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Taiwan Offers Wi-Fi for Free!


Taiwan already has an extensive network of free Wi-Fi networks, but now the public is being urged to take advantage of its free Wi-Fi service, iTaiwan.

iTaiwan is available for free all across Taiwan, as highlighted by the NDC (National Development Council). The NDC pointed out that Taiwan now has upwards of 9,700 access points at tourist attractions, transportation hubs, and other public places. The purpose of the free Wi-Fi service is to offer convenience for locals and tourists alike.

People can access iTaiwan for free without going through a sign-up process of any kind since July of 2020. The government is making considerable efforts to ensure the quality of service is top-notch, and users can take advantage of iTaiwan as soon as they agree to the terms of the service.

While iTaiwan is already available at public places like airports and transport stations, work is underway to increase coverage in remote areas of the country. Currently, more than 200 locations are covered by iTaiwan in villages.

Taiwanese citizens may greatly benefit from free Wi-Fi. However, they will still need to ensure they are safe and secure online, especially on public Wi-Fi networks that hackers and cybercriminals could plague. Also, there is always that possibility that iTaiwan could be sustaining itself by harvesting user data for third parties, government agencies, etc. Either way, whenever users connect to any free Wi-Fi service, they should use a reliable VPN to protect themselves and their private and confidential data.

By using a reliable VPN, Taiwanese users can ensure they are anonymous and secure at all times, thus eliminating the chances of data loss. Additionally, said users will also benefit from unblocking capabilities that come with VPNs like Ivacy VPN.

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