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Ivacy VPN is Now Optimized for M1 Apple Devices


The tech world has seen a stir in the past year with the release of the Apple M1 for devices, all thanks to the brand-new ARM-based Apple Silicon chip which has inaugurated the concept of ‘indigenous unified memory architecture’ in the Apple world.

The new M1 chip was built to offer incredible performance for very little power consumption, all while increasing battery life. The M1 Mac also offers support for iOS applications, adding a significant improvement in performance, for example, optimizing the devices to wake up from sleep almost instantly, without any lag- the dream of almost everyone with a phone and a laptop, right?

The problem with the Apple M1 chip

Let’s begin by saying that the Apple M1 chip is brilliant, but it is not perfect, and one of the things that are putting users off about it is its incompatibility with the Intel-based x86 applications. Users need to use ‘Rosetta 2,’ macOS Big Sur’s native application to enable the M1 chip to be able to run applications that were originally designed keeping the more popular, Intel infrastructure in mind.

These applications involve common tools that most professionals use almost on a daily basis, like Photoshop, Microsoft Teams, Lightroom, and even certain cybersecurity tools like VPN applications, rendering it a little inconvenient for a very large userbase. From the looks of it, it isn’t until software companies start developing Apple Silicon compatible applications that the M1 users will have the chance to run these applications natively, without emulation.

Ivacy VPN now offers cybersecurity support for Apple M1 devices

That being said, the first and foremost concern of any technology user, before even talking about using technology to work, conduct business, or entertain yourself, is to make sure that you are at the very least, safe when you’re using it, without hackers and spies trying to attempt to get into your data.

This means that cybersecurity tools like VPNs are one of the most important ones to install; with the sad part being that there aren’t many options available for M1 users at this point. But we’ve got your back!

If you’ve been on the lookout for a VPN for your Apple M1 device, we’re here to introduce you to Ivacy VPN. If you haven’t tried it out yet, the latest update should convince you to take it on a spin. This is due to the fact that the new update has built-in integration for the Apple M1 chip.

At Ivacy VPN, we’ve always aimed to make sure that the product is at the forefront of progress in the cybersecurity industry with frequent updates, new security features, and a robust infrastructure ensuring that all our users are provided with the utmost level of online security.

This is why it’s no surprise that Ivacy VPN has come forward as one of the very first VPN brands to offer support for the M1 chip.

What this means for Ivacy VPN users

The new update means the Ivacy VPN will be able to run natively on Apple Silicon without the need for any translation in order for the applications to run in real-time. Additionally, this new update promises better, more efficient performance, paired with a much smoother user experience.

Furthermore, Ivacy VPN for M1 devices is created to offer up to 35% improvement in performance as compared to its counterparts, without consuming excessive system memory.

That’s not all though! Usually, apps require a Rosetta converter to be able to run smoothly on the Apple M1 devices, however, Ivacy VPN users will not need to follow through with this additional step. Instead, users will be able to run the VPN on M1 devices by simply updating their applications.

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