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The Perfect VPN Extension for Google Chrome – Ivacy VPN

Google Chrome is on top of the food chain of web browsers. It is powerful, stable, user-friendly, versatile and secure, which are the best reasons why it is highly recommended by a majority of internet users.

Chrome is an incredible web browser, but one thing that makes it stand out is its wide array of extensions available for use. Desired extensions can be downloaded and used to personalize the web browser for greater usability and appeal.

Now before we jump off to the best VPN extension for chrome, let’s take a look first at what a Google Chrome VPN extension is.

What is a VPN Extension?

There are many VPN extensions, but not all of them are reliable. A VPN browser extension allows you to connect to a VPN server for unrestricted access to content and greater security over the web.

A VPN for Google Chrome is unquestionably vital for users as it not only provides access to any and all content online, but it also ensures complete online security and anonymity. But how do you pick out the best VPN extension for Chrome, considering there are thousands to choose from?

Ivacy – The Ideal VPN Extension for Google Chrome

When you are searching for a reliable VPN for Chrome, you will need to look for something that safeguards your online presence, a VPN extension that offers impenetrable military-grade encryption. If you are eager to stream your favorite content over the web, then you should opt for performance and reliability while looking for a VPN extension. It is good practice to go through reviews as well, as it gives valuable insight whether the VPN extension is worth it or not. Therefore, we bring you a strong VPN for Chrome for all your VPN needs that is necessary to use with your favorite web browser– Ivacy VPN.

Benefits of using a VPN extension on Chrome:

Ivacy VPN ensures online privacy and freedom of the web user. The Chrome extension comes packed with powerful features that assist users in evading malicious files on the internet. Some of the features are as follows:

Connect From Any Location

Ivacy offers blazing fast connection speed via 275+ international servers from 100+ locations around the world. Feel free to connect from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or any other server and gain access to geo-restricted content with ease. Once connected, be rest assured that you will get a performance that is nothing but the best, regardless of which device or location you are connected to.

Enjoy Total Anonymity

Ivacy Vpn’s optimized servers allow keeping your original IP address masked. Ivacy VPN assigns you with a virtual IP address from your chosen location, hence keeping your online presence hidden at all times so that your web activities cannot be monitored at any cost.

Military Grade Security Protocol

Once connected with Ivacy, any and all your browser traffic sent or received is securely encrypted with a 256-bit military grade security protocol. All your online activities would henceforth be safe and secure with Ivacy VPN for sure.

ByPass Geo-Restrictions

Allow yourself to reach every corner of the world, by overcoming country restrictions like a pro without any hassle. Access your favorite websites and content over the web and stream your favorite media with absolute ease.

Ivacy VPN is known for providing more for less. Its pocket-friendly pricing plans and the comprehensively humble interface won the hearts of many and converted them into loyal users. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Ivacy now and get your hands on Ivacy’s VPN extension for Google Chrome and embark on the growing VPN family and experience a fast and secure internet on your favorite web browser.

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