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Is it possible to download Torrent on iPhone and iPad


Do you love the latest iPhone? Are you fond of using an iPad to keep your academic records intact? Do you want to download torrents on your iPad? If the answer to all these three questions is a big YES, you have come to the right place.

But wait!

Unfortunately, as you all know that Apple products – iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. do not practically support torrents. Likewise, they don’t have any features to facilitate torrent downloading.

In this guide, you will learn how to download torrent iOS on an iPhone or iPad. And that too, without jailbreaking your device. Remember, the steps and procedures mentioned in this guide can be used on all versions of iOS and iPhones. 

Please note that if you are torrenting illegal stuff with out a VPN, you are totally exposed!

  • MPAA and RIAA track torrent downloading individuals
  • Your ISP will send a you legal notice
  • Court will impose a hefty fine on you
  • Your ISP will throttle your upload and download speeds 

So it’s highly recommended that you use a VPN for torrenting

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How to Download Torrents iOS

If you want to download torrents on your iOS device, there are two methods to do so. The first method requires you to use torrent clients. For the second method, you need to rely on third-party web-based services.

1. Torrent Clients 

To download torrent iOS without jailbreaking, first of all, you need to have a download manager installed on your device. You can download your favorite torrent software from the App Store. One of the best options available is iDownloader or iTransmission. iTransmission is the native BitTorrent client for all iOS devices.

Remember that you have to pay $9.99 per year as a subscription fee to use the iTransmission client. Although you can also use it for free, you may face unconventional problems requiring certification clearance. It’s better to get your iOS device registered on BuildStore. BuildStore requires you to signup for an account on the website.

Once your iOS device is registered, you can browse and open your favorite torrent website on Safari. Now navigate to the iTransmission App Page. Once on that page, all you need to do is to tap the install button.

Download and Transfer Files via iTransmission

Once the iTransmission torrent iOS app is on your device, you can easily download and transfer your torrent files with anybody you want. To transfer files from your iPhone via iTransmission, you need to open the iTransmission website on your device. You have to click/tap on the ‘Add’(+) button on the bottom left corner of the screen to add a new torrent. The third step is to select your source of torrent free download site from the menu. You have three options:

  • Web: If you want to search and download your favorite torrents.
  • Magnet Link: If you have a magnet link for torrent download.
  • URL: If you have a direct link to download a torrent file.

Once the desired torrent file you want to download is in the queue, you will have to wait for some time. Do not disconnect or close your torrent file during this time. When the file download process is complete, you can control access to the file. You have now become the seeder to that particular file.

When a torrent iOS file download is complete, you can tap on the torrent file to get the ‘Detail’ screen’s full details. From the ‘Detail’ screen, go to ‘Files’ under the ‘More’ section and select individual files to save them on your desired location.

It is a fact that iTransmission does not support torrent downloads on cellular data by default. To enable torrent downloads via iTransmission, you should tap on the ‘Gear’ icon at the bottom right corner, and open the ‘Preferences’. Under the ‘Network Interface’ section, turn the ‘Cellular Network’ on. Lastly, tap on the ‘Save’ at the top right corner to save all the changes. 

2. Web-based Services   

Well, well, well.. how are you going to download free torrent files, if you don’t want to use torrent clients?  That’s no big deal either. All you need to do is to consider torrents as any other simple downloadable file.

You can use any HTTP browser to download your favorite torrents. There are many third-party web-based services – or we can say cloud storage service available that facilitate fast torrent downloading. One such web cloud storage service is called Zbigz. You have to use a download manager to help yourself download torrents. Let’s use the Documents App as your download manager in this instance.  

Download Torrent iOS via Zbigz 

If you are using an iPad or an iPhone, you need to download and install the Documents App from the App Store. Then, you need to open the App and drag the browser slider from the bottom right corner.

You will see a search box. In that search box, type in the name of the free torrent file you are looking for. Copy the magnet link. Remember, you don’t have to download the file at this point. Once you have copied the magnet link, you have to paste it in the ‘input’ field, provided to you on the Zbigz website.

Now, you have to tap the ‘Go!’ button, and the torrent files will start downloading automatically on the Zbigz servers. Let the downloads continue while you can minimize and carry on with your work. Once the download is complete, you can click on the generated links and download your desired torrent iOS files.

The Documents App will take over and save the downloaded torrent files within a ‘Downloads’ folder. You can easily keep track of downloaded torrent iOS files from the ‘Download’ tab. Once the files are downloaded and saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder, you can upload and share them with your friends. You can also open the downloaded torrent iOS files in another supported app; for instance, you can open and transfer your downloaded files via Wi-Fi and so on. 

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Use a VPN to Torrent Anonymously 

With Ivacy, the best torrent VPN, you can easily download and share your favorite movies, e-books, games, songs, and much more from any free torrent websites or apps without compromising your anonymity in the process. Enjoy the ultimate torrenting experience with impenetrable security and top-notch performance with Ivacy VPN for iOS.

Are VPNs legal to use?

Though, using VPNs is completely legal in most countries around the world. However, some countries still ban the use of VPNs within the country. Local governing bodies often restrict the use of VPN services due to privacy and security concerns. And using a VPN in the region despite this restriction could cause to face serious consequences.

So, it is highly recommended that you contact a lawyer and ask them about the legality of using a VPN in the country. And only after you are given the green light should you proceed to use a VPN. You would not want to end up in trouble, now would you?

Can I use a free VPN?

Free VPN plans may help you overcome the geo-restrictions that you need. However, we would never recommend that you turn to free VPN plans for help. Free VPN providers often sell off user information to third parties for a profit. This ultimately opens you up to a significant risk of fraud and other forms of cybercrime. Additionally, free VPNs are not VPNs at all, just software posing as VPNs. Their ultimate goal is to get their hands on your personal data.

In contrast, a paid VPN service provider is much safer to opt for since they are charging you a subscription fee. They would not want to risk losing a paying customer for a fraction of profit. In addition, paid VPN services often follow a strict no-logs policy that ensures that your data is not stored or leaked.

On a Final Note

Folks, these are a few practical methods that can help you download torrents on iPads and iPhones. Hopefully, you will need to turn to anyone else for a solution. Just make sure to return to this blog for any and all updates on the matter.

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