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How to Watch One Championship on Kodi – CONQUEST OF HEROES for Free

Note: One Championship is over, but do you know about the biggest MMA fight in the history of the lightweight category. Check out this guide on how you can live stream Khabib vs McGregor on Kodi.

One Championship – Conquest of Heroes is easily going to be one of the best mixed martial arts contest that the world will witness. People will be seeking ways to watch One Championship on Kodi. You have in one corner Yoshitaka Naito, and in the other corner, Joshua Pacio, for the Strawweight World Championship.

Without further ado, let’s find out how you can watch the action live as it unfolds on Kodi.

How to watch One Championship on Kodi – Conquest of Heroes via Planet MMA

Since Kodi is an open source platform, it allows for streaming your favorite content (movies, TV shows, and sports) with the help of different addons. You can get both official and unofficial addons. We advise using official addons since it keeps you away from landing in hot waters with the authorities.

However, if you must, then be sure to use a Kodi VPN in order to mask your IP so that you remain anonymous to your ISP or surveillance agencies. You can get a DMCA notice or can experience speed throttling at the hands of your ISP.

Not that the fair warning is out of the way, here is a guide on how to watch it on Kodi.

  1. Register for Ivacy VPN
  2. Download it on the device where you have Kodi installed
  3. Make sure to connect to the Singapore server and then hit “Connect”
  4. Open the Kodi application and install the Planet MMA addon for Kodi (formerly UFC Finest)
  5. You are all set to stream the Conquest of Heroes PPV on Kodi!

Alternatives to watching Conquest of Heroes on Kodi for free

In addition to Planet MMA, you can also check out the following Kodi addons to watch Conquest of Heroes.

1. SkyNet

One it comes to alternatives nothing comes close to SkyNet. It is a fantastic addon and has all that a Kodi user can ask for. The addon looks everywhere on the web to bring you the best in streaming experience. Therefore, even if one source does not work out for you, you will have luck with other sources.

Just head to the “SkyNet Sports” section where you will find a variety of sources. You can check out ‘Supremacy Sports’ there or ‘Other Sports’ and browse channels such as BoxNation to stream your favorite mixed martial arts fights.

2. cCloud TV

Another addon for all sports lovers out there! You can watch a wide array of sports channels through cCloud TV as well as get to experience the best in entertainment. The development team behind this addon is very enthusiastic. Just by accessing the home screen 20 different categories of content pop up.

Here you can find those specialized in streaming mixed martial arts. You can also use the search option to access a particular channel if you know it by name.

To Sum Up

Fans of the “Asian UFC” will dare not miss this event. If you are a fan, get an Ivacy subscription and watch One Championship on Kodi for free!

Note: One Championship is over, but do you know about the biggest MMA fight in the history of the lightweight category. Check out this guide on how you can live stream UFC 229 on Kodi.

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