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Movierulz | Movierulz.VPN | Watch Latest Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood Movies HD Online Free [2024]

MovieRulz VPN
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Nothing can beat the humor, romance, and action we see in Bollywood and Telegu movies. And nothing comes close to the daily dose of your favorite Bollywood, Telegu, and Hollywood movies and TV shows like MovieRulz!

Despite being blocked in certain regions worldwide, the site can easily be accessed using a MovieRulz VPN. You’re at the right place if you don’t know what MovieRulz is or are searching for ways to access this well-known website.

This article covers everything you need to know about MovieRulz and how to watch it on different devices with a MovieRulz VPN. Keep reading the article to learn more!

What is MovieRulz?

Your one-stop destination for pirated movies and shows, MovieRulz is a torrent site that allows you to download premium copyrighted movies for free. In simpler terms, the website filters out pirated copies of newly released movies online. While gaining its popularity mainly for Bollywood and Tellywood movies, the site is relatively popular for releasing trending Hollywood movies.

The site is also popular for releasing movies before their premiere. While all this is entirely illegal, the site still works in specific regions and offers people the dose of their favorite Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

To access it, you must find a MovieRulz VPN that allows you to access the site or its mirror sites.

Is MovieRulz Secure?

It is never safe to download or watch movies from movierulz.vpn unless you use a reliable premium VPN service. If you download a video or web series from without a VPN, you risk downloading an unwanted APK or malware along with the movie file.

The virus or malware you downloaded with the movie file could steal your personal information, and hackers could take control of your device. As a result, when downloading anything from this website, one should consider this a serious possibility.

According to many sources, downloading a video, pdf, or txt file from an unknown source is dangerous to your devices and may expose your personal information.

We recommend using a premium MovieRulz VPN service when accessing the MovieRulz website.

Is MovieRulz Legal?

Any platform that provides premium material for free is deemed unlawful. Movierulz is a website that advertises both legal and illegal material, such as movies and TV episodes. As a result, numerous countries worldwide have banned the website and even forced ISPs to block it.

Movierulz is blocked in India for the second time. The blockade, however, led to the formation of mirror sites. We recommend downloading content through reputable outlets if you don’t want to get in trouble with the law.

Why is MovieRulz Blocked?

The reason why MovieRulz is blocked is quite obvious – the site offers pirated movies in various languages. Moreover, while the site allows you to download and install torrents for free, it is not entirely secure. You can even download malware, risk your data, or make your system vulnerable by providing access to hackers.

Any platform that provides premium content for free is considered illegal. Movierulz is a website that promotes legal and illegal content, such as movies and TV shows. As a result, many governments worldwide have banned the website and even forced ISPs to block it.

Movierulz has been blocked in India for the second time. The blockage, however, resulted in the emergence of mirror sites. Suppose you don’t want to get in trouble with the law. In that case, we recommend downloading content from legitimate platforms or getting a premium MovieRulz VPN before trying to access the website.

Countries Where MovieRulz is Blocked

Torrent sites and illegal streaming services have recently come under fire worldwide. If platforms such as The Pirates Bay, TorLock, RARGB, and Torrentz2 are unavailable, your internet service provider (ISP) is most likely blocking Movierulz. A VPN is the best way to avoid these restrictions and unblock the sites.

The countries listed below have either banned torrenting sites or have strict copyright laws:

  • Italy
  • UAE
  • India
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • China
  • Russia
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • Latvia
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • USA

Proxy/Mirror Sites of MovieRulz

A mirror proxy website (mirror or replica) is a similar or copycat website with different URLs but the same content. Since the authorities blocked the main or VPN website, multiple mirror sites and similar websites with the same user interface have sprung up.

Subtitles for regional and Hollywood films are also available on proxy/mirror sites. We’ve compiled a list of MovieRulz proxy and mirror sites that are up and running.

How MovieRulz Works?

On the first day of a movie’s release, the Movierulz website pirates it and makes it available to its viewers. However, the Movierulz.VPN crew will make the movie available to you, but it will be a scam or theatrical print, which will not provide you with a decent viewing experience. However, within days or hours, they would obtain a higher quality version of the film from their confidential sources and make it available to their viewers.

The quality of the movie improves throughout time, from 1080P to 4K, 4K to 8K, and eventually Bluray. They will provide a brief synopsis of the film as well as various high-quality movie download links. You can download whichever quality you like.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access MovieRulz?

Using a VPN online is critical since it hides your online activity, protects your data, and prevents leaks from your devices. We live in a world where cybercriminals and hackers are waiting to pounce if we allow them to do so without using a VPN to visit these unlawful sites.

Even government authorities and ISPs monitor your IP address, which might get you in serious trouble if you download stuff from pirate sites. As a result, you’ll need a VPN to get around your ISP’s filtering and access the MovieRulz website.

Choose your VPN carefully because not all VPNs provide the security features you require. If you use the wrong VPN, you may end up facing time in prison for accessing stolen content.

We recommend you use Ivacy VPN as it offers its users the best security and exceptional encryption.

Pros & Cons of MovieRulz

Like every website or app on the internet, MovieRulz also has its fair share of pros and cons, which you need to evaluate to decide if the site is worth using.

Pros of MovieRulz

  • Movierulz offers TV shows and movies in various languages, with the option of dual audio.
  • The most notable advantage of MovieRulz is that all movies and TV series are free.
  • Movies and TV shows are accessible in various video formats, including 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD.
  • This website features a straightforward design and an easy-to-use user interface.
  • While watching a movie or a web series, the user can select subtitles.

Cons of MovieRulz

  • When accessing this site, you have to face pop-up ads, and you will be automatically redirected to another website which might expose your privacy.
  • The ads are very annoying and may contain viruses or malware.
  • Movierulz is a pirated website. Accessing this site may lead to breaking the law by promoting piracy content.
  • Unknown sources and third-party persons run the MovieRulz website. By accessing this site, your data will be stolen by private sources.

How to Unblock MovieRulz with MovieRulz VPN?

MovieRulz offers free a vast collection of English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, and many other regional movies and TV shows. The website has gained vast popularity worldwide by offering pirated movies. However, the authorities and government agencies are not blind, and well-aware of the website and have imposed bans on the usage of said websites. Moreover, ISPs also directed to block sites like MovieRulz.

Currently, the website is blocked in around 14 countries worldwide, including India. But there’s a way to get around this and unblock MovieRulz. All you need for MovieRulz unblock is a VPN, and you’ll be good to watch all your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood movies that are not yet available on YouTube or any other online platform.

Here’s how you can use Movie Rulz VPN to unblock MovieRulz:

In this tutorial, we have used the best MovieRulz VPN in 2022– Ivacy VPN to unblock MovieRulz Bollywood movies.


How to Download Videos from MovieRulz?

If you’ve already unblocked MovieRulz with a VPN, downloading videos from MovieRulz is not a big deal. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide below, and you’ll be able to download as many movies as you want from the platform without paying any fee.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to unblock MovieRulz and download videos from the platform:

  • Head to the MovieRulz website or the mirror sites mentioned above.
  • After you’ve opened the website, use the app’s user-friendly interface to search for your favorite Bollywood, Tellywood, or Hollywood movies from the platform.

Here I’ve searched for Uppena on MovieRulz:

MovieRulz VPN

  • Click on it, and you will find many torrent links for downloading your movie.
MovieRulz VPN
  • Choose the torrent according to the video quality and file size and click on it.
  • The site will now request you to open the Stremio app on your device (if you already have it); otherwise, the torrent will start downloading automatically on the BitTorrent or uTorrent app.
  • Once the torrent is downloaded on your device, you can quickly start watching the movie for free!

If the above guide does not work out, the chances are that MovieRulz is blocked in your region. If that’s the case, you need to use a MovieRulz VPN to get away with the restrictions imposed on the usage of MovieRulz.

How to Cast MovieRulz to TV?

Do you want to access the MovieRulz website on your TV directly? Whether it be because of the malware the website contains or the unavailability of a VPN on your TV, you can easily cast MovieRulz to your TV using your mobile device and a working internet connection.

Before proceeding, ensure your mobile device and TV are connected to the same network for casting to work.

Here’s how you can cast MovieRulz on your TV:

  • Connect your mobile device and TV to the same network connection.
  • Open the browser of your mobile device and the official website of MovieRulz on your device.
  • From there, search for your favorite movie or browse through the genres or movies collection to find the most suitable one for you.
  • Once find a movie of your choice, click on it.
  • There you’ll see plenty of torrent links; scroll down to find links to watch the movie online.
  • Choose a working link from the variety of links available.
  • When the movie starts playing, click on the cast icon on your mobile device and choose the TV device you want to cast on.
  • Start streaming your chosen movie on the big screen!

How to Add Movierulz to Kodi?

Are you looking for ways to watch Movierulz on Kodi? Look no further! Here’s how you can add MovieRulz add on to Kodi.

  • Download the Reasons file from GitHub using the URL below. Click on the most recent version, then click the “Download” option to save the ZIP file to your local disc, such as D:, and save the file location.
  • Now, launch the Kodi app on your device and click on the Settings icon on the top left corner of your Kodi Homepage.
  • Head to the System category.
  • Hover your cursor over “Add-ons” on the left sidebar and toggle on the “Unknown Sources” option to authorize the third-party add-on or repo to be installed on Kodi.
  • Get back to the previous menu and click on Add ons.
  • Now choose the Install the Zip File
  • Locate where you saved the downloaded ZIP file and choose it to install Reasons Repository on Kodi.
  • The message will appear in the top-right corner once the repo has been installed.
  • Now choose “Install from repository” > “Reasons Repository” > “Video add-ons” to download and install the Kodi MovieRulz add-on.
  • When the procedure is complete, navigate to “Video add-on” and launch the MovieRulz add-on. You can now watch your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. Have fun with the streaming!

How to Watch MovieRulz on FireStick?

MovieRulz does not have a designated app for Firestick. However, you can simply follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to watch MovieRulz on your Firestick device:

  • Hover your cursor over the magnifying glass on the top of your screen, and click
  • Type in “Silk Browser” and click on the first search suggestion that appears.
  • Click on the Amazon Silk Browser app under the Apps & Games section.
  • Click Download.
  • Wait till the Silk Browser app is installed on your device, then click on Open.
  • Now, launch the Silk Browser app and click on the bar stating, “Search the web or enter URL.”
  • Enter the following URL – “” and click
  • That’s it! Now you can watch all your favorite movies using MovieRulz on your Fire TV or Firestick.

MovieRulz Bollywood Movies and Shows

Listed below are some of the best Bollywood movies and shows available on MovieRulz:

Dongalunnaru Jagratha

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Satish Tripura

Writer: Tajuddin Syed

Starring: Sri Simha Koduri, Samuthirakani, Murli Sharma

Raju, a lowly criminal, intends to rob a fancy SUV but quickly understands that the vehicle is an unavoidable trap. Raju’s agonizing fight against time to survive inside the SUV while an attacker outside has total control of the vehicle begins here. What does the adversary desire? Is Raju an intended target? Will Raju be able to make it?



MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Buchi Babu Sana

Writers: Buchi Babu Sana, Krushna Hari, Jayanth Panuganti

Starring: Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Krithi Shetty, Vijay Sethupathi

The son of a fishing community falls in love with the village chief’s daughter, but they meet severe opposition from the girl’s obstinately traditional father. While the movie is recently released, you can easily watch Uppena on MovieRulz.



MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Anudeep K.V

Writer: Anudeep K.V.

Starring: Premgi Amaren, Carl A. Harte, Maria Ryaboshapka

A teacher falls in love with a young British woman who is also a teacher of English at the same school. He attempts to court her, causing problems to erupt as they confront the most critical struggle of their lives: getting married.



MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Srinath Rajendran

Writers: K.S. Aravind, R.P. Bala, Jithin K. Jose

Starring: Dulquer Salmaan, Indrajith Sukumaran, Sobhita Dhulipala

Kurup is a thief on the run from the cops after killing someone for life insurance fraud. You can easily watch or Kurup movie download on MovieRulz by clicking on the link below!


Har Har Mahadev

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande

Writer: Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande

Starring: Sharad Kelkar, Subodh Bhave, Nitish Chavan

The film features an inspirational story of an actual battle in the past in which only 300 soldiers survived, led by Baji Prabhu Deshpande, the commander of Chhatrapati Shvaji Maharaj.


Janatha Garage

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Koratala Siva

Writer: Koratala Siva

Starring: Mohanlal, N.T. Rama Rao Jr., Samantha Ruth Prabhu

An unexpected encounter with a man changes the purpose of the environmental activist that came to Hyderabad to attend a seminar. You can now watch Janatha Garage on MovieRulz easily by clicking on the link below!



MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Anurag Kashyap

Writers: Nihit Bhave, Oriol Paulo

Starring: Taapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati, Nassar

Anay, a 12-year-old boy, is killed in a car accident in the 1990s after seeing his next-door neighbor committing a crime. Twenty-five years later, Antara finds herself in front of a TV television on an identical stormy night, attempting to save Anay’s life. Still, her good act sets off a troubling chain of unanticipated repercussions.


Thank God

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Indra Kumar

Writers: Aakash Kaushik, Anders Matthesen, Samuthirakani

Starring: Arnob Khan Akib, Mahesh Balraj, Vishal Bhavsar

An egoistic real estate broker with massive debts gets involved in an accident. He realises he is in paradise as he regains consciousness. God comes before him and tells him that he must play a “GAME OF LIFE.” If he wins, he will be returned to Earth; if he loses, he will be banished to hell.


Ram Setu

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Abhishek Sharma

Writers: Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, Abhishek Sharma

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrratt Bharuccha

An atheist archaeologist who becomes a believer must race against the clock to establish the mythical Ram Setu’s existence before evil forces destroy the cornerstone of India’s civilization.


Oke Oka Jeevitham

MovieRulz VPN

Directed by: Shree Karthick

Writers: Shree Karthick, Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam

Starring: Sathish, Ramesh Thilak, Hitesh S. Bharadwaaj

To correct their situation, Aadhi, and his buddies resolve to travel back in time with the help of a scientist. However, time had other ideas for them.


MovieRulz BigBoss 5

MovieRulz VPN

Starring: Nani, Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal Manda

Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality program based on the Hindi reality show Bigg Boss, which in turn was inspired by the original Dutch Big Brother. A group of participants (dubbed “housemates”) reside in a specially constructed house, cut off from the rest of the world. Each week, roommates propose two of their fellow housemates for eviction, and the housemate with the most nominations is subjected to a public vote.

After being “convicted” from the House, one member would eventually leave. In the last week, with five roommates left, and the public votes to choose who would win. The housemates are governed by a mysterious figure known as ‘Bigg Boss,’ whose sole presence in the home is his voice.


Alternatives of MovieRulz

Because the government has outlawed the official movierulz website, several mirrors and lookalike websites that are very similar and have the same interface have emerged. On the website, Movierulz provides high-quality movies.

Some proxy sites provide subtitles for both regional and Hollywood films. Movierulz provides to copy films from proxy sites in some situations. These mobile proxy sites are the only thing dividing the available content, although they are all based on the same database.

If MovieRulz is banned in your region and you are not willing to invest in a quality MovieRulz VPN service to watch all the recent Bollywood and Hollywood movies, you would be glad to know that there are certain legal and illegal alternatives of MovieRulz that works just fine too.

So, if you think MovieRulz is the only website offering the highest quality of pirated movies, you are mistaken. There are plenty of such websites available on the internet all you need to do is search for them. We have made the job easy for you by listing some of the best alternatives of MovieRulz.

Here are the best alternatives of MovieRulz:


MovieRulz VPN

Mp4Moviez is a torrent service that distributes all its films as unauthorized material. Users may quickly import their favorite movies by selecting from movie groups. The user will first visit the web by inputting the proper domain name to watch movies from Mp4Moviez. Following that, the consumer can download their preferred movies.


MovieRulz VPN

9kmovies is a torrent website that offers pirated movies. It has divided its movies into various categories including Arabic movies, Assamese Movies, Bengali movies, dual audio movies and more! You can find all your new Bollywood and Tellywood movies at this platform without any hassle. However, the only issue you’ll face will be of pop-up ads which can easily be sorted by using a premium and high quality VPN like Ivacy VPN.


MovieRulz VPN

YIFY Torrents (YTS) is a BitTorrent peer-to-peer network releasing organization. The organization has built a reputation for offering many movies as free downloads in HD quality yet with relatively tiny file sizes. Thus, since its inception in 2010, the service has been well-known for offering moviegoers the best of both worlds (high-quality movies and fast download speeds).

YIFY continues to provide torrents of the most recent movies and TV episodes as soon as they become available. This capacity to produce fresh material fast is a key component of the website’s appeal. It’s also one of the aspects that continues drawing new users. So, even after all these years, YIFY is still developing.


MovieRulz VPN

9XMovie was founded on the internet a few years ago. Since then, it has only grown in popularity and is currently one of the most popular sites for downloading Bollywood movies. Initially, 9XMovies exclusively offered Hindi movies. However, it currently offers Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu films. Aside from movies, 9XMovies offers free downloads of TV episodes, desi dramas, web series, and documentaries. Before learning more about 9XMovies 2022, you should know that 9XMovies is an unlawful website. The Indian government had outlawed 9XMovies in India.


MovieRulz VPN

Putlocker was a service that allowed users to watch movies and TV episodes online. Clones and mirrors may still be found even if the main website has been removed. It’s unclear whether the site’s founder or founders had anything to do with these mirrors.


MovieRulz VPN

123Movies was formerly one of the most popular online websites for streaming movies and TV episodes. It has gone by a variety of names, including “GoMovies,” “GoStream,” “MeMovies,” and “123movieshub.” The main 123Movies website was shut down in March 2018, although copies of the site may still be accessed via a so-called mirror or clone sites.


MovieRulz VPN

Afdah is an illegal movie streaming and downloading website where you can watch free pirated movies and TV episodes from the past. Afdah is another well-known name in illicit and pirated movie streaming. This website is well-known for its leaked movies. Afdah website also has some of the oldest videos and television episodes.

The online Hollywood movies area of Afdah comprises stolen and leaked content. Afdah free movies are streamed without distribution rights from media outlets.


MovieRulz VPN

Yesmovies is another streaming service that provides free B-movies, Indie movies, and TV shows, however, it is not entirely legal. You might argue that it is not legal because most, if not all, of the material is obtained illegally and could find anyone watching the series and movies in serious difficulty simply for watching on the site.


MovieRulz VPN

Katmoviehd is an illegal website that offers free downloads of the latest movies, and is one of the most popular illegal Bollywood and Hollywood content websites out there. It allows users to free download an extensive collection of TV shows and pirated Bollywood movies.

KatmovieHD is responsible for illegally streaming Bollywood, English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil movies.

MovieRulz VPN is a renowned online destination for watching Bollywood movies, Malayalam movies, and Tamil dubbed Hollywood movies. They provide direct download links for formats such as 1080p, 720p, 480p Dual Audio, and more.


MovieRulz VPN

Bоlly2tollу is a well-known name in the rated movies industry. Although providing pirated content in India and worldwide is illegal, people regularly visit the Bollly2Tolly website and download pirated movies. It is a free movie download site.

Solar Movie


Solar Movie is yet another amazing alternative to Movierulz. The site hosts a plethora of exciting content belonging to all sorts of crazy genres. Whether viewers are interested in watching comedy, crime, action, horror, or anything else, the site has it all.

Moreover, the site features an insanely friendly user interface that enables viewers to find what they are looking for almost instantaneously. The site also has a dedicated Top IMDb section where users can find the best movies and shows according to IMDb itself.



M4U HD is a streaming platform users can visit if they wish to stream movies from the best Hollywood directors for free. The site contains a library with thousands of hours’ worth of content belonging to almost every genre.

Additionally, the site assists users in terms of usability since it also features a dark mode for creating the ultimate cinema experience at home. Then there are advanced filtering options to help viewers pinpoint the exact movie or TV show title they wish to stream.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we recommend using legal OTT sites to stream or download movies since they secure your device from hackers. Still, if you want to view or download movies from, you need to utilize a VPN. Otherwise, user data will be taken when downloading movies from this website. Downloading copyrighted information is illegal in many places across the world. As a result, we urge that you watch or download movies and TV episodes from genuine OTT services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Movierulz is not working?

MovieRulz website is working just fine. The reason why the site might not be working in your region could be that the website is banned in your region. The simplest way to access it is by getting a high-quality and reliable VPN service like Ivacy VPN.

How to change audio format on movie in MovieRulz?

If the movie you downloaded from MovieRulz has dual audio, you can easily change the audio format of your movie on the VLC player by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Audio menu on your VLC player.
  • Select the Audio Track.
  • From the submenu, choose the audio you want to hear the movie in.

Now you can watch your chosen movie in any language you choose. You can easily switch between the languages as many times as you want.

What is MovieRulz new site?

There are plenty of mirror/proxy sites available for MovieRulz. Some of which are:

How does MovieRulz make money?

Like every other piracy site, MovieRulz also makes money from one source that works for everybody: Advertisements & pop-up ads. When you try to access MovieRulz, you will come across a wide range of pop-up ads that may disturb you while watching your favorite movie. When you knowingly or unknowingly click on any pop-up ads appearing on the website, the website instantly earns some revenue.

Why do you need a VPN for MovieRulz?

MovieRulz is banned in countries like India and USA, which is why you need a MovieRulz VPN. Moreover, the site contains malicious links and torrents which can harm your computer or even hack your confidential data. With a MovieRulz VPN, you can get peer-to-peer protection and encryption while downloading torrents from MovieRulz.

How to Delete Searches from MovieRulz?

MovieRulz does not store search history in the first place to delete them.

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