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Hallo, Bonjour, Privet & Hola – Ivacy Has Gone Global!

Continuing with our legacy of going an extra mile for our customers, we here at Ivacy are excited to announce that Ivacy is now available in the French, German, Russian and Spanish languages.

Here are our respective domains:

This is a big day for us as Ivacy boasts a global user-base and most of these users found it difficult to navigate through our website. This is what compelled us to take this step of going local in these regions and making the overall experience of using Ivacy for international customers more personalized.

How does this localization help the audience?

  • Acceptance of local currency

As the websites are available for these customers in their native language, we will also be accepting local currency to facilitate our users residing in these regions.

  • No more hitting the translate button

Through customer feedback, we came to know that the majority of the users were facing hindrances in understanding the content on the website, which often resulted in them making uninformed decisions regarding the service.

And as the local translation tools available online aren’t as effective, users can now be at ease as they don’t have to worry about faulty translations to have a rich experience navigating Ivacy’s websites and platforms.

  • Expanding our horizons

We know that internet users everywhere and specifically in these regions are desperately looking for online security solutions, but due to language barriers are unable to make better choices. So, we are confident that users from these regions would now benefit greatly from Ivacy as we’re now closer to them than ever.

The Bigger Perspective

This is our first step towards localizing Ivacy for global audiences and we’re just getting started. Cyber Security is the need of the hour and no matter where you are accessing the internet from, if you’re not using a VPN, you are vulnerable and susceptible to hack attacks, data theft, identity theft, and corporate espionage.

Ivacy stemmed from the sole purpose of giving privacy and security-deprived netizens a breather, and with a vision of making the internet more secure, we are expanding our reach to every corner of the earth.

In the end, we would just like to congratulate you for being with us and putting your faith in us. We have more things in store for you that will be revealed in the times to come, so stay informed and keep following us.

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