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Pakistan and India Special – Ivacy VPN’s Monthly Plan for Just PKR 500

Pakistan and India Special – Ivacy VPN’s Monthly Plan for Just PKR 500

Online privacy and security have become more important than ever. Nowadays, cybercriminals have an added advantage when attempting to target their victims, and this is because information is much more easily accessible over the internet.

Countering the problem of privacy invasion is very easy with the help of a VPN service. And luckily for the people in Pakistan and India, this convenience has become even cheaper. Keeping this in mind, this guide will serve as a great resource for people in Pakistan and India who wish to enjoy a safer and more private web.

Ivacy VPN – The Ultimate Privacy Tool

Ivacy VPN is a one-stop privacy solution for everyone. It has state-of-the-art military-grade encryption that keeps all users private and secure online. Moreover, the service abides by a strict No Logs policy that ensures that no user data is ever stored online. Once the user logs off, all their private data is wiped from the servers online.


Offer for Pakistanis and Indians

Recently, Ivacy VPN took steps to make privacy and security accessible to Pakistanis and Indians at cheaper rates. Now, people in these regions can enjoy uninterrupted access to absolute privacy and security online for merely PKR 500 with the one-month Ivacy VPN plan. The best part about this offer is that it is backed by all the same privacy and security features as the usual plan.

What is Ivacy VPN Good for?

Ivacy VPN is helpful for a variety of situations online. Be it geo-blocking or privacy concerns, Ivacy VPN helps with all. Here are a few situations where Ivacy VPN might come in handy:

Overcoming Geo-Blocks

Certain websites on the internet are subject to geo-restrictions. Major streaming platforms and social media sites are often blocked in certain regions out of privacy and copyright concerns. Ivacy VPN bypasses such geo-blocks by masking a person’s actual IP address—instead, users are given access to a virtual IP address in another geographical region.

Access to Privacy and Anonymity

Digital privacy is a major concern for a lot of users. Cybercriminals routinely target victims by accessing their personal information and physical location. Ivacy VPN hides a person’s IP address, ultimately preventing cyber attacks.

Counter for ISP Throttling

Certain internet service providers (ISPs) restrict users’ internet speeds on certain platforms, usually done without the users’ knowledge. Ivacy VPN enables its users to avoid this problem altogether. The ISP can’t throttle their internet speeds since the users’ real IP address is hidden.

Blazing-Fast Speeds

All of Ivacy VPN’s plans allow users to enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds. Should the user face poor internet speeds or crowded servers, they may switch to a less crowded server for a faster internet experience.

Internet Kill Switch

Privacy and security are primary concerns for any VPN user. Ivacy VPN agrees with this and thus offers access to the Internet Kill Switch feature. This feature automatically terminates the user’s internet connection, should the VPN connection ever drop abruptly, which always keeps a user private.



All in all, Ivacy VPN packs a powerful punch when it comes to digital privacy and security. And fortunately for the people in Pakistan and India, Ivacy VPN’s one-month plan can be acquired for only PKR 500, but this is available for a limited time, so one must get an Ivacy VPN subscription.

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