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Is A Dedicated IP Necessary For WordPress?

Recently there seems to be a great demand for dedicated IP in the blogging and WordPress community. And while at its surface it may seem things are just fine without a dedicated IP, it’s actually not the case and if you’re a new WordPress developer or new into the world of blogging, WordPress or CMS (content management system) you will find a lot of the veterans in your industry discussing dedicated IP as the holy grail of security.

Why is that? Why do the community experts think so highly of a dedicated IP and why do they think it’s almost an absolute necessity if you want to secure your blog or wp-admin panel? Let’s take a dive into it and unravel its secrets.

First Things First – What Is A Dedicated IP?

IP stands for internet protocol and it serves as a unique identifier of the device or the system. Each dedicated IP is exclusive to a single account.

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

In contrast to a dynamic IP, if you have a dedicated IP, you will be assigned a unique IP that universally belongs to you only. You will be able to log in with it whenever you want and no one else will have access to it. Think of it as a real estate thing where you own that piece of land.

The benefits should immediately become obvious. You can allow access only to the IP you own and channel out every other IP which means your cameras, mobile devices, PCs, CMS and everything part of the IoT will now be twice as secure.

But let’s get back to the matter at hand. How useful is this dedicated IP feature for the seasoned WordPress developers and bloggers?

The Lesser-known Benefits of Dedicated IP For WordPress Developers and Bloggers

The dedicated IP feature is very famous among WordPress developers to access wp-admin securely. This is because of a lot of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Better Ability To Secure Their Access

For WordPress developers that fear someone might actually get a grip on their credentials and try to access their WordPress panel, the dedicated IP addon has a permanent solution for that. Just by getting the dedicated IP and assigning it to the WordPress blog or admin panel, only the person using that specific IP will be able to access the WordPress’ admin or user panel and every other IP will not be allowed the access. Also, it works like a charm for a blogger or WordPress network that goes beyond the regional boundaries.

  • Safer Remote Access From Anywhere

Only the selected people are given access to that IP, meaning only those select few would be able to log in to the back-end. This means absolutely no one other than the team will be able to access the panel and hence total security for WordPress users.

Another benefit is that with the employees being connected using dedicated IPs, they can access their blogs or WordPress CMS from any part in the world. Not only that, they can even access their PC from another country using the same dedicated IP through remote access and thus all the data within it. Secure and accessible!

Two Factor Authentication

Ever heard the term two-factor-authentication using IP Address? 2 Factor Authentication is when you have to provide two different proofs to gain access to the certain app or service like a phone number and an email address. But an IP address can also be used as a part of 2FA. This means the user will only be able to access the WordPress panel if the IP of the user trying to connect is same as the IP validated by the user. If not, not only will the user be denied the access, a precautionary email will also be sent to the user’s email address.

Enabling two-factor authentication through dedicated IP also secured login attempts and restricts hackers in tracing your login credentials since they can’t track your credentials. This also secures online transactions, online banking, and personal as well as corporate websites.

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