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Olympics Taekwondo – A brief History

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Taekwondo, which is Korean for “The way of kicking and punching”, is a martial arts style that developed and grew in Korea. In this deadly art, the fighter uses his feet and hands to overcome his opponent in a fight. However, Taekwondo is known around the world for its lethal kicks rather than punches.
Sen Qiao

Taekwondo is believed to have originated during the Three-Kingdom era of Korea as early as 50 BC. The deadly martial art was invented by the Hwarang, warriors of the Silla Dynasty who called it Taekkyon or “foot-hand”.

During the 1900s, Taekwondo was the most popular style of martial arts in Korea and was practiced by both male and female fighters. It soon became the national martial art of the country and this gave Taekwondo an international platform to showcase its effectiveness as a martial art.


In the year 1973, the World Taekwondo Federation was established as the sport’s global governing body. Consequently, Taekwondo held its very first World Championships in Seoul, Korea in the same year.

Taekwondo  has the honor of being one of the only two martial arts to officially feature in the Olympics. The sport debuted in Seoul in the 1988 Olympic Games as a demonstration. In 2000, Taekwondo officially became a medal sport in the Olympic Games held in Sydney.


For men, there are 4 weight classes in Taekwondo and all athletes must fall under these in order to participate in the Olympic Taekwondo event. The classes are <58kg, <68kg, <80kg and >80kg. On the other hand, women have <47kg, <57kg, <67kg and >67kg weight classes.

Here is the schedule of the 2016 Olympics Taekwondo event:


(Check out the Taekwondo Schedule at Rio Olympics 2016 by News18 for the detailed schedule and even the list of winners.)

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