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US Masters on Kodi – How to Watch Masters 2019 with Best Kodi Addons

US Masters on Kodi – How to Watch Masters 2019 with Best Kodi Addons

2019 Masters Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place between April 11-14. There are pre-streams available from April 8 onward. Which channels will be broadcasting these matches? There are a wide array of sources such as CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN+, fuboTV, Hulu, YouTube TV, DirectTV Now and

Although, for fans of Kodi, they should be glad because Masters on Kodi will be available to watch either for free or through paid channels.

Be sure that you have the latest Kodi build installed on your device/ system.

How to Watch Masters on Kodi Free

Since US Masters Tournament is a widely popular tournament, naturally fans would like to catch the action as it unfolds. Though we do not condone the use of unofficial addons to stream these matches but if you must, employ a decent VPN service such as Ivacy.

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Here’s how you can watch Masters on Kodi:

  • Sign up and download Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device where you have Kodi installed
  • Launch the app and connect to the server in the US, UK, Australia or to whichever region you are located in.
  • Use the desired Kodi addon to access US Masters livestream

Now that’s out the way, let’s find out which Kodi addons you can use to stream Masters.

List of Kodi Addons to Watch Masters on Kodi Free

Following is a list of Kodi addons that will enable you to watch US Masters for free. Here goes.

1. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer Kodi addon AKA iPlayer WWW is available to download from official Kodi addon repository.

In order to download iPlayer WWW addon do one of the following:

Visit the official Kodi repository,


Download the addon from Kodi app by going to Addons> Download> Video Addons> iPlayer WWW> Install.

That way you will be able to stream content and tap into anything which comes directly via BBC iPlayer website including highlight coverage, Masters Golf Tournament rounds 1 & 2 as well as live coverage of rounds 3 & 4.

But since BBC iPlayer is only accessible in the UK, you will have to connect to a UK server via a VPN, if you are located outside.

2. Zattoo Box

Zattoo Box is yet another Kodi addon that will let you connect via Zattoo. It is a free streaming video service which is based out of Switzerland.

To install Zattoo:

  1. Launch Kodi app and go to Addons
  2. Next, go to Download> Video Addons> Zattoo Box> Install

When the installation is done, you can right-click on Zattoo Box and choose Settings. The addon requires you to register so make sure to sign up or if you already have the account, you can enter your credentials and proceed by clicking OK.

The said addon will eliminate any ads that you normally get with other addons. So for ad-free streaming experience on Kodi, tune in with Zattoo Box to access BBC’s coverage of Masters on Kodi.

If don’t already have Zattoo Box account, register here. Oh, and you will need Ivacy VPN in order to connect to a Swiss server.

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3. USTVNow

Another Kodi addon, USTVNow lets you stream Masters on Kodi with ease. All you are required to do is connect your USTVNow account via Kodi and you are all set to stream Masters live on Kodi.

Here’s how to do so:

  1. Launch Kodi app and go to Addons> Video Addons
  2. Select USTVNow
  3. Choose Install

Make sure to register for a USTVNow account as it requires you to sign in. You can do so here.

Note: Use your email address to sign up and not Google or Facebook as you won’t be able to login into Kodi that way.

Given the current US Masters’ schedule, you can get coverage of Masters Golf Tournament via CBS on USTVNow. Also, you are able to stream live coverage of Rounds 3 and 4.


In Australia, IPTV AU is a great option to watch Masters on Kodi as you are able to watch the coverage live via Nine Network. IPTV AU is a free medium and to get this addon working on Kodi, read on.

  1. Download the following zip file: Kodi Repo
  2. Once downloaded, launch Kodi
  3. Go to Addons> Package icon> Install from zip file
  4. Locate the zip file on your system and commence downloading
  5. Go to Addons> Package icon> (Now choose) Install from repository
  6. Find Repository
  7. Choose Videos> Install IPTV AU addon

With the help of Australia’s Nine Network, you can watch US Masters’ rounds 1-4, live and free.

Make sure to connect through Australia region with Ivacy in order to access IPTV AU on Kodi.

Alternatives Means to Watch Masters on Kodi 2019 (Paid)

The list here provides alternative methods whereby you can enjoy Masters on Kodi but these channels require you to subscribe. There are free trials available so you can register and stream live events in HD over Kodi.

If you find them worth your time you can proceed with using the full service or cancel your subscription anytime.

Well, here they are.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV Kodi addon will let you stream directly from your Sling TV account. The subscription you are looking for is Sling TV Orange + Blue subscription.

You get the Golf Channel as well as ESPN for streaming US Masters with Sling TV. A free trial is available. For installing Sling TV on Kodi, download it directly from official Kodi addons repository. For information on pricing, visit Sling TV website.

2. Playstation (PS) VUE Kodi Addon

PS VUE gives you access to a multitude of channels: CBS, ESPN, and the Golf Channel. These are included in the core offering by PS VUE. A 5-day free trial is available for you to try it out. You can use it to watch Masters on Kodi and can cancel afterward.

Again, the PS VUE can be found in the official Kodi addons repository.

What is US Masters? (For Non-fans)

Masters is any Golf lovers’ favorite live sport. It is a tournament which is both thrilling and exciting. The tournament is referred to as The Masters or US Masters and now you know how to watch the Masters on Kodi.

The event first surfaced in 1934. Since then it takes place each year. It has become a tradition of sorts where champions of the tournament are awarded the ‘green jacket’ and a Champion’s Dinner is held before the tournament begins.

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Winners of the tournament then go on to play in other three major events namely; US Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. They can play for the next five years. In 2019, the Masters Tournament will take place between April 11-14 at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

Simply follow these steps to watch Masters:

  • Register and download Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device where you have Kodi installed
  • Connect to the desired server of the region you are located in
  • Choose from the list of Kodi addons (above) and watch Masters live on Kodi

In conclusion

So that’s how you watch Masters on Kodi live stream, effortlessly. It is crucial that a VPN such as Ivacy is employed at all times when watching Masters Golf on Kodi. Ivacy masks your IP address and makes you anonymous online.

With a VPN your ISP will not be able to throttle your speed nor can they monitor your online activities thereby allowing you to stream in complete peace of mind. Moreover, you cannot be served a DMCA notice.

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