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Ivacy Announces Free Version of Its VPN App: Ivacy Lite

A wonderful news for all the internet users in the world. Ivacy, the no-log keeping VPN provider based in Singapore is now offering a free version of its anonymous VPN all over the world. It’s called Ivacy Lite. Ivacy Lite is a Free VPN service aimed to please every budget-savvy user and caters to his/her/their need of a Free VPN. So if you don’t feel like spending anything right now and want to unblock websites, unblock region-locked apps, unblock Netflix USA, stream movies, or just want to test the waters with a VPN that is free and doesn’t cost anything, give Ivacy Lite a go. Keep reading for more details.

What is Ivacy Lite?

Lack of privacy is perhaps the biggest issue in modern times. Organizations have failed on countless occasions to safeguard their users’ data. At Ivacy, it is of grave concern to us and it is alarming with respect to those individuals who cannot afford purchase a VPN service.

Hence, in light of the recent state of affairs, Ivacy is proud to announce its free version of the app, Ivacy Lite. The intention is to allow users who cannot afford to buy the paid version of Ivacy can now equip themselves against any unwarranted attacks, on-the-go!

Why Should You Opt for Ivacy Lite?

First things first, with Ivacy Lite, you don’t have to worry about any bandwidth cap with regards to its usage. As a user, you will have at your disposal a consistent and seamless VPN protection. Moreover, you can expect zero connectivity issues with Ivacy lite.

Ivacy Lite provides its 43 million users an opportunity to access the web safely, with anonymity and without any strings attached. The friendly UI allows you to set up the app in no time with its “One Tap Connect” button. You will immediately be connected to the most optimized server in range.

Benefits of Ivacy Lite for You?

Ivacy Lite has all the features which you have come to admire about Ivacy VPN. The features include

Unlimited Bandwidth

As stated, Ivacy Lite does not place a limit on your usage of the service. You can surf and stream – all you want.

No Speed Throttling

Many free VPNs claim to offer blazing fast speeds, but in reality, they don’t. Ivacy Lite has the largest number of servers in its arsenal and also delivers the fastest speed all around.

No Registration Hassle

Don’t like signing up? Us too. The objective is to provide you ease in terms of connectivity as well as protection.

Zero Browsing Logs Policy

VPN providers tend to keep track of your online activities. Not Ivacy Lite! The policy clearly states “no maintaining of logs” of your browsing session.

And much more …

How to Get Ivacy Lite?

You can download Ivacy Lite for both Android and iOS from Google Play and Apple store, respectively.

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