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Facebook Onavo Protect – Disguise Intended to Intrude Your Privacy

You must have noticed that lately Facebook app has launched an Onavo Protect feature. It is located under the settings menu and is visible when you select to view “More”. It is being marketed as a VPN intended to guard your privacy when you are on Facebook.

The “Buzz”

However, the truth is far from it. Onavo is intended as the exact opposite. When you click, it will take you to your phone’s respective app store. You will feel as if you are protected. But when you install and activate Onavo, Facebook starts to spy on you.

Now the question which begs to be asked is, doesn’t Facebook already know tonnes about us that it needs an app disguised as VPN to know more? A valid question. Although Facebook knows about you, it does not know what you do when you interact with other apps on your phone.

Anything which is free, the rule of the thumb says always be wary of it. Nothing worth seeking is free in life.

The Real Function of a VPN

VPN such as Ivacy is meant to encrypt your internet traffic and provide you re-routing from a different server so as to ensure anonymity while you are surfing the web. Not to do decrypt it and hand it over to perhaps the biggest data hoarder in the world, Facebook.

Also, Ivacy helps you access geo-blocked content such as the ongoing Winter Olympics through, say, NBC Sports in the US by making you appear in a different location. Moreover, encryption protects you from data snoopers while you are using a public Wi-Fi or when you are trying to access your home network while in transit.

But with Onava Protect as it is called on Facebook, none of the above happens.

Why is Onavo Protect Necessary?

It is NOT, frankly speaking. However, for Facebook it is. By learning which apps the user is engaging with on his phone and accessing that information, Facebook is trying to gain an upper hand on its rivals. Heck, even Onavo app gives the disclaimer upon accessing it the first time (if you don’t believe us).

Onavo Disclaimer on Opening the App.

It is one thing to allow data gathering to Facebook because let’s be honest, we cannot survive without Facebook. It has become integral to our lives. But to allow them the access to gather information on everything and anything you do outside of Facebook is well outside the bounds of an ethical code of conduct.

The Workaround

If you must, invest in a good VPN and steer clear of those which say free just as Onavo Protect. We think it is best to not activate or install Onavo, yet unless there is an official word from the Facebook itself. Best thing, you can count on right now if you are concerned about your privacy and security online, Ivacy has the answer.

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