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The Biggest Boxing Fight Of 2020 That May NOT HAPPEN!

Is Mayweather vs Logan The Biggest Fight That May Never Happen?

In a boxing-related development that has perplexed the diehard boxing fans and casuals alike, Floyd Mayweather is reportedly in negotiations to fight the YouTube star – Logan Paul.

It has been reported that Mayweather was approached about the possible exhibition, and rumors have been circulating all over social media, with some even claiming that it was a done deal.

People are failing to understand how this has become a thing.

Some think that boxing’s doom is upon us that boxing fans are having to put up with a YouTuber going toe to toe with a former Olympic medalist and world champion. But others think its good for the sport.

In any case, Logan Paul vs. Mayweather has been touted as one of the biggest fights of 2020, but it MAY NEVER HAPPEN!

Here, we talk about the reasons why it won’t!

Could we be seeing Logan Paul and Mayweather facing off in the boxing ring?

Mayweather, who is now aged 43, got retired in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record and millions in the bank and is considered to be one of the best-undefeated forms in the boxing history. He also holds a reputation as one of the greatest boxers of all time, having defeated boxing greats such as Canelo, Pacquaio, and  Maidana.

However, Paul lost his only pro boxing match to fellow YouTuber KSI in a hyped event last year and will only be fighting the loser if the bout goes ahead.

Difference in Skills

Even if the proposed match between Mayweather and Logan Paul is supposed to be an exhibition one, the sheer difference between the boxing skills of both contenders makes no sense for the bout to go ahead.

First off, one is a YouTuber with no prior experience with boxing.

Secondly, Mayweather, on the other side, is a highly accomplished boxer who has defeated the likes of Canelo and Madiana, among others.

Logan wouldn’t last a minute

Logan wouldn’t last a minute inside of the ring with Mayweather, much less a single around, and if they can take it to the distance, it would be courtesy of Mayweather

KSI casts doubt on the fight – This ain’t happening!

KSI – Logan’s former opponent who won with a split decision, has said that he doesn’t believe any rumors of the Mayweather vs. Logan exhibition fight happening. KSI also added that it makes no sense for the two to fight, and he is up for fighting Mayweather in place of Logan if he wants.

KSI is also of the opinion that Logan Paul cannot sell tickets as he can and that only he is the bigger draw.

Just ‘One Shot To Crush Floyd Mayweather’

There is a possibility that Logan Paul could cause an upset win over Mayweather by landing “one-shot” as per the British boxer – Conor Benn.

Benn believes that it’s possible for Paul to send shockwaves across the boxing world by actually beating Mayweather.

“50 fights… All he needs is one shot of Logan. All Logan has to do is land one on him. Just one.”

Some people have even suggested that Paul might manage to beat Mayweather by taking advantage of specific vulnerabilities of him that were exposed by Connor McGregor back in 2017.

The three exciting matchups that will happen before the end of 2020!

Mayweather vs. Logan may or may not take place. But, here are three of the confirmed exciting bouts set to happen before the end of 2020:

1- Lomachenko vs. Lopez (WBA, WBO, IBF & WBC’ Franchise’ Lightweight Titles) on October 17, MGM Grand Ballroom, Las Vegas, USA

Watch Lomachenko vs Lopez

 2- Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.(Heavyweight Exhibition Bout) on November 28, Dignity Health Sports Park, California, USA


(There were reports of Troy jones thickening out, but Tyson remains determined to fight someone)

3- Errol Spence vs. Danny Garcia(WBC & IBF Welterweight Titles) on November 21, at Microsoft Theater, LA, USA

Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia on for Nov 21, next challenge also set
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