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Playboy Sued by Blind Man for Lack of Accessible “Articles”

Playboy-Sued-by-Blind-Man-for-Lack-of-Accessible-“Articles” is recognized for being a men’s magazine, more specifically catering to those individuals that love tastefully done nudes. Out of those individuals, it seems that a legally blind man, Donald Nixon, has taken offense to how he, and others like him, are prevented from accessing content on and

Taking matters into his own hands (excuse the unintentional pun), Nixon went to the extent of filing an actual lawsuit. He states that the websites fail to meet the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Since his screen-reading software does not support content from the aforementioned sites, he claims he is unable to equally and fully use’s products, services, and facilities.

Agreed, may be popular due to the nude photos it features, but it does publish in-depth reviews and stories by renowned novelists. Presumably, that is the content that Nixon wishes to access but is unable to do so.

It should not come as a surprise that when the lawsuit was made public, there were a lot of discussions and jokes about the whole endeavor. Users on Twitter and other social media platforms had a field day regarding this news.

It is worth noting this is not the first time Nixon has done something like this, as he has filed 47 other lawsuits for violation of the ADA. Playboy has yet to comment about the lawsuit, but if convicted, they will have to pay a fine of upwards of $100,000.

All in all, whatever the case may be, and whoever may come out on top (excuse yet another unintentional pun), internet users looking for ways to access content online should consider using a VPN. Why? It is because it will give them the ability to defeat geo-restrictions, all the while remaining safe and secure online. At least this way, they won’t have to go through the hassle of filing a class action lawsuit.

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