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Top TV Shows on BBC iPlayer in 2022


Another year is ending and another holiday season is right on our doorsteps to unwind from the year-long grind, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on everything you’ve missed out on.

For some of us, this means catching up on sleep, family time, and hanging out with friends, and for some, it means taking some much-needed me-time, reading up a good book, or starting a new show.

Speaking of shows, one of the top platforms this year for series content has been the BBC iPlayer. With its out-class collection of shows and movies, it’s almost no surprise that BBC iPlayer has started to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you happen to have gotten yourself a BBC iPlayer subscription or are looking forward to getting a subscription, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’re going to be discussing some of the best BBC iPlayer shows to watch in 2022.

Before we get into the show though, here’s something you need to know: because of geo-restrictions, you might be unable to access a few of these shows. That being said, if the storyline interests you, you can always use BBC iplayer vpn to bypass these geo-restrictions and watch the shows.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into our list!

Ridley Road

If you love shows and movies set in the 50s or 60s, this show is for you. Starring Agnes O’Casey as Vivien Epstein, a Jewish hairdresser originally from Manchester. The story follows her as she arrives in London after the death of her father in search of a man called Jack Fox, with whom she had had a short but intense affair with.

Her search snowballs into a full-blown fight against resurgent fascism in East London. If that is your sort of thing, this show is a must-watch. The show has only one season and four episodes which makes it quite a quick and promising watch.


Are you one of the die-hard fans of ‘line of duty? Keep rewatching ‘Bodyguard’ again and again? Here’s some good news for you: the makers of both these shows have joined forces to come out with an absolutely mind-blowing thriller, starring the Gentleman Jack heroin, Suranne Jones as DCI Amy Silva.

The starts when Amy Silva is called in to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fishing boat and a death on a nuclear submarine—the two incidents that appear to be somehow linked.

The investigations of the two incidents then lead to a clash between the British security services and the Navy. As Amy continues with the investigation at sea, a former colleague decides to be her helping hand back at land as they both uncover a conspiracy that will threaten Britain’s nuclear deterrent.


Showtrial is an incredible show by the makers of Line of Duty and Bodyguard—this time in a legal setting. The show follows the story of Talitha, the daughter of a billionaire as she goes on trial for the murder of a Bristol student.

Follow Showtrial as Talitha’s lawyer struggles to unravel the whole truth. Is Talitha really just a rich girl being used as a cover, or is her truth more sinister than he could have ever imagined?

Featuring a single season, the show consists of 5, hour-length episodes that pull the audience into Talitha’s world and tell her story as she faces the most difficult trial of her life where everything counts—even her gender and class.

You Don’t Know Me

All about diversity and seeing life from different perspectives? You don’t know me is not a show to be missed. Told from a rare perspective, one of a Black man who’s being tried for murder in the United Kingdom, this show will grip you from the first minute too long after the show has ended.

Based on the novel of the same name written by Imran Mahmood, our nameless defendants referred to only as ‘hero’ deliver the defense’s closing speech to the jury, himself in the final days of his trial in a desperate bid to turn his life around.

This soul-wrenching story is then told over four episodes and numerous flashbacks. Both, a murder mystery and a social drama, You don’t know me to bring forward loopholes in the UK’s justice system and the unreliability of narrative in a brand new light.


If you’re a fan of prison thrillers, you’ll certainly love this one. The story follows Mark Cobden, played by Sean Bean, a guilt-ridden teacher who has accidentally killed an innocent man. Following an investigation, Mark is sentenced to four years of jail time where he befriends his prison officer Eric McNally played by Stephen Graham.

Even though the prison officer gives his best in keeping the inmates safe from the dangers of life in prison, one of the more dangerous of the prisoners begins to take his kinder side as a weakness.

The story continues as Eric is made to choose between the life of the ones he holds close and his own principles. As the two men form a friendly bond, will it be enough for them to survive the harsh realities of life behind the bars?

The Pursuit of Love

Feel like there have been enough doom, gloom, and thrillers? Need a little perking up? Try this romantic comedy-drama set in Europe between the two world wars. The show tells the story of two best friends, Linda Radlett and Fanny Logan.

Obsessed with finding love and getting married, things start to fall apart when life naturally keeps changing course. The friendship between the two is tested when Fanny chooses a steadier life, while on the other hand, Linda decides to follow her heart down a wild and crazy path.

If fun, humor, and interesting life choice are what keep your spark alive, this show is not one to be missed.


Now that you’re through with our list of the best shows to watch on BBC iPlayer today, let us know which one you’re going to be starting tonight! If you can’t access any of these shows, subscribe to Ivacy VPN today to unblock them.


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