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Common Troubles With The HULU App & Their Solutions


Hulu operates native apps for all major operating systems and devices and while these apps bring convenience they also cause a lot of technical issues often times completely ruining the streaming experience of the users. These issues range from buffering and freezing to skipping.

Hulu has quickly become infamous and developed a bad rep because of the constant non-performance of its apps. Therefore, it’s quite important to know about the various issues the Hulu app encounters and what you can do to resolve if you are an avid Hulu streamer.

Here, we have laid down some general fixes that can get you back to streaming within no time.

Fix 1: Restart your streaming device and the Internet

Turn off the streaming device, plug it off, and wait for a few minutes before starting it again.

Fix 2: Check your internet speed out

Carry out a speed test to see if your internet connection is giving the same speeds as recommended by Hulu:

On-demand streaming: 3.0 Mbps

Live streaming: 8.0 Mbps

4K streaming: 16.0 Mbps

If your internet connection speeds range from 1 to 1.5 Mbps; the chances of poor quality streaming increase. If you are experiencing pathetic internet speeds; here are some methods you can try to solve the issue:

  • Close any and all apps running in the background
  • Bring your device closer to the router or the modem to enhance the signal strength
  • If possible, use an ethernet cable to directly connect your device with the router

Fix 3: Check For Updates

Unwarranted issues such as crashes occur when there are updates pending and you might be facing the same. Go to your device’s respective app store, and update the app ASAP.

Fix 4: Clear the cache data

Hulu’s app tends to crash when the data storage capacity ends and it’s pretty common with devices like Amazon Firestick that have limited memory. To be sure, go to the device’s settings menu, and clear all cache.

Fix 5: Reinstall Hulu

If all else fails, you can simply uninstall and then reinstall Hulu as it is also the best way to ensure that you are using only the latest version.

Final Thoughts

Just like all the other streaming platforms, Hulu has its own set of problems. But, you can solve them with a few quick fixes. Also, to avoid ISP throttling and ensure a lagging-free streaming experience, you can use a robust and reliable VPN service and drastically improve the quality of your streaming.

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