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Ivacy VPN – An Official Member of the “VPN Trust Initiative” Backs Their Latest Released Principles


It was not too long ago that Ivacy VPN became a founding member of the i2C and the VTI. The purpose of doing so was to ensure complete transparency for internet users, assuring them they are dealing with a VPN brand that follows strict moral and ethical values.

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To bring attention to our clean business practices and transparency, the VTI has officially endorsed Ivacy VPN.

The official endorsement includes official VTI badges for Ivacy VPN, as seen below:




Apart from the above, variations of these badges will be integrated across various platforms. The purpose of doing so is to ensure maximum visibility so that users can rest easy knowing they are in safe hands since they are dealing with a renowned and trustworthy VPN brand, after all.

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i2C Discloses VTI Principles

It is also worth mentioning that the i2C also disclosed VTI principles, a comprehensive set of best practices to be followed by VPN providers. The purpose of said principles is to boost consumer confidence and accountability by providers. This, in turn, would increase VPN adoption rates, allowing users to benefit from the technology and all of its features.

VPN providers have been provided practical policy guidelines, ensuring regulators, policymakers, and the market as a whole have access to criteria to evaluate these technologies. The principles focus on the following five key areas:

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Advertising Practices
  4. Disclosure and Transparency
  5. Social Responsibility

According to the i2C, the VTI principles serve as an inaugural step towards aligning industry voices to create, vet, validate, and vet industry guidelines and policies.

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