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Huge Billboard at Netflix HQ Calls for VPN Ban Reversal

It seems that protests against Netflix’s move to ban VPNs have gained a much needed momentum.

OpenMedia, a digital rights group has placed a huge billboard in front of Netflix HQ to show its resentment against the so called restrictions on the VPNs. The group has asked the organization to stop the so called crackdown on VPNs.

Earlier today, activists of OpenMedia were seen placing huge billboards with words, “We ♥ Our Privacy” in front of the headquarters of Netflix in Los Gatos, California. The movement is gaining the much needed momentum of late.

This billboard protest is just a reminder to the online entertainment giant to respect the privacy of online entertainment lovers.

“Right now, Netflix customers are being forced to choose between watching their favorite shows and safeguarding their privacy,” OpenMedia’s digital rights specialist Laura Tribe says.

“Our mobile billboard is one more way we’re working to encourage Netflix to rethink their approach. The company has much better options available to it, than undermining the privacy of over 80 million paying Netflix customers in the post-Snowden world”, she added.

In a recent development, OpenMedia also sent a letter to the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings in order to solve the current situation and to discuss other alternatives to the ban.

It is interesting to note that in March this year, Netflix had turned a deaf ear to the calls for lifting the ban on VPN service providers.

Only last week more than 4,000 netizens had signed a petition in order to force Netflix – the online entertainment giant – to reconsider its stance on VPN ban.

Netflix holds a strong point in case, citing the VPN ban legitimate so as to curb VPN usage amongst the internet users, in the wake of increasing events of copyright infringement and illegal sharing of movie torrents. The increasing number of movie leaks, ahead of the scheduled release dates have hit the Hollywood’s revenue really hard. But the ban has not affected Netflix’s own standing a bit. Users are using a Netflix VPN to bypass Geo-restricted content and stream their favorite content. 

Will Netflix listen to the demands of VPN lovers? Only time will tell. Let’s wait and watch.


*This news was first published on TorrentFreak