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How to install Gaia on Kodi In 2019 – An Easy Guide


Do you know Bubbles? Bubbles is among popular Kodi addons and its fork Gaia Kodi is equally popular. The fork enables fans of Kodi to access a variety of movies and TV shows. Through Kodi Gaia users are able to get the best quality content from all over the internet to watch.

Guess what Gaia addon is compatible with and Real Debrid. Once installed on your Kodi device, the addon is fun and easier to use. With a single click you are able to open up yourself to a world endless high-quality streaming.

For some time, Gaia Kodi addon was down, as is with every other Kodi addon. But since resurfacing with version 4 (to date it’s jumped to version 5), it is new and improved. The fact that it can be setup on Real Debrid is a huge plus.

Without further ado, let us see how to install Kodi Gaia Addon.

How to install Gaia on Kodi

Following is a list of steps in order to install Gaia addon on Kodi version 17 and higher:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Go to Settings
  3. In there, click on System Settings
  4. Under Addons, toggle Unknown Sources to on
  5. Click Yes on the warning prompt which follows
  6. Again go to Settings and then, File Manager
  7. Hit Add Source
  8. Double click None
  9. Paste the following URL
  10. Click OK to proceed
  11. You can enter any name for the media, for now, let’s just call it gaia
  12. On the Home screen select choose Addons
  13. Click on the Package Installer (box shaped icon) in the top left
  14. Choose Install from zip file> gaia>
  15. Wait for the installation confirmation
  16. Now repeat steps 12-13 but this time choose Install from repository
  17. Select Gaia Repository
  18. On the following screen Video Addons then Gaia> Install
  19. Wait for the installation to complete
  20. Go back to the Kodi Home screen
  21. In Video Addons, you will now see Gaia
  22. Follow further instructions to configure and enjoy streaming via Gaia Kodi addon

You can run Gaia addon on its default best settings unless you know what you are doing. Advanced settings are meant for the latter. Simply hover over the addon in Kodi and press ‘c’ button to launch Gaia’s settings. It will ask, “Do you want to automatically setup Gaia using the stepwise configuration wizard, or tune individual options using the advanced settings?

Choose basic and you’re set.

A fair warning

Kodi itself isn’t a disputed platform. It is a very trusted medium for watching movies and TV shows. It is the use of unofficial addons which makes the use debatable. Official addons are usually paid whereas unofficial addons are developed by third parties and are free which is violating copyright laws.

WE DO NOT CONDONE their use, however, if you must use a Ivacy VPN in order to mask your online identity. That way your ISP or government surveillance agencies will not be able to keep tabs on your online activities nor will be to tell where you are located in the world. Thus, you can enjoy free streaming on Kodi with ease.

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Gaia enhancements – Version 5

With Kodi Gaia addon Verion 5, following enhancements can be benefited from.

1. Binge watching

With the binge watching enhancement, you are able to watch content consistently. The upcoming episode gets scraped in the background. It works like auto-play when one episode finishes the next is ready to be streamed.

2. Cinematic mode

While the scrapers work in the background to bring you high quality streams, why not enjoy trailers in the meantime?

3. Emby support

Good news for Kodi fans, Emby can now be integrated into Gaia on Kodi. Stream from public or private servers as much as you want.

4. Improved Usenet

New and premium usenet scrapers have been added. The existing usenet stands updated whereas Orion Usenet API is now part of Gaia.

5. IMDb to Trakt

IMDb watchlist and rating can now be exported to your trakt account

6. Caching system

The improved caching system reduces load time and conserves bandwidth when streaming.

7. Bug fixes

Many bug fixes have been addressed, in addition to new features being added.

To wrap it up

In times when many addons keep on shutting or taken down, Gaia for Kodi serves as a breeze for fans. Stutter-free streaming and extensive library sum up Kodi Gaia addon. In addition, Ivacy is your best bet in this!

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