart offers you a discount if you have ordered online but have chosen the in-store pickup option. You can take advantage of this option if you live nearby a Walmart.
  2. Keep checking, for updates on the Black Friday deals.
  3. Review Walmart’s Black Friday store map in advance and mark the location at which your favorite item will be available, and how you can reach there quickly so that you can plan accordingly.

Is Walmart offering Free Shipping?

Walmart offers free shipping on a wide range of different items. However, you have to buy at least $35 worth of products to qualify for it. But, as per Walmart’s announcement for 2019 Black Friday, free next-day delivery is included for thousands of items that fit the criteria and are eligible for it.

What is Walmart’s Holiday return policy?

Walmart is providing an extended return policy on all purchases initiated at the end of October to December. Purchases made during this period would be eligible for return till January, which means that you can buy items that you are unsure of and test them, before returning them due to dissatisfaction. Returns at Walmart are straightforward, and if you want to return an item, you can visit any Walmart store you want.

How to get the Best Possible Walmart Black Friday Deals?

It is quite simple; buy what you want when you see it, as quickly as possible. You will come across, hundreds of different kinds of sales starting from early November, which means you must keep your credit/debit cards handy for when the discounts go live!

Do not forget to bookmark this page because we will be updating as per the latest developments about Black Friday. So, stay tuned.

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