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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for 2020 – Sports Stream


Sports fans are always looking for ways to watch their favorite sports whenever and wherever possible. If you are one of those people, you know for a fact having too much is never going to be enough. Seeing how there are a ton of sports played around the world, and if you follow quite a few of them, you will need reliable streaming sites you can count on.

Whether you watch an NBA live stream, Sony live cricket stream, or any other sports for that matter, you will need to stick to reliable sites that offer the best quality without any hassles. If you are looking for such sites, then the following best sports streaming sites will meet and exceed your expectations.

11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for 2020

In order to enhance your streaming experience by checking out the following sports streaming sites, make it a point to always use a VPN. It will allow you to unblock content, all the while keeping you safe and secure online. You will learn more about the importance of a VPN later on. For now, let’s get into the 11 best free sports streaming sites you should check out immediately.

1.      CricFree

This sports streaming site gives you access to numerous online sports TV channels. The site is completely free, and you can use it anytime and anywhere you like. CricFree has 12 different sports categories for you to sink your teeth into. What sets this sports stream website apart from the rest of the crowd is the fact that it has a live chat section, where you can communicate with other likeminded individuals.

2.      SonyLIV

Out of all the sports streaming sites on this list, SonyLIV should catch your attention almost immediately due to the varying content offerings. You will find everything from TV shows, movies, and, most importantly, live sports. This video-on-demand service has any and all content that falls under the Sony Entertainment Network banner. However, what is really important is that you will be able to watch most sporting events live as they take place.

3.      Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is quite popular as a sports streaming site. Here, you will get access to live streams and broadcasts to all sporting events. The site works great on desktop and mobile, and you will not have to pay a dime. This site also has a live chat functionality built-in, allowing you to chat with people watching the same sporting event as you.

4.      Streamwoop

Streamwoop may be a new sports streaming site, but it is one that should not be missed. Here, you will find all popular sporting events, and you will have plenty of links to choose from. The website is quite popular in North America, but that does not mean it cannot be accessed elsewhere. Streamwoop is completely free, and you will find high-quality streams with ease.

5.      Hotstar

This Indian streaming service gives you access to live sports, TV shows, and movies. It is free and has dedicated apps for iOS and Android. When it comes to sporting events, there are not as many as you would like, but it has enough content to keep you coming back for more. But the best thing about Hotstar is that it has an amazing interface, and the apps work without any hiccups.

6.      MamaHD

There is a pretty good reason MamaHD is highly rated, it is an exceptional sports streaming site. This site features North American sports and European League games as well. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that most of its visitors are from the US or the UK. The site is so good, it has 5 million users every month.

7.      ESPN

ESPN is one of the most renowned sports streaming sites out there. If you want to have a seamless streaming experience, then you need not look further than ESPN. It will be your one-stop-shop for all your sport streaming needs. ESPN also offers apps for a variety of different platforms, allowing you to watch your favorite sporting events conveniently.

8.      LiveTV

As the name implies, if you want to watch any live TV content, then this sports streaming site will be right up your alley. The site is pretty straightforward, and you can stream your favorite sporting events without issues.

9.      Laola1.TV

Laola1.TV is a sight for sore eyes, especially for those that do not want to deal with registration and whatnot. It has free apps that can be installed right away, allowing you to watch a number of sporting events. If you do choose to get a premium account, it offers several notable features that will make it worth every penny.

10.  Live Soccer TV

If all you care about is soccer, then Live Soccer TV is exactly what you have been looking for. The site is well designed and gives out all the information you could possibly need for ongoing and upcoming matches. For matches you are interested in, you will be given direct access to the appropriate channel so that you can start streaming immediately.

11.  NBC

Just ESPN, NBC is yet another one of those reliable and stable sports streaming sites you can always count on. Words do not do justice to NBC and how far it has come in being successfully delivering sports streams for those that want zero hassles.

How to Watch Sports without Cable

Taking the sports streaming sites mentioned above into account, you will see how you will fare better, checking out similar options rather than making do with a cable connection. There are plenty of sports streaming sites online, but you will need to keep an eye out for only the best.

Remember, though, superior sport streaming sites charge for their offerings, so if you want a free streaming service, either make use of the options provided above, or you will need to do your own homework to find more suitable options.

Live Sports vs. Offline Sports

Now, you may be wondering why you should opt for live sports instead of offline sports, or vice versa? You need to understand each has its pros and cons, but nothing beats the satisfaction of watching your favorite sporting events take place live right in front of your very eyes. Nobody can spoil the event for you, as everyone will be watching it at the same time. However, if you have missed out on the sporting event, then it makes sense to watch it offline. But that is the only major benefit you will get from offline sports, apart from the convenience of being able to watch them whenever you want.

Top 5 Paid Sports Streaming Services

If you are not comfortable using the free sports streaming sites mentioned above, then you do have the option to check out paid platforms as well. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this route, and you may even have a better streaming experience. But which premium sports streaming sites should you check out? Here are 5 of the best you should check out immediately.

1.      YouTube TV

Watch Youtube TV

Most video streaming services offer original or on-demand content, but there are a few that can replace a cable subscription entirely. YouTube TV is one of those streaming services that have everything from news to sports. The only problem with this streaming service is that it is immensely expensive and will set you back by $64.98.

For a full list of sports, you can watch on YouTube TV, click here.


  • Offers easy-to-use and robust DVR features.
  • Comes with broad platform support.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • A worthy replacement to any cable subscription.


  • Lacks advanced parental controls.
  • A subscription is quite expensive.

2.      ESPN+


If you only care about sports, then you will feel right at home with ESPN+. The platform was launched in 2018 and has 7.6 million subscribers since then. It is estimated that these numbers will rise to 12 million by 2024.

ESPN+ is the lite equivalent of the ESPN cable channel, which means you will not find all of the same shows you would on the cable channel.


  • Extremely affordable subscription.
  • Offers live sports.
  • Access ESPN’s high-quality archives.


  • Lacks ESPN+’s core programming.
  • The interface can be confusing at times.

3.      Hulu


Hulu is one of the most dependable options out there if you want to watch movies, TV shows, as well as live content. Its live TV option is not only robust, but it has more than enough to keep you coming back for more.


  • A varied lineup of channels.
  • Offers an amazing selection of movies and TV shows.
  • Hulu is available on almost every popular platform.


  • Live TV can be a bit expensive.
  • A premium account is required for the offline download feature.

4.      Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video may be a great option for movies and TV shows, but it is not ideal for sports, especially if that is all you care about. If you can make do with that, then there is no harm in checking out Amazon Prime Video. But then again, you would fare much better with the paid streaming sites mentioned above.


  • Supports HDR and 4K streaming.
  • The original content that is available is of high quality.
  • Supports multiple profiles and offline downloads.


  • Limited sports content.
  • Lacks high-quality TV shows, unlike its competitors.

5.      BeIN Sports

bein sports

BeIN Sports can be the ultimate live streaming solution for all your sporting needs and requirements. It has a ton of content that will keep you coming back for more, and it will not cost you a fortune either.


  • Affordable subscription.
  • Subscription can be canceled anytime.
  • Access to Live broadcast channels


  • The service lacks in terms of streaming quality.

Why do you need a VPN to Stream Sports?

You have everything you need from what free sports streaming sites to access, and what paid platforms are worth looking into. Earlier, a VPN was mentioned in order to have a seamless streaming experience, but how does it work? Why do you need it at all?

First and foremost, a VPN is of great use if you are unable to access any of the sports streaming sites mentioned above due to geo-restrictions. With a VPN, you can connect to a VPN server from anywhere around the globe, giving you access to content that would otherwise be unavailable in your region. For instance, if you want to access Netflix US, all you need to do is to connect to a US VPN server.

Secondly, by connecting to a VPN server, you get a new IP address. Your original IP address is hidden, which means nobody can access your internet traffic, let alone your private and confidential information. This way, you can prevent your own ISP from monitoring your activities and implement throttling protocols. By defeating ISP throttling this way, you will get unparalleled upload and download speeds, so much so, your streaming experience may be better than before.

Lastly, seeing how cyber threats are at an all-time high these days, it goes without saying internet users will need all the protection they can get against hackers, cyber-criminals, and third parties. A VPN is a valuable tool in this regard, offering advanced security features that will ensure you remain safe, secure, and anonymous at all times.

Whether you want to access sports streaming sites, unblock content from other regions, benefit from improved bandwidth speeds, or impenetrable security, you will need to download a reliable VPN to make the most of your internet experience. Since there are a ton of VPNs out there, this makes it difficult for just about anyone to determine which VPN is the absolute best. For the best possible experience, you should look no further than Ivacy VPN, though.

With Ivacy VPN, you will get true value for your money, and you can use it in more ways than you can possibly imagine! How about that?

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