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How To Watch UFC 281 On Roku For FREE | UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira

UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira

UFC 280 is going to feature the UFC Title Fight – UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira.  The fight is set to take place at 10:00 pm ET on Saturday, November 12th, 2022. What complicates things is that most channels broadcasting the event live are region-locked. This means that you can only live stream UFC 280 on those official broadcasting channels if you’re a local resident.

How Can I Watch UFC 281 on any Roku Device?

In order to stream UFC 281, you need to sign up for Ivacy VPN. That’s because UFC TV only caters to the US audience. After signing up, you can easily access all the UFC TV programs, including UFC 281 fights.

If you want to stream UFC 281 on Roku, you must also purchase a UFC Fight Pass. Here’s how you can catch all your favorite UFC fights on Roku with Ivacy VPN in place.

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  2. Configure Ivacy on the router connected to your Roku device.
  3. Connect to the fastest US VPN server.
  4. Buy UFC Fight Pass.
  5. Open the Roku browser and visit the UFC website.
  6. Watch UFC without any hassle.

Watch UFC 281 Free on Roku Devices via Kodi

On the other hand, if you wish to watch the match for free, you should get Kodi on your Roku device. Once that is done, feel free to install any one of the following add-ons:

  • Planet MMA (Previously known as UFC Finest)
  • UFC Fight Pass
  • Made in Canada IPTV
  • Mad Titan Sports

We can’t emphasize enough that you will need Ivacy VPN at all times, to keep yourself secure and anonymous but to give you access to region-locked content at the same time.

Use Ivacy VPN to avoid DMCA scrutiny!

Live Stream UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira on Roku Anonymously with Ivacy VPN

If you live in a country other than the US or have cut your cord, you can still watch UFC 281 live stream over Roku and catch all your favorite athletes in action. You just have to set up a virtual private network (VPN) on your device, such as Ivacy VPN.

Once you have configured Ivacy VPN on your Roku device, you can unblock and access any online channel to keep up with UFC tournaments and enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Online broadcasting channels for UFC 281 Using Roku

Keeping in view the popularity of the UFC 281 event, we have compiled a list of all online broadcasting channels for the UFC event.

Country Broadcasting Channels
United States ESPN, ESPN+
United Kingdom BT Sport 1
Canada TSN
Russia Fight Pass

We thought you should know there are lots of other ways to stream UFC 281 live online.

With Ivacy VPN, you can bypass all geo-restrictions and unblock any channel anywhere in the world to watch UFC via the Roku device.


You could also use Kodi to stream UFC 281 online.


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