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9 Best Torrent sites for TV shows in 2021 | Series Torrent


The presence of a myriad of torrent sites has made it challenging to find the best quality torrents for your favorite TV shows or series. The forced shutdown of some of the biggest torrent sites for TV shows doesn’t help either. Downloading your favorite show’s newly released season from a bad quality torrent doesn’t just end up wasting your time but valuable bandwidth as well.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best 9 Torrent websites that host the best quality TV show torrents.


What is torrenting

The Torrenting technology was introduced in 2001 as a response to the slower Internet and it’s an inability to transfer large amounts of data and took only a few years to become insanely popular.

The Torrenting method of peer to peer downloads involves two essential elements – the Torrent itself and the Torrent clients.

The Torrent a tiny file that contains information about the data you want to download and their location. On the other hand, torrent clients are file transfer protocols that compress large files into smaller bits and connect those pieces back by downloading them on your device.

Torrenting – Is it safe?

Since Torrents are strongly associated with illegal downloading of copyrighted content, ISPs often track the IP addresses involved in Torrenting and prosecute the people behind them. A significant reason why the use of Torrents has dropped is the constant clampdown of authorities against those who engage in this activity.

However, a VPN serves as a surefire way to avoid this situation. VPNs not only hide your IP address but your torrenting activity too, via an encryption system. A torrent VPN can significantly help you avoid any legal ramifications arising out of your torrenting activity.

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9 Top Series torrent sites in 2021 | Torrent TV shows

1- PirateBay

It wouldn’t be wrong to think of PirateBay as the king of all torrent sites for TV shows. It is one of the oldest players in the world of torrenting. It hosts a variety of torrent categories including the TV shows one – the most prominent category on Pirate bay. PirateBay has a wide-ranging collection of one of the best TV shows in the world, whether you’re searching for Netflix shows.

Average download speed: 6.0 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 30

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 2300/555


  • A vast collection that beats other torrent sites for TV shows
  • Regular addition of fresh TV series


  • Lack of safe or verified torrents
  • Lack of HD quality torrents
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2-Kickass Torrents

KickAss comes fully loaded with exciting features that make it one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. Everything on the site is sorted according to categories and gives you a bird’s eye view of everything available. The vast database contains over 16 million torrent files

Average download speed: 5.5 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 188

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 1324/1073


  • Easy to find what you are looking for
  • A high amount of quality/safe torrents


  • Too many ads and popups

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ExtraTorrent serves as an excellent choice for documentaries and popular drama series. It contains a massive collection of torrents from that genre and never disappoints.

Average download speed: 5.2 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 40

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 1100/801


  • An easy to use interface
  • A wide variety of documentaries


  • Lack of safety features
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4-Lime torrent

Lime Torrent hosts the top 100 lists and gives you a good idea of all the TV shows it has to offer along with the core details. A simplistic search bar lets you quickly sort through the site’s collection.

Average download speed: 6.0 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 65

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 5,963/941


  • Simple yet organized layout
  • One of the oldest and most trusted sites for TV shows


  • Unavailability of older torrents

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RARBG comprises some of the best torrent communities that keep coming up with the latest TV torrents, and if you’re unsure about what to download, the top 10 lists let give you a thorough idea.

Average download speed: 5.0 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 55

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 1100/500


  • A strong reputation for the highest quality torrents
  • Continually evolving and upgrading the interface


  • Blocked in several countries and requires a VPN to access




Torrentz2 offers a powerful search engine, which makes it a breeze to find any kind of TV torrents you could be looking for. A successor of the Torrentz website, Torrentz2 does a fantastic job of making the in-demand TV series available.

Average download speed: 6.2 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 645

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 1507/322


  • A straightforward interface
  • Fast torrent download speeds


  • Higher site load duration as compared to the other torrent sites for TV shows

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A great choice in case the other torrent sites for TV shows aren’t working for some reason, offers an excellent user experience. host a myriad of shows from all genres, and you will surely find something to suit your tastes in here.

Average download speed: 4.6 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 30

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 700/450


  • Serves as an excellent backup for torrent sites for TV shows


  • Lack of fresh torrents

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EZTV specializes in TV torrents and hosts all the trending series and sporting events that you could be searching for. It is widely regarded as one of the best overall torrent sites for TV shows in the world.

Average download speed: 5.1 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 30

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: N/A


  • An interface that best suits TV torrents
  • Fast torrent download speeds


The seeder/leecher ratio is much lower compared to the others

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9- 1337x

You are bound to find TV torrents on 1337x that you had no idea even existed. It is the “go-to” site for classic TV shows such as Friends or The Sopranos.

Average download speed: 6.0 MB/s

Search Results Hits for “Money Heist”: 65

Highest seeder/leecher ratio for “Money Heist”: 5,963/941


  • Hosts unique torrents
  • Incredible ease of use


  • The website goes down too often
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Top TV show for the Year 2020-20201 | Best TV series to Torrent

Have you picked your favorite TV torrent site from the list above yet? If so, here are the best TV shows for the year 2019, that you should be checking out:

1- Russian Doll

Through the past five years we’ve seen movie after another where the main characters keep re-living the same day and dying at the end of it. From Happy Death Day, to Before I fall, the theme seems to have become a trend. You know why? Because we’ve loved each and every movie! And now, there’s a show.

Russian Doll is build on the same theme. The Series follows Emmy Nominated actress Natasha Lyonne as she stars in this new Netflix comedy show as a young woman called Nadia who has been selected to be the guest of honor at an NYC party – only to get caught in a never-ending loop of reliving the same day over and over again.

2- Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a historical drama that came out in 2019 but has remained a cult-favorite and a must-watch to this day. The story is built to revolve around the 1986 nuclear plant disaster that took place in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The show tells the dramatic story of the people who were behind the occurrence of the disaster and how lives of the people it affected, changed because of it. The series highlights everything that went unrecorded, including the response of the first responders, the efforts of firefighters, and teams of miners digging a tunnel under the Reactor 4.

3- Stranger Things

If you’re a fan of mystery, thrill, fantasy, and a little bit of ‘what seems like magic’ this series is for you. Set in 1980s Indiana, the show tells the stories of four young friends who first-hand witness supernatural phenomena and become wrapped up in the middle of secret government exploitation. As the show progress and the kids work together, astonishing and unbelievable mysteries are unraveled.

4- Sex Education

Sex Education is a show that highlights the journey of a socially awkward high school student ‘Otis’ as he navigates a Sex Ed course at his high school taught by his own mother who happens to be a sex therapist. Having been around videos, manuals and open conversations regarding sex, Otis becomes a reluctant expert on the subject and decides to use this knowledge to open a hidden sex therapy clinic in his school.


5- The Boys

If you’ve read the comic books of the same name, you already know what The Boys is about. Full of raging superheroes, intense fights, incredible displays of superpowers, the good guys, and the bad ones, this show is anyone who’s one the lookout for a superhero series; with a twist.

Final Thoughts

Do note that, to save yourself from copyright trolls, you will need a robust VPN service. We have explained the role of VPNs in P2P torrenting in our previous posts. You can also check out 10 of the best overall torrent websites for everyday use.

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