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Ivacy becomes Proud Member of the i2Coalition and VPN Trust Initiative


Ivacy VPN has been a part of the VPN industry for over a decade now, and our goal has remained the same ever since. We aim to make sure internet users from around the globe enjoy true internet freedom without compromising their security and privacy.

Back then, VPNs were not given the importance they deserved, but now, seeing how cybercrime is on the rise, they have become vital for combatting these threats. It important now than ever before for internet users to protect themselves from being manipulated and compromised, as evident by revelations made by Snowden and controversies like those surrounding Cambridge Analytica.

With the ever-increasing instances of censorship, surveillance, online tracking, cybercrime, and other threats, internet users are no longer safe. They not only make them feel powerless but confused as to how to deal with such overwhelming obstacles. Ivacy VPN has been working since its inception to provide solutions to said obstacles, either by providing valuable information through its blog, offering tools to bolster their security, privacy, and anonymity online, and even being transparent about its own operations.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

But it is now time to go even bigger, and after communicating with others in the industry, Ivacy VPN is proud to announce that it has decided to come together with some of the biggest names in the VPN industry and the i2Coalition (Infrastructure Coalition) to be a part of VPN Trust Initiative. By bringing our collective knowledge and expertise to the table, we believe we can finally make sure internet users do not have to fend for themselves on their own, and are protected through and through.

Through this initiative, we will work to educated internet users about the importance of VPNs, and how they can be used to keep their privacy and security intact. Apart from educating the masses, we also hope to do the same for policymakers and tech leaders to make sure VPN users do not have to suffer by regulations, especially those that weaken encryption protocols.

What is the i2Coalitiion?

The i2Coalition’s primary objective is to give the pioneers behind the internet, including web hosting companies, managed service providers, domain registrars and registries, data centers, VPN providers, and other tech-related people and companies, a voice of their own. The organization’s roots can be found in 2011 when many of its founding and charter members took up arms to prevent PIPA and SOPA from becoming a part of US laws, that too successfully. Then, in 2012, the organization was officially founded, taking into account how the industry desperately needs a voice to keep the seamless flow of information and commerce in check.

Understanding the VPN Trust Initiative

As per the i2Coalition, the VPN Trust Initiative is a consortium of member-driven and industry-led VPN leaders that focus on enhancing digital security for its consumers by mitigating risk, strengthening trust, and understanding VPN users and their needs and requirements. The purpose of this consortium is to:

  • Highlight the best practices to be followed by VPN providers
  • Development and reinforcement of mutually agreed-upon industry standards
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information to policymakers and governments
  • Providing the tech industry with relevant information
  • Promoting integration of industry-led regulations

Why did Ivacy VPN join the i2Coalition and VPN Trust Initiative?

We believe that the internet is meant to be free, but not without proper security to ensure users are not in way over their heads. For this reason, and others, we work closely with organizations that believe in our goals, and it should really not come as a surprise that this is the exact same reason why we joined the i2Coalitiion and VPN Trust Initiative.

Also, this move was important because cyberspace is expanding exponentially, and there is a growing need for transparency and trust. This clarity of vision comes through better when people join forces to raise their voice and work for the same common objective. When a multitude of people come together to work as one unit through a reliable and dependable network, there is no reason why they will not succeed.

For the safety of our internet users, such a move was born out of necessity. It is also worth noting that Ivacy VPN has always been at the forefront of cybersecurity and the VPN industry, so it should not come as a surprise that we wish to change things for the betterment of internet users.

Since we understand technology, we wish to help people, and there is no better way to do so than by partnering with the i2Coalition and the VPN Trust Initiative to have a lasting impact. Ivacy VPN was already a member of the US Cyber Security Alliance, and we will continue to develop such relationships to protect internet users around the globe.

How will this Partnership Benefit our Users?

If you are wondering how this partnership is going to benefit you, then you will be pleased to know that everything will be transparent henceforth. Of course, this is hardly the problem for us, since Ivacy VPN has always been transparent about its operations, and strictly abides by GDPR regulations to ensure users have nothing to worry about. If anything, this partnership gives testament to the fact that Ivacy VPN is completely transparent, without which it would not have been accepted as a member of the VPN Trust Initiative – powered by i2C.

Third parties and government agencies will no longer have their way in regards to your information. Private or not, your information strictly belongs to you, which is exactly why Ivacy VPN has a strict no-logs policy in place. You may think your information is of no value, but it is valuable to third parties. For instance, they can use your search history to target you with ads.

On the other hand, you will get to enjoy greater rights as an internet user. The VPN industry will speak for users that truly care about their privacy and security. With this kind of backing, it is highly unlikely your concerns or complaints will go unnoticed. For instance, our collaboration will finally have the power it needs to speak on behalf of internet users regarding issues like net neutrality and misuse of information, and so on.

Last but not the least, you can take a sigh of relief knowing you are not alone. You are in safe hands!

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