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Online Piracy Rates Drop in Australia due to Netflix!

Discount Netflix in Australia

For the last couple of days, Australia has been in the spotlight for all the piracy-related reasons. First it was Rightscorp with a patent to chase Aussie pirates; then came the Australian government with an all-encompassing data retention law.

And now there is Netflix. Any guesses? No

Hurrah! Netflix is now available in Australia!

A big sigh of relief for the brave Australian Netizens!

At last there is a good news for Australian netizens. The piracy rates within Australia have dropped considerably. According to a survey, conducted by IP Awareness Foundation, the percentage of Australian piracy users has decreased from 29% in 2014 to 25% in 2015. It seems that Netflix has created a magic spell over the Aussie netizens.




Netflix has been challenging all the major piracy players, including bittorrent. Netflix claims to be killing bittorrent traffic with an impact. Every time, Netflix enters a new location, bittorrent traffic seems to drop by a considerable margin.  

With Netflix’s launch in Australia, the piracy rates have shown a considerable drop, as users say they have got an alternative to watch their favorite stuff online. Netflix has made unprecedented strides within the online entertainment industry in a short span of time.

Thanks to the latest anti-piracy initiatives on part of the government. The Australian users now have a legal option available to quench their thirst with watching their favorite online programs on Netflix – an entertainment giant in the truest sense of the word.

Need to Unblock Netflix in Australia?

Well, with the Netflix now available in Australia, the brave Aussie netizens are entitled to watch their favorite movies TV shows, without any hindrance.

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