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Why You Should Delete Third Party Cookies!


Third party cookies are the ones set up by websites other than the ones you are visiting at any given time. For instance, advertisers, marketers, and social media platforms. Such cookies are used to identify the visitors and see which websites were visited by him. However, for reasons we explain below, you need to get rid of these cookies.

Major Reasons Why You Should get rid of cookies

Here are the main reasons why you should consider eliminating cookies for good:

You create a trail without knowing

Most internet users don’t know that one browser window that has multiple tabs open is considered to be a “single-session”. As you go from one tab to the other, you are unknowingly handing over information related to your web history to the other websites. If you think that simply closing the browser would solve the problem and eliminate the cookies; you are wrong.

Cookies can be used to track you online

Cookies are used to track every move you make online – where you are going, what sites you are visiting, and the things you are interested in, online.

You need to get rid of cookies at the end of each session! You can configure your browser’s preferences to delete the cookies soon as you exist. Not doing so, would mean that the browser will save the cookie data from every session.

The Ongoing Crackdown against Third-Party Cookies

With the passage of various privacy laws, the governments are attempting to protect the web-users’ privacy-related rights. Such laws enforce criminal penalties for users who fail to notify about the presence of cookies on their sites. Regulations requiring the website owners to notify the users of the presence of cookies are also in place. They should answer questions as to what information is collected and with whom the information is being shared.

Days of the third party cookies are numbered since intense pressure from the regulators and consumers has led many browsers to end support for them, with Google Chrome being the only exception.

Get a VPN!

Getting a VPN might not save you from falling victim to the notorious third-party cookies but it surely can save your data from being intercepted if you are being tracked through the cookies. Ivacy VPN works on all devices and offers exceptional functionality when it comes to protecting your entire household and family in the digital space.

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