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Smart Dress Proves Women’s Consent Isn’t Given Importance

A new smart dress has revealed the horror women go through at nightclubs.

Luisa Castro, Juliana Schulz and Tatiana Roasas were the three women who donned a one-of-a-kind dress, equipped with sensors, to log how many times they were touched and/or groped at a party that took place in Brazil. The dresses logged information in real-time during a span of 3 minutes and 47 minutes. In this duration, said women were touched without their consent 157 times!

Here is footage for what actually went down when the three women were at the party:

The footage showed how men approached the trio to chat them up while touching them inappropriately. The women tried to ward off these advances the best they could, and at times even had to struggle to free themselves.

The campaign stated that much like these women, 86% of women in Brazil are harassed in nightclubs.  Additionally, 4 in 10 women from any South American nation are sexually harassed at work, school and on public transport.

The footage was later shown to men from the nightclub, who were either shocked or embarrassed.

Once the video was posted online, it got a strong reaction from women. Women, in general, believed that such a dress was not required to get men to believe what women go through, as they go through a lot as it is. While there were those that admired how this endeavor was documented to show the world what women have known and have been speaking against all along.

Women’s Consent Online is Equally Important

What people do not realize is that women’s consent is equally important online as it is offline. Just because women are online, and are not physically in the presence of a threat, does not mean they are safe.

Women’s consent is mostly undermined online, where they are harassed with unsolicited and inappropriate messages and pictures. If that is not enough, they are also at risk of having their identities stolen. Fortunately, all of this can be prevented if women use VPNs while shopping online or using social media platforms.

With a VPN, women can anonymize themselves, thus making sure their internet traffic is not hijacked. Additionally, they will not have to worry about their information being misused either.

Online or not, women need to take the necessary precautions to make sure they stay safe. Agreed, they are not to blame for the harassment that occurs but seeing how some people would never learn, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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