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7 Best Software Torrenting sites for PC Users (Updated 2022)


Several torrenting websites, notably Kickass, have been shut down in recent years. And, as governments throughout the world tighten down on torrenting, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate decent torrenting websites. The Pirate Bay itself is constantly being relocated to mirrors, so you’d be excused for thinking torrents are hard to find.

But they aren’t, and we’ll show you the top 7 sites that are still working in 2022, as well as how to stay safe while downloading torrents and what problems you may face if you merely download the first torrent you see.

Torrents serve as a peer-to-peer download method, which means that you download files from hundreds of users worldwide without needing a central file host. It has made it possible for people to upload and download larger files at higher speeds than before.

Here, we discuss some of the software torrenting sites in 2022 along with other Torrenting related information you need to have.

Benefits of Torrenting

  • Regular downloads often get cancelled midway in case the server hosting the files is down. However, torrents are decentralized; if one download source is inactive, others help complete the download.
  • Sudden disconnection from the Internet or the restart/shutdown of the PC causes your usual downloads to end immediately. However, Torrent downloads can be resumed no matter how many times that happens.
  • Even with slower internet speeds, users can download massive files that would otherwise be impossible with the traditional download process.

Disadvantages of Torrenting

  • Downloading and uploading at the same time can take a significant toll on your bandwidth.
  • Everyone downloading the same files as you can easily view your IP address.
  • Unsafe torrents can harm your computer through malware.

Security Tips you should consider before using software torrenting sites.

Here are a few useful security tips you should consider every time you use software torrenting sites:

1- Review the Comments Section

One of the best ways to make sure that something is worth getting is to read what people saying about it. After all, you won’t buy a gadget without looking up its reviews, would you? Why download what could be dangerous software without making sure that your computer and data will be safe after the download?

Fortunately, most torrent sites allow users to drop comments, which is a great way to find out whether a torrent is malicious or not. The safe torrents receive praise, while the bad ones get pointed out by the users. You can avoid falling into a lot of traps by just going through the comments sections and reading what people have to say.

2- Install an Anti-Virus for software torrenting sites

Hackers often use torrents to hide malware in the files getting installed and infect users this way. You can solve this problem by installing capable anti-virus software to scan torrent downloads. This will make sure that only safe files make their way into your computer and your data remains safe from unauthorized access or prying eyes. Another advantage of installing anti-virus software is that it can remedy the damage and prevent further destruction even if your device has already been infected.

3- Only Use Respected and Well-Known software torrenting sites

Only use torrent sites you know to be reliable and trustworthy instead of those you hadn’t heard about before and only came across through search results. These websites keep a tight check on their users, uploaders, and what people are saying about downloads from their site in order to protect their reputation. This is why you’re less likely to run into instances of hacking and information theft when you’re downloading from a trusted site.

Use a VPN and stay secure when using software torrenting sites.

Since torrents are closely associated with illegal downloads of pirated content, copyright holders and ISPs easily track downloaders through their original IP addresses and prosecute them. However, you can avoid this by keeping yourself safe through a VPN. A VPN won’t just hide your IP address but also ensure that your ISP can’t monitor your activity by encrypting all your internet traffic.

If you are into downloading copyrighted content through torrents, you are most likely committing copyright infringement, which is something Ivacy VPN does not stand for. If you plan to torrent copyrighted content, do so at your own risk.

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Best torrent sites for Software and Programs for PC

Here are the best torrent sites for downloading software and programs as per our research:

1- The Pirate Bay

Since 2003, PirateBay has maintained its position among the most popular torrenting sites and has the most straightforward user interface among all torrenting sites. It is confident that it is the best torrent site for software.

ThePirateBay offers both “Trusted” and “VIP” tags with all its torrents, indicating trusted torrents.

Attention: Because the Pirate Bay is restricted in many countries (including mirror sites), you may need to use a VPN to alter your virtual location to access The Pirate Bay.

You can opt for these Piratebay alternatives, in case Pirate Bay isn’t working.


  • Ease to use
  • Easily identifiable trusted torrents
  • Magnet links


  • Content is not moderated.

2- 1337X

1337X Torrents
1337X is suitable for movies, television shows, and music. Some users use it to search for game torrents as well, however, based on our research, both RARBG and The Pirate Bay appear to offer more torrents in that area, particularly for older titles.

1337X was not the best choice for torrenting a few years ago since it was difficult to browse and offered several security hazards. Since then, it has undergone a complete site redesign, making it easier to navigate and safer. You also have better browsing capabilities for series and movies, such as searching by award nomination.


  • Searching by award nominations


  • Clunky to navigate

3- ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent has a vast collection comprising millions of movies, software, and TV shows. It’s easy to use and provides a bird’s eye view of the torrents present.


  • You won’t have a problem finding what you’re looking for


  • Higher site loading time
  • You can opt for these alternatives, in case ExtraTorrent isn’t working.

4- LimeTorrent

LimeTorrent’s content gets updated regularly, and its health bar shows how good or bad a torrent is, helping you decide if you want to download it or not.


  • Torrents are split into categories.


  • Torrents in the category lists don’t get filtered automatically as per the best torrent.


Since 2008, RARBG has been regarded for HD movies and series releases and includes the most popular and downloaded software. If you like a movie, you can visit a separate web page presenting its trailer and other information, making it easier for you if you haven’t made up your mind.


  • A blog and news section
  • Abundance of software


  • Loads of ads that can mess up your experience

6- Torrentz2

Torrentz2 boasts an impressive collection of programs and software that you may not come across elsewhere.


  • A high number of seeders and lechers for all torrents
  • Trusted and reliable Torrents uploaded by Torrentz2 itself rather than unknown users
  • Addition of new software torrents daily


  • Only movie torrents are available

You can opt for these alternatives, in case RARBG isn’t working.

7- Torrents. ME

Torrents.ME acts as an excellent search engine for whichever torrents you want. It also shows you a selection of the popular searches and the trending torrents.


  • Displays torrents based on their purpose


  • Search results are vague and not very specific.

8. TorrentDownloads.Pro

software torrent sites

To help you narrow down your search, features a useful directory system that allows you to browse files by platform or subcategory such as security, OS systems, video programs, and others. While it does not have as many torrents listed as PirateBay or 133X, its category index makes it easier to discover software.

A health indicator next to each search result makes it simple to determine which torrent will provide the fastest downloads. While you cannot sort your search results by different parameters, TorrentDownloads prioritizes results with the most seeds. This makes it simple to locate the greatest torrent for the program you want.


software torrenting sites

RARBG is always an intriguing option, regardless of the sort of P2P files you search. This is because this torrent repository contains a little bit of everything, including software. However, if you’re looking for Windows-compatible software, including both programs and games, we recommend this alternative. Because RARBG has always been a popular choice for Windows, there aren’t many programs for other systems available.

MAC software torrenting sites

In case you think you will be left behind and not be able to benefit from torrents as a Mac user, you’re mistaken. You have plenty of options to choose from as a Mac user, and you should benefit from them.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have covered the best software torrenting sites and satisfied your concerns regarding torrenting altogether. To learn more about Torrenting and the role of a torrent VPN in securing your P2P experience, You can visit our guide for the best torrent sites for overall use to learn even more.

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