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What Tools Come in A White Label VPN Software Solution Package?


A white-label VPN software solution is an existing VPN application with a user-friendly interface, top-notch features, privacy tools, and built-in adaptability for multiple platforms. It carries all the significant features a VPN business might require to full their customers’ needs. In addition, a white-label VPN solution also comes with its own maintenance and support team.

You don’t have to worry about developing or maintaining what features the VPN application offers. But your only job is to create and execute aggressive marketing strategies that can drive sales and revenues for your business. thus, a white-label VPN software solution can help you improve business outcomes while putting in minimal effort.

tools of a white-label vpn

If you plan to invest in a white-label VPN software solution but are unsure what tools to look forward to, this blog will have you covered.

Top Tools of a White Label VPN Software Solution

Here’s a list of all possible tools a white-label VPN software solution offers:

VPN Client Application

If you’re using a white-label VPN software solution, it always comes with a ready-to-use VPN client application. It is basically a full-fledged application developed to work with multiple platforms, including Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, etc. You can sell these VPN client applications to your customers through subscriptions.

Using the applications, your customers could access the internet securely and use all the other features without hassles.

Customizable User Interface

Most white-label VPN software solutions usually have a customizable user interface. The user interface of your application often plays a critical role. It has the capability of attracting more customers. Thus, white-label programs allow you to customize user interfaces based on your needs and requirements.

From the colors and themes to the logo and design – you can make changes in everything you may desire. The more brand-centric and easy-to-use your VPN application looks, the bigger the customer base you will attract.

VPN Server Infrastructure

If you’re using a professional white-label VPN software solution, it will always come along with a VPN server infrastructure to power the entire VPN network. The infrastructure combines all the strategically located servers from different regions of the globe. They are meant to provide a reliable and fast connection for the users every time they connect.

VPN Protocol Support

One more important tool your white-label VPN software solution will offer includes multiple VPN protocol support. There are multiple VPN protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, etc. They are meant to help the users create secure and encrypted communication with the server of their choice.

Security Features

Most professional white-label VPN software solutions usually bring multiple security features to ensure the users’ data and information remain protected and secure. A few prominent features your white-label solution would get include secure tunneling, encryption algorithms, kill switch functionality, DNS leak protection, and IP masking.

Combining efficient security features helps users surf the internet with guaranteed protection and safety, significantly increasing their satisfaction levels.

Administration and Management Tools

If you’ve opted for a credible white-label VPN reseller program, it will offer essential administration and management tools to help you manage your VPN services.

These tools may include a user management system where you can keep track of the subscribers and what features they’re eligible for. In this subscription management system, you can keep track of when the subscriptions begin and expire, etc., a billing and invoicing system to help you keep the payments tracked, a usage monitoring system to see when, where, and how a VPN is used, and a reporting tool to provide you with weekly/monthly summaries of your overall progress.

API and Integration Support

Many white-label VPN programs come with APIs. APIs are basically the application programming interfaces that allow integration with other systems or applications. If you wish to sell your own existing application in combination with the features of your purchased VPN solution – APIs could be of major help. They enable you to integrate the full features of the VPN solution into your existing infrastructure or sell it as an additional feature with your product.

Support and Maintenance

Continuous support and Maintenance are one of the many tools your white-label solution might offer. Since you have only purchased the product and aim to sell it under your brand name, there’s a major chance that you have little-to-now knowledge of its foundation and functioning. Thus, providers sell their packages along with maintenance and support assistance. It can help you focus on the other elements, such as marketing and sales, while the provider can handle the technical matters.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the great tools a promising white-label VPN software solution would bring, you might be looking for the best. The good news is that Ivacy VPN offers a top-notch white-label VPN software solution where you can create your brand using the Ivacy VPN application. As you register for the program, our experts will help you get through the process hassle-free.


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