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How To Watch beIN Live TV For Free

beIN Sports is one of the most renowned sports channels out there, operated by beIN Media Group, a spin-off of the ever popular Al Jazeera Media Network. Whether you love football, or you want to stay up-to-date with the latest motorsports events, you will find everything you need at the beIN sports channel. Now, if you are unable to access the channel, that is a different matter altogether.

If you are desperately looking for ways to unblock beIN sports live TV for free, then you are in luck. You will find everything about the channel, from unblocking it to streaming it for free, right here. To learn more, read on.

Failing to use Ivacy VPN will prevent you from accessing a multitude of popular channels!

Can I unblock beIN sports live TV for free?

It is entirely possible for you to watch beIN sports online, even if you are prevented from doing so due to geo-restrictions.

The internet is indeed locked down to prevent users from accessing content from other regions. The reasons for doing so can vary, and it is mostly due to copyright issues. But in no way does that mean sports fans should deprive themselves of beIN sports’ offerings. This is where Ivacy VPN comes into play.

Unblock beIN Sports USA

If you want to the complete beIN Sports USA experience, then you will need to connect to a US VPN server via Ivacy VPN. But the good news is, you won’t even have to go to that extent anymore. Ivacy has made connecting to the beIN sports channel a breeze. So here is what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  2. Download and install the app on your PC
  3. Access Ivacy VPN
  4. Select Streaming on the hidden panel on the left side of the screen
  5. Click Select Channel
  6. Click beIN Sports
  7. Once connected, let the games begin!

If you want to access to beIN sports Español, or any other localized beIN channel for that matter, follow the same procedure, and you will be good to go.

Unblock beIN Sports Connect on Mobile

So if you are wondering how you can go about unblocking beIN sports connect on mobile, since you will not be in front of your PC all the time, you will be pleased to know Ivacy has you covered in that regard as well. For the best live streaming beIN sports experience on mobile, follow these instructions:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  2. Download and install the app on your mobile device
  3. Access Ivacy VPN on your Android or iOS device
  4. Click the Menu button on the top left side of the screen
  5. Under Purposes, select Start Streaming
  6. Under Channels, select beIN Sports
  7. Once connected, enjoy watching your favorite sporting event(s)!

Live Streaming on beIN Sports with Ivacy

For those wondering why they should unblock beIN sports live TV for free with Ivacy, here are a couple of reasons for opting for this route:

  • Unrestricted access to any and all content online, not excluding beIN Sport TV channels from around the globe
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Zero ISP throttling
  • Anonymity and security

The reasons mentioned above more than quantify Ivacy’s usefulness to unblock beIN sports live TV for free. Not only will you get the best speeds, but you won’t have to worry about being compromised or hacked. In fact, your own ISP will not be able to track your online activity, largely because your original IP will be masked.

Disabling Ivacy VPN will prevent you from enjoying the best possible streaming experience!

Where to watch beIN Sports Online for Free?

In case you do not have a beIN sports subscription, and if you do not plan on getting one, you can still watch it for free. Free, you ask?  As farfetched as it may seem, it is entirely possible!

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at how you can watch it for free on Kodi:

  1. Download and install Kodi on your device
  2. Access Kodi
  3. Get Ivacy on Kodi
  4. Click the Gear icon
  5. Click File Manager > Add Source
  6. Enter the following URL:
  7. Name the source as UKTURK
  8. Click OK
  9. Go back to the Main Menu > Add-ons
  10. Click the Unbox icon > Install from Zip File > UKTURK
  11. Select
  12. Return to the Add-ons menu > Unbox icon
  13. Select Install from Repository > UKTurk Addon Repository
  14. Select Video Add-ons > UK Turk Playlists > Install
  15. Access the UK Turk Playlists addon from the Main Menu, once the installation is complete of course

Now that you know how to watch beIN sports channel, no matter where you are located, that too for free; make the most of it. Line up your favorite sporting events, and prepare for countless hours of entertainment. But remember, don’t get so excited that you forget about your everyday responsibilities.

Even more importantly, use Ivacy VPN, not just for direct TV beIN sports, but for all your online activities. The internet is plagued with hackers and cybercriminals, while third parties are looking for ways to cash in your data without your consent; so you are on your own to defend yourself. Luckily, Ivacy has a no log policy as well, so you have nothing to fear once connected to a VPN server via Ivacy VPN.

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