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Kick Ass Torrents Celebrates Torrents Day in 2017 Despite Huge Setbacks

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Torrents Day is celebrated in order to encourage users to download, upload, seed and share content to their heart’s content. The day pays testament to the fact that the internet is all about sharing, although there are always going to be new challenges to face with every year that passes by.

The tradition was initiated by KAT (Kick Ass Torrents), and managed to do so successfully for five years, until it was shut down in July last year. Even though there are several other torrenting sites, including KAT clones, it is still not the same without the original KAT.

What is interesting is that despite the fact KAT was brought down, its original staffers are not willing to lay low nor are they going to ignore tradition. Said staffers regrouped and launched forum, all the while hinting towards making a return. After shutting down, a new site was launched in December, no different from how KAT looked and worked, but it’s not the same as the original site, although it is gaining traction ever since.

There is no denying the fact that torrenting sites are in trouble, but the traffic being drawn by them is ridiculously unbelievable. KAT’s existing team guarantees that it will celebrate Torrents Day this year along with its community. According to Mr. Gooner, a member of the team of KAT team, the day is a big celebration, and users get time off work to enjoy the festive day and so that they can participate in community events too.

Governments may come and go, but one thing is for certain: the Internet is meant to be free. No matter what restrictions may be placed, internet users will always find a way indulge in the freedom to share, just as the internet was intended to be used. Fortunately, Ivacy VPN is here to serve and make this possible for any and all that wish to use the internet as they see fit, all the while being secure and anonymous online.

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