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Top 14 Torrentz Alternatives To Try Out in 2024

Top 6 Torrentz Alternatives To Watch Out For

Torrentz have a long history of getting down every now and then! While Torrentz is working perfectly fine right now, we can not guarantee if its gonna be the same in the coming days or months! If you’re someone like me who is addicted to Torrentz and can not bear its constant issues with getting down every now and then, then its time to look out for its alternatives to keep yourself backed up with reliable ways to watch your favorite shows and movies even if the site is down.

In this article we have mentioned everything you need to know about the alternatives of Torrentz when it gets down yet again along with the mirror sites of torrentz if it gets blocked again.

Keep reading to learn more.

Is Torrentz Down?

One of the largest torrent websites, had left millions of users stranded after shutting down its operations. Millions of people had been kicking the google search for Torrentz alternatives, but they were only faced with disappointment as sites like KickAssTorrent and Torrentz are tough to come by.

How did it come to this? Because torrentz was not cautious! As a torrenteer, you should always use a VPN for torrenting to safeguard your activities and stay hidden from your ISP. So now that you know how to remain safe while torrenting, let’s get on with the topic at hand.

Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore! Torrentz is now available for everyone with its new mirroring sites with search feature enabled! Nobody saw that coming but its such a relief!

Mirror Sites of Torrentz:

What Happened to Torrentz.Eu?

On 5th August 2016, Torrentz disabled its search functionality. When you tried to access the message you came across the following error message:

torrentz alternatives

Noticed the word “was”? Yeah, that’s when everyone knew that Torrentz is now a thing of the past. And when we tried searching for a torrent, this is what we got.

best torrent alternative

So, Torrentz was blocked and can get blocked again! The only sure way to keep yourself backed up is by searching for its alternatives while you can still access the website. 

Top 14 Torrentz Alternatives

Its always good to get yourself prepared for the worst case scenario. So, if you are looking for alternatives to Torrentz, you’re not doing anything wrong; we second you in this.

To save you the hassle of searching for it yourself, we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives of Torrentz for you!

Here are all the alternatives of Torrentz that you can use when Torrentz decide to disappear again:




RARBG is easily the best website for downloading torrents, especially for those who seek a “hi-def” experience. The site’s goodwill has spread to every corner of the world, making it the most sought-after torrent-indexing website today.

In terms of content, there is a humongous library of torrents that ranges from movies and TV shows to software and games. So forget and bask in the glory of RARBG.

2. The Pirate Bay

Top 5 Alternatives to Torrentz

As the name suggests, one of the top torrenting websites in the neighborhood, The Pirate Bay has come a long way. Having been taken down several times, the site is still going strong. With a massive range of torrents from movies, games, books, and TV shows, TPB is probably the most visited website after the demise of KickAssTorrents. This lands ThePirateBay in our list of the top 5 torrentz alternatives.

3. ISOHunt

Top 5 Alternatives to Torrentz

If torrent websites were a human, then ISOHunt wound has been the oldest fella of them all. The site has been around since the concept of torrents first came into play. The site hosts one of the largest torrent libraries available for torrent lovers. And like TPB, ISO Hunt has come a long way amid being under the radar of DMCA.

Let’s hope that torrenteers don’t have to face disappointment in the upcoming days. With the recent shutting down of Torrentz and KickAssTorrents, things are not looking suitable for torrent websites. So there’s really no surprise that ISOHunt is on our list of the top 5 Torrentz alternatives.

4. 1337xTorrents

1337x torrents may not be a BIG name for torrent-indexing websites. However, it is rapidly growing in popularity, especially after the heavy clampdown on the torrent sites and torrenteers. 1337z has a rapidly expanding database of torrents, and you can find virtually anything you want here from the latest movies and TV shows to documentaries and music. With a remarkably friendly and intuitive user interface, 1337x has tremendous potential, which is why we placed it on our list of the top 5 Torrentz alternatives.

With a clean interface featuring a powerful search engine and content separated into different categories, this website provides ease, quality, and a vast variety of shows, movies, books, games, and even music.

5. Kickasstorrents. to

Top 5 Torrentz Alternatives

No! KickAssTorrent isn’t miraculously back online again! KickassTorrents. is a clone of KAT and a perfect one at that. The site boasts the entire library of content that the original website hosted and this has redirected a lot of online traffic towards it in a short time. So if you’re missing downloading your favorite movies, TV shows, music, etc., is just the site for you!

With a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, KickAss Torrent makes it easy for any visitor to find what they are looking for and download it right to their computer in the best quality available on the internet, making it a perfect replacement for Torrentz.

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6. Lime Torrents


If you’ve been in the torrent scene for a long time, you’re probably already familiar with Lime Torrents. Lime Torrents is one of the best ever torrent websites to have come to the surface and has over the years built an impressive fan following. One of the best things about the Lime Torrents is the fact that it is not limited to movies and shows.

In fact, you can download a whole bunch of content categories from the website, including games, ebooks, documents, research papers, music, and even applications, without stressing about the quality of what you’ve downloaded.

The website features a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that consists of a powerful search engine and the categories listed right beneath it to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Try Lime Torrents here.

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among the pioneer torrent sites currently present in the market. The website is home to a plethora of torrents belonging to a wide range of genres. Here, users can access torrents of movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and a whole lot more.

The website features a simplistic interface where users can find what they are looking for almost instantaneously. Though, the website might be geo-restricted in some regions due to privacy concerns. However, even that can be rectified with the help of Ivacy VPN.

8. YTS

YTS is a long-standing VPN service that takes pride in offering only high-quality movie torrents to its subscribers. Here, torrenteers can not access not only 720p and 1080p torrents but 4K movie torrents as well.

The YTS database is routinely updated, and the latest movie torrents are uploaded on the site at the earliest. Unlike some other torrent sites on this list, YTS features a slightly different interface where the latest trending torrents are highlighted on the home page. If the users still wish to dig deep further, then they can use the search bar to filter the results based on genre, release date,  rating, language, and more.


EZTV is yet another alternative to the Torrentz website that torrenteers will find useful. Not only is this website great for downloading TV show torrents in true HD quality, but here, they will find torrents for books and audio files as well. The interface of the website is minimal, and the users can use the search bar above to find what they are seeking instantly.

10. BitTorrent

When it comes to torrenting, it’s hard to overlook BitTorrent. The protocol itself paved the way for decentralized file sharing and remains one of the most prominent methods for downloading torrents. With a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of content, BitTorrent is an excellent alternative for those seeking a seamless torrenting experience.

11. Zooqle

Zooqle has gained significant popularity in recent years, boasting an impressive database of over 4 million torrents. The site offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find desired content across various categories, including movies, TV shows, games, and more. Additionally, Zooqle provides comprehensive information about torrents, such as seeders, leechers, and file sizes, ensuring a smooth downloading experience.

12. Torlock

If you prioritize verified torrents, Torlock is an ideal option. The platform prides itself on offering only verified torrents, ensuring users can access legitimate and high-quality content. With a vast selection of movies, TV shows, anime, and e-books, Torlock stands out as a reliable alternative for those who value authenticity and want to avoid fake or malicious files.

13. Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is a website that operates as a torrent search engine. The platform enables users to search for and download torrent files, which are often used for peer-to-peer file sharing. Torrent files typically contain metadata that guides the downloading of larger files or file collections like movies, TV shows, music, software, and games from other peers on the network.

Torrent Funk offers a vast library of torrents, including movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and more, catering to a wide variety of user interests. One of the key features of Torrent Funk is its focus on verified torrents. This means that the site marks certain torrents as “verified,” indicating that they have been checked and are more likely to be legitimate and safe.

14. Solid Torrents

Solid Torrents is recognized for its user-friendly and efficient platform in the realm of torrent search engines. It stands out due to its simple yet effective interface, allowing users to effortlessly navigate and locate torrents across a diverse range of categories, including movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and ebooks.

The site is particularly noted for its real-time indexing, which ensures a constantly updated database of new torrents. Its powerful search capabilities are enhanced by various filters, aiding in the quick discovery of specific torrents. One of the key advantages of Solid Torrents is that it doesn’t require user registration, offering both ease of use and privacy. The platform supports magnet links, facilitating easy initiation of downloads with compatible torrent clients.

A word of caution for Torrenteers

Do you know how DMCA tracks you down? They send notices through your ISP that is constantly tracking your IP and download patterns. Yes, that’s right. Your ISP knows what you have been up to over the internet, and the only way you can be anonymous is by using a VPN. That’s where Ivacy VPN comes into play.

Ivacy VPN gives you the freedom to download and watch torrents without compromising your personal identity and online security. Our virtual private network uses advanced 256-bit encryption which shields you from data snoopers, hackers, and identity thieves!

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Using a VPN service is legal in most countries of the world. A VPN primarily reinforces your online privacy and security, so there is no reason for it to be illegal. However, there are still some countries where using a VPN is illegal. And using a VPN in those countries would cause you to face serious trouble.

So, your safest bet would be to get in touch with a legal professional and ask them about the legality of using a VPN in your region. And only after you have attained clarity on the matter should you proceed to use a VPN service.

All in All

There you have it, folks – these are some of the most reliable Torrentz alternatives currently available online. Hopefully, at least one of the sires mentioned above will help you download the torrent you desire. Just make sure that you have Ivacy VPN enabled so that your actual IP is masked and you do not expose yourself to any cybercrime.

Not sure how to enable Ivacy VPN? Follow the steps below:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  • Download Ivacy VPN app on your device.
  • Login with the credentials provided and start torrenting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is down?

The Torrentz website is yet again shut down due to legal issues. So, you will need to turn to the Torrentz alternatives to download the torrents that you want.

  • Are Torrentz Alternatives safe?

All the Torrentz alternative sites mentioned above are completely safe to use. However, we would highly recommend that you use Ivacy VPN to further enhance your digital security and privacy. Just to avoid every possible risk.

  • Where do I download movies for free?

Each and every website mentioned above will help you download your favorite movies and TV shows through torrents. You will hardly need to look anywhere else to search for the torrents you want.

  • Can I use a free VPN for torrents?

While you could use a free VPN for downloading torrents, we would never recommend that you do. Free VPN plans often compensate for the revenue lost by selling their user data to third parties. In contrast, a paid VPN plan usually follows a strict no-logs policy that will be safer for you.

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